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A Sustainable Hastings


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Andrew Conway presented this update on his research 'Building an evidence base to develop an action plan'
on the 28th March 2012 at an Energise Hastings meeting held as the White Rock Hotel.

Published in: Technology, Business
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A Sustainable Hastings

  1. 1. A sustainable Hastings?Building an evidence base to develop an action plan Andrew Conway March 2012
  2. 2. Introduction What would a sustainable Hastings look like? Interactive planning tool Next steps
  3. 3. Where we are now: Demand 1.4 TWh TransporResidentia t TWh 0.3l 0.7 TWh Industry & commercial 0.4 TWh Source: DECC
  4. 4. Where we are now: Local generation 62 kW 55 kW 161 kW 98 kW Total Generation = 22 GWh4.02 MW Source: Restats and Ofgem
  5. 5. The Challenge Coal1.4TWh Electric Transport Grid Industry & Petroleum commercia Products l T I R C Residenti E Gas Grid P al G L Local Gen 0.02 %0TWh SUPPLY DEMAND
  6. 6. Renewables PotentialPOTENTIAL 1.1 TWh Total = 1.5 TWh 302 GWh 60 GWh 15 GWh TECHNOLOGI ES
  7. 7. Interactive Planning Tool Inputs (from ongoing research) Interactive planning tool Action plan
  8. 8. Next steps-Firm up thenumbers -BAU demand-Efficiency -Economic and social implications-Other RE Techs
  9. 9. EnergiseEvent?