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Retro Commissioning definition, terminology, details, implementation by EnergyCAP. Learn more at

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  • Shipbuilding term; relates to systems/equipment, processes, and staff
  • These are not QUALIFICATIONS, but rather reasons why to get started
  • Software Retro Commissioning by EnergyCAP

    1. 1. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comStandard Operations TrackSoftware Retro CommissioningPresented by Ryan Ohlson, VP of Implementation Solutions
    2. 2. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAgenda:TerminologyRetro CommissioningWhat is Involved?Getting Started
    3. 3. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comTerminology
    4. 4. Commissioning is the process ofpreparing a system until its operationand staff are deemed ready for service©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    5. 5. Recommissioning is the process ofrestoring a system to specificationsbased on its original design intent©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    6. 6. Retro Commissioning is the process ofimproving a system’s functions and staffbased on its current design intent©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    7. 7. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comRetro Commissioning
    8. 8. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comFour Phases of Retro Commissioning
    9. 9. Triggered when a building changesownership or its intended use isaltered in some fashion©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    10. 10. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBuilding ChangesHours of OperationEquipment Wear or ReplacementExpansionNew Data CenterBuilding AutomationHVAC
    11. 11. Software Retro Commissioning ishelpful when a system offers enhancedfunctions or its intended use is altered©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    12. 12. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comEnhanced FunctionsFilterable AuditsCalendarization & NormalizationElectronic BillingChargeback Manager
    13. 13. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comEnhanced FunctionsReport DistributionSetup & Update Worksheets15 releases, 100s of improvementsUnused Existing Functionality
    14. 14. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comIntended Use ChangesAccounting ChangesPerformance Contracting / M&VForecastingChargeback BillingAutomationSustainability Reporting
    15. 15. Success stories abound. One clientdiscovered a report that turned a two-dayjob into one that takes a few minutes!!©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    16. 16. The same client discovered how toinclude GHG reductions gained fromrenewable energy purchases©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    17. 17. Data is messy. Clients often discoverdata errors that mask issues or lead toinvalid conclusions about performance©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    18. 18. The Implementation Solutions staffare constantly implementing new andinnovative solutions utilizing EnergyCAPtechnology to solve real-world problems©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    19. 19. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWhat is Involved?
    20. 20. Release: We will make sure you’re usingthe latest versions of our software.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    21. 21. Hosting: IT Resources strained? We canhost you! Get updates as soon as theybecome available.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    22. 22. Online: Are you aware of the newcapabilities of EnergyCAP Online?©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    23. 23. Database Review:Trees, naming, organization, reportingenhancements, etc.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    24. 24. Enhancements: How can enhancedfunctionality help you meet your goals?©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    25. 25. ENERGY STAR: Simplify submitting toPortfolio Manager. Increase visibility.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    26. 26. Sustainability: Take advantage ofthe latest GHG factors and reportingmethods.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    27. 27. Cost Avoidance: Capture the truesavings from the energy reductionmeasures your team is implementing.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    28. 28. Groups: Perform Rate Analysis withouthiring a third-party or additional staff.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    29. 29. Primary Use and Place Type: Helpfulfor Group Analysis and Reporting.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    30. 30. Rates: Necessary for Rate Analysisand Budget modifications.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    31. 31. Budgets: Learn how tocreate, update, and manage budgets moreeffectively.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    32. 32. Deregulated Accounts: Ensure theyare setup properly for summaryreporting and contract bids.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    33. 33. Audits: Reduce the pile of audit flags toa manageable load and employ bestpractices to target the highest ROI.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    34. 34. Automation: From reports to externalstakeholders to billing and auditing, muchcan now be streamlined and automated.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    35. 35. Custom Spreadsheets: Finding itdifficult to extract the data you areentering in the way you want?©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    36. 36. Business Process Redesign: Workflowdiagramming, task assignments, andopportunities for improvement©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    37. 37. Interfaces: EDI, electronic billing, A/Pand A/R, submetering, assetmanagement, work orders, and more!©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    38. 38. Training: Bring new and existing staff upto speed on how to best leverageEnergyCAP to accomplish their goals.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    39. 39. Why Retro Commission? Confidence.You want the maximum value for yourinvestment of time and money.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    40. 40. Count the cost. Ignorance can bevery costly.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    41. 41. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comGetting Started
    42. 42. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comReasons to Get StartedYou have been an EnergyCAP Userfor at least 3 yearsYou have hired staff or had turnoverYou have not kept up withnew featuresYour business needs have changed
    43. 43. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comFour Phases of Retro Commissioning
    44. 44. Begin by assessing your confidencelevel and what you might be missing.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    45. 45. Setup a meeting to assess the scope ofyour need and discuss your constraints©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    46. 46. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comScope, Cost, Schedule
    47. 47. Define your constraints and request anInitial Walk-through to begin yourSoftware Retro Commissioning project©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    48. 48. We provide a detailed report outliningour findings that you can use to self-perform or as a basis for a quote©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    49. 49. Evaluate the priority of implementing thesuggestions in the report. There is noobligation to purchase anything.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    50. 50. Reap the Rewards©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    51. 51. QuestionsVisit the Ace Place to learn more!©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap