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Orange County Clean Heating and Cooling Opportunity


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Energize NY Residential is looking for partner municipalities to promote a clean heating and cooling campaign. The campaign will build awareness and uptake of heat pumps paired with energy efficiency for select communities in Orange County, NY.

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Orange County Clean Heating and Cooling Opportunity

  1. 1. Orange County Clean Heating and Cooling Energize NY Carolyn Cassata, Assistant Director Energize NY Residential
  2. 2. Who is Energize NY? ENERGIZE NY is a community-based energy efficiency program operating within the Energy Improvement Corp (EIC), a New York State local development corporation. OUR MISSION: To provide energy efficiency and renewable energy benefits to New York property owners that help them save money and reduce energy waste in their buildings. ENERGIZE NY COMMERCIAL PROGRAM leverages PACE financing to help commercial and non-profit property owners undertake energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. ENERGIZE NY RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM provides homeowners with useful information, innovative tools and the support they need to create a more comfortable home while using less energy. 1
  3. 3. Light Bulb Question How many tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions does the average US home produce yearly?
  4. 4. 7.5 tons of Co2 Equivalent to a car driving back and forth across the USA 3 times!
  5. 5. Average New York Home Energy Usage Space Heating 56% Electricity (appliances, electronics, lighting) 26% Water Heating 17% Air Conditioning 1% Almost 75% of energy used in a typical New York home is for heating and cooling! The average New York household pays nearly $2,500 a year in energy bills. Source: EIA RECS
  6. 6. Clean Heating and Cooling Statewide Initiative One of eight first-round campaigns will be in Orange County!
  7. 7. Technologies Air Source Heat Pumps paired with Energy Efficiency Geothermal with Dandelion Energy
  8. 8. The Value of Energize NY Impact Across 16 Energized Communities January 2011 to June 2018 Completed Energy Upgrades – 1,331 • Annual Homeowner Savings - $2,528,368 • Annual kwH Saved – 818,565 • Annual MMBTU Saved – 54,571 • GhG Reductions = Removing 444 cars • Jobs Created – 205 • Local Economic Activity - $16,855,784
  9. 9. Benefits to Selected Community • Education on new choices in updated technologies • Guidance to maximize the new rebates • Centralized, non-profit help to learn and make informed improvements
  10. 10. Homeowner Support • Patient, caring and supportive interaction • Extremely knowledgeable about the Home Performance program, procedures, processes and systems • Prompt courteous responses through all communications channels • The voice and advocate for homeowners with NYSERDA and contractors
  11. 11. Trustworthy Resources Energize NY Comfort Corps List u •Energy Coach •Energize Comfort Corps •Customer feedback surveys •Robust online resources
  12. 12. Community Events • Homeowner Recognition Events • Energy Coach Presentations • Tabling at Local Events • Application Assistance
  13. 13. Current Homeowner Incentives • FREE home energy assessments to a large majority of Orange County households • Many homeowners can qualify for up to $4000 up front energy efficiency incentives • Increased utility rebates for many products • New heat pump rebates from NYSERDA • Federal incentives for geothermal systems
  14. 14. Current Homeowner Incentives Air Source Heat Pump Ground Source Heat Pump NYSERDA Rebate Up to $500 credit per system to installer $1,500/ton Federal Tax Credit $300 Energy Star rebate -30% (no limit) Orange & Rockland Up to $500/unit Central Hudson $50-500/unit
  15. 15. Goals and Timeline • Community RFI response • Selected Community Announcement –December 2018 • Internal preparation through January 2019 Winning community should expect • 9 months commitment of campaign support • Community Launch Date, late January, 2019 • Campaign runs for 7 months through September 1, 2019 • About 5-10 hours a week, depending on events and team size
  16. 16. Carolyn Cassata 914-302-7300 ext. 8107 Thanks!