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Intelligent Utility Top Tweets 2012


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US Utilities have embraced social media to communicate with customers more regularly and interactively, even in such a restrictive format. And they’ve managed to create truly open dialogues. The best tweets- direct, amusing, or creatively informative are celebrated here.

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Intelligent Utility Top Tweets 2012

  1. 1. BEST Utility Tweets of By Kathleen Wolf Davis
  2. 2. BEST Utility Tweets of 2012Electric Power Utilities across America are successfully using Twitter to communicate with their customers. And, sometimes, there are shiny tweet gems that are direct, informative, amusing or all three. Limited to just 140 characters but unlimited in creativity, some of Intelligent Utility’s favorites are highlighted here.
  3. 3. Party like an environmentalist rock star Colorado Springs Utilities 12/31/12: “Planning a party 2nite? Ring in 2013 with energy savings! Turn down ur thermostat b4 guests arrive. Their body heat can help warm the room”
  4. 4. Pay your bill with holiday poetry Huntsville Utilities 12/21/12: “Make your list; check it twice. Paying your utility bill online is so nice!”
  5. 5. Be Patriotic Tampa Electric 11/5/12: “With our crews in NJ still helping with #Sandy, they took time this weekend to cast absentee ballots for the election”
  6. 6. Puzzling, Fun Riddles AEP Ohio 8/23/12: “What‟s 40 ft long, full of energy & money saving tips? AEP Ohio‟s new energy-efficiency mobile display at the Allen County Fair”
  7. 7. Maintain a sense of Humor PPL Electric 12/13/12: “That last tweet should have read „insulate.‟ (We love seals too.)” The last tweet advised consumers to seal & insult. Typos happen.
  8. 8. Explain the problem with pests Nashville Electric 11/6/12: Responding to outage complaints due to rodent hunger: “The line was down and so was the squirrel”
  9. 9. Dinosaurs Rule…especially dinosaurs named Sheila Northeast Utilities 4/10/12: “It‟s alive! CL&P employees built a ceremonial switch to energize @CTScienceCenter‟s animatronic dinosaur Sheila”
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