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Energy Into Action: Multi-Residential


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Energy Into Action: Multi-Residential

  1. 1. Commercial, Institutional & Multifamily Programs Enbridge
  2. 2. Gas Utilities Enbridge Union Gas
  3. 3. About Gas Utility Efficiency Programs • Interest in higher efficiency (corporate responsibility and regulatory requirement) • Annual targets set by OEB • Incentives & program costs built into rates • Higher efficiency is revenue neutral (built into rates) • Performance bonuses
  4. 4. Gas Utility Energy Efficiency Programs • Capital and operational improvement programs designed to improve natural gas energy efficiency for our customers. • Combination of custom and prescriptive programs to help customers save.
  5. 5. Enbridge • FREE technical advice and contact through incentive process - 24 Commercial and Industrial Energy Solutions Consultants available to help our clients with energy planning and solutions • 9 Senior Engineers for technical support, research and business development • 11 Channel consultants focusing on the supply chain • 6 Energy Advisors available for High Performance New Construction Program
  6. 6. Customer & Business Partner Assistance - Union Gas • FREE technical advice and contact through incentive process - 30 Commercial and Industrial Account Managers • 7 Technical Project Managers • 2 Energy Advisors available for High Performance New Construction Program
  7. 7. Equipment & Operational Improvements $0.10/m3 on one year’s savings up to $100,000 (Capital Only) 15% of incremental high efficiency upgrade costs up to $40,000 ($250K per site/year)
  8. 8. New Construction •$4,000 Design Assistance •$2,000 Implementation Support •$0.10/m3 up to $30,000 •$4,000 Design Assistance • Integrated delivery of electric and gas incentives for new commercial construction • Custom & Prescriptive Programs
  9. 9. Prescriptive Programs • Incentive amounts and eligibility may vary by utility • Certain incentives are for customers and/or service providers • Infrared • Air Doors •Pre-rinse Spray Valve • Programmable Thermostats • Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation • Condensing Unit Heaters • Showerheads & Aerators • Condensing Boilers • Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators
  10. 10. Presenters and Contact Information Walter Matias Portfolio Manager Large Commercial & Industrial 416-753-6605 Ryan Shaw Energy Advisor (905-548-3443) Stefan Surdu Sales Manager 416 495-5915
  11. 11. Thank you. leaders in energy and business together