Energise hastings full presentation 29 jan 2010


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  • This is not a public service, but locally, through the great work that has been achieved already there is a real opportunity to educate and build for the future. Who is H.E.A.T aimed at The whole community in Hastings and surrounding Towns and Villages. Domestic – Owner Occupiers, Tennants (Private and Housing Associtio), landlords. Commercial – Shops and Offices Industrial Community groups – Promotion of Community thinking – separate team to work with Communities to develop and implement schemes
  • Social Enterprise Climate change is happening, from the weather we are seeing outside it appears that the climate is changing in the UK and we will experience colder winters. The cost of traditional fuels to heat our homes is increasing. The challenge; To adapt society must change. It is to our benefit to manage this change locally, Not to develop our own solutions but to focus national and international knowledge in one place, educate local suppliers and installers and implement those solutions using local resources. Modernise existing structures and locally behaviour. Engage society, the Public, raise public awareness of sustainability, the need to change energy usage in our homes and businesses.
  • How is H.E.A.T self funded An ultimately self funding model that generates income from the community it serves. Income is derived from: Referral commission from local suppliers and installers. Project Management of commercial and community projects Local business should benefit from the work generated as a result of this advice centre and it is therefore in their interest to contribute to it’s existence. Social Enterprise Funding
  • Energise hastings full presentation 29 jan 2010

    1. 1. Energise Hastings Saturday 29th January 2010Southwater Area Community Centre
    2. 2. Welcome!10.30 the story so far Chantal Lass HBC10.40 Claremont Art Space Caroline Le Breton10.50 Energy grants update Maureen Brown11.00 HEAT Simon Lee & Vanessa Ravenscroft11.10 Biogas & solar Richard Watston11.20 Q&A11.40 Refreshments and networking12.10 Plenary – the way forward
    3. 3. Southwater Area Community Centre
    4. 4. Hastings Trust, Robertson Street
    5. 5. The Bridge
    6. 6. Claremont Art Space
    7. 7. 2002 2005
    8. 8. Side façade 2009
    9. 9. Battens: 75mm x 50mm horizontal treated timber at 600 centres.
    10. 10. Windows Rationel Aldus
    11. 11. Coping stones: Supreme Concrete once weathered precast concrete with weather drips on mortar bed with ledcore DPC and steel brackets
    12. 12. Insulation Knauf Universal Slab CS48 glass mineral wool Membrane: Rubbershield Pro Breather membrane.
    13. 13. Wood Cladding: Western Red Cedar cladding. 25 x 150 (2ex) sawn featheredge. Rother Valley Timber.
    14. 14. Materials Final Cost breakdownwindows 1900insulation 1650structural 4000wood cladding 4310scaffold 4200fire treatment 1145Total 17205
    15. 15. Energy Grants Update Maureen Brown Hastings Borough Council
    16. 16. Hastings Energy Advice Team Ltd Energise Hastings Southwater Area Community Centre St Leonards 29th January 2011
    17. 17. Hastings Energy Advice Team Ltd About HEAT“Government on its own cannot fix every problem. We are all in this together.We need to draw on the skills and expertise of people across the countryas we respond to the social, political and economic challenges Britain faces.”Building a Big Society David Cameron• An independent company that draws on the Government’s ‘Big Society’ concept and aims to promote social enterprise.• Providing impartial advice to individuals, the communities and businesses of Hastings and surrounding towns and villages on: – energy efficiency, – micro and community renewable generation and – Sustainable Development – Grants and funding
    18. 18. Hastings Energy Advice Team LtdSocial EnterpriseClimate change is happening• The UK climate is changing and we will potentially experience colder winters.• The cost of traditional fuels to heat our homes is increasing.To adapt, society must changeIt’s to our benefit to manage this change locally,providing a hub to: •educate local suppliers and installers and implement solutions using local resources •engage society, raise public awareness of sustainability •change energy usage in our homes and businesses •modernise existing structures and promote sustainable behaviour
    19. 19. Hastings Energy Advice Team LtdWhat we do• Staffed by qualified energy advisors• Provide face to face or telephone advice on: – Climate Change, – Eco efficiency and – Energy generation products – Grants and funding• Workshops and presentations to the community on climate change, eco efficiency and energy generation products.• Encourage and provide Assistance for community teams in initiating and running community projects.• Providing sustainable development advice and assistance to businesses
    20. 20. Hastings Energy Advice Team LtdSustainable Business Advice The challenges for Businesses • Ever tighter employment and environmental regulation • Increasing energy costs • Increasing costs of natural resources • Increasing waste disposal costs • Climate change • The recession • Growing customer expectations • Growing client expectations
    21. 21. Hastings Energy Advice Team LtdHow HEAT can help businessesImprove your employment policies and practices to build staff loyalty andimprove productivityDevelop robust environmental policies and practices that reduce yourenvironmental impact, cut costs, find new revenue streams and increasecompany profit
    22. 22. Hastings Energy Advice Team LtdCont….• Energy management• Waste management and recycling• Water management• Improving building performance• Supply chain management• Driving sustainability through your core business
    23. 23. Hastings Energy Advice Team Ltd Thank you!For more information about HEAT please contact: Simon Lee on at: simonleetaipei@hotmail.com or Vanessa Ravenscroft at: vravenscroft@talktalk.net
    24. 24. Positive Energy (Sussex)Community Biogas Proposal
    25. 25. Biogas plants and district heating
    26. 26. Benefits of Community Biogas• Reduces quantity of waste going to landfill.• Less landfill gas (methane) produced.• Less food waste - reduces problems of rodents / seagulls at the landfill site.• Turns waste into useful power source (gas, electricity or heat).• Fits with ‘Big Society’ ambitions of Government.
    27. 27. Waste - Hastings (only):30,000 houses ~ 15,000 tons of waste = 7,500 tonnes of food/paper wasteInclude businesses, hospitals, schools = 7,500 tonnes bio-degradable wasteInclude garden/landscaping waste = 20-25,000 tonnes per year (?)A very rough estimate! This plant would handle 13,000 tons of bio-waste per year
    28. 28. The reality
    29. 29. Plot size 80 m2 x 30 m2
    30. 30. Pebsham CountrysidePark, showing thelandfill site and watertreatment works
    31. 31. There are 3 potential sites:1. Southern Water Waste Water Treatment works – WWT- space permitting2. The former Biffa composting area in front of the WWT3. The bunded area with hard standing behind the former Reprotech siteCould the land-raise site support a solar park as well as a biogas chp plant? Windturbines? As identified in the Element Energy Carbon Reduction reportcommissioned by HBC. 1 2 3
    32. 32. Questions & Answers
    33. 33. Tea, coffee, and networking Return at 12.10 for the plenary:The Way Forward for Energise Hastings
    34. 34. Concluding Remarks