Managing Workflow in EnergyCAP


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Workflow overview in EnergyCAP, configuration, batch mode, and audit group creation, audit filters/variances, workflow with bill lists, bill approval/export, interfaces, automation. Learn more at

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  • Any bill NOT failing an audit in this list could automatically be approved.
  • Any bill failing an audit in this list should be reviewed before approving.
  • Audits offer a number of filters that can be used to target a specific account or a number of accounts
  • Basically what I’m saying here is that a Bill List MAY end up showing JUST the bills from a particular audit OR it might show bills from multiple audit groups. It all depends on the goals and workflow.
  • Managing Workflow in EnergyCAP

    1. 1. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comStandard Operations TrackManaging WorkflowPresented by Ryan Ohlson, VP of Implementation Solutions
    2. 2. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAgenda:Workflow OverviewConfiguring Work FlowWhy Batch Mode?Creating Audit Groups (ECO)
    3. 3. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAgenda (continued):Audit Filters and Variances (ECO)Workflow with Bill Lists (ECO)Bill Approval and Export (ECO)InterfacesAutomation
    4. 4. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWorkflow Overview
    5. 5. Process from start to finish©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    6. 6. As of version 3.1, everything can bedone in ECO except for Bill Verificationand Export©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    7. 7. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWork Flow Manager folders
    8. 8. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBill Work Flow
    9. 9. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBill Work Flow
    10. 10. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBill Work Flow
    11. 11. ExampleWorkflowDiagram©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    12. 12. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comConfiguring Work Flow
    13. 13. BatchesQuick Check AuditBill ApprovalBatch Headers &DefaultsDefault Bill MessagesExport Preference©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    14. 14. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWork Flow options
    15. 15. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBatch Code optionsRead more in our HelpManualExample:=(cstr(month(date())&"-"&day(date())&"-"&year(date())&"_"&CSTR(AutoInc)))This results in theformat: mm-dd-yyyy_1234 (where 1234is an internallyincremented numberguaranteeing a uniquename for each batchthat is created)
    16. 16. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWhy Batch Mode?
    17. 17. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBills are grouped together for easyreporting and for Bill Lists.
    18. 18. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comEasy to back out mistakes
    19. 19. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comEasy bill image association
    20. 20. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comEasy access to bills usingWork Flow Manager
    21. 21. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comEasy to validate batch totals
    22. 22. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comCreating Audit Groups
    23. 23. Process from start to finish©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    24. 24. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAudits tell you if you should pay a bill or ifthere is an issue worth investigating.
    25. 25. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAudits add alert messages to bills that wecan use for workflow purposes.
    26. 26. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWe use Bill Lists to display bills with thespecific messages we need to act on.
    27. 27. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comExport HoldBILL01, BILL02–Possible Duplicate BillBILL03–For imported bills, line items do notequal Bill Pay AmountBILL08–Bills containing a specific line itemrequiring executive approvalDAY08–Bill End Date is later than todayCOST11–Unit Cost exceeds contracted limit
    28. 28. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comLine ItemsBILL05–Exists or Not (Observation Type)BILL06–Value Greater Than(Observation Type)BILL07–Value Less Than (Observation Type)BILL08–Exists or Not (Caption)BILL09–Value Greater Than (Caption)BILL10–Value Less Than (Caption)
    29. 29. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBill Approval
    30. 30. We then create a Bill List to show billsthat DID NOT FAIL this audit group©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    31. 31. We then create a Bill List to show billsthat DID FAIL this audit group©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    32. 32. Swiss Army Knife: Audit 52©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    33. 33. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAudit Filters and Variances
    34. 34. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comCreate groups for specific vendors
    35. 35. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comCreate groups for specific cost ranges
    36. 36. Create groups for specific vendors andcost ranges©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    37. 37. Groups based on other bill or accountattributes to cast a wide or narrow net©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    38. 38. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comWorkflow with Bill Lists
    39. 39. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comExample Bill List
    40. 40. Workflow Bill Lists should capture everybill that is being processed.©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    41. 41. They should divide the work of movingthe bills forward to being paid©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    42. 42. They work in conjunction with AuditGroups—allowing cross-group selection©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    43. 43. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comTargeting Specific Messages
    44. 44. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comCatch-All Bill ListsUnapproved BillsUnapprovedBatch Code Equals XXXX or BillCreated Date >=Exported=FALSEBills on Export HoldExport Hold=TRUEExported=FALSE
    45. 45. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comCatch-All Bill ListsBills waiting to be ExportedApproved=TRUEBatch Close Date <> ‘01/01/3000’Exported=FALSEVerified=TRUE
    46. 46. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comBill Approval and Export
    47. 47. Process from start to finish©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    48. 48. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comGet control over bill export
    49. 49. Divide responsibility over entry andreview©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    50. 50. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comApprove from Bill Lists
    51. 51. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comExport Hold and Release from Bill Lists
    52. 52. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comInterfaces
    53. 53. Process from start to finish©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    54. 54. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comChoose export mode of AP or GL
    55. 55. Choose data to export includingheader, detail, and User Defined Fields©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    56. 56. Export only from EnergyCAP Enterpriseusing a user-defined profile©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    57. 57. You can also import payment relateddata to provide a comprehensive billrecord in EnergyCAP©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    58. 58. ©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap www.EnergyCAP.comAutomation
    59. 59. Import (Bill, Payment,Meter, and Setup Data)Export (Bill Interfaces)Audit (for Audit 52)Report DistributionECO Web Servicesnow available!©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap
    60. 60. QuestionsVisit the Ace Place to learn more!©2013 EnergyCAP, Inc. @energycap