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Genacast Ventures, Summer Associate Opportunity

Genacast Ventures is a seed fund that invests up to $750,000 in technolog...
Genacast Portfolio Companies

                           Invite Media (New York City and Philadelphia)

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Genacast Ventures Summer Internship


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If you're a Wharton first year interested in venture capital, feel free to email for more details regarding this opportunity.

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Genacast Ventures Summer Internship

  1. 1. Genacast Ventures, Summer Associate Opportunity Genacast Ventures is a seed fund that invests up to $750,000 in technology-centric Internet start-ups in the northeastern US. A partnership between serial entrepreneur Gil Beyda and Comcast Interactive Capital, Genacast brings the best of “been there, done that” start-up experience and seasoned venture investing. Our special DNA enables us to provide unique perspective and value to companies we invest in. Genacast is a refreshingly traditional fund founded on the principles of “old school” venture capital: find and nurture passionate entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for game-changing businesses in undiscovered markets. About Gil Gil is a seasoned entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Gil launched his first company Mind Games in 1982 to develop games for the original Apple II. Gil then started a software consulting firm with Fortune 100 clients in the U.S., Asia and Europe. In 1995, Gil helped pioneer Internet advertising by founding Real Media, the first online ad network and ad server company. After Real Media was acquired in 2001, Gil pioneered the next wave of online advertising as CTO of TACODA, the first behavioral targeting, ad network. Following AOL’s acquisition of TACODA in 2007, Gil founded Genacast Ventures. What you’ll be doing  Provide a “first look” in evaluating opportunities for investments  Participate in all aspects of due diligence including: customer references, market sizing/mapping and industry research  Source new early stage investments including: attending entrepreneur events and conferences, meeting with CEOs, proprietary networks.  Assist in research and development of new companies, including incubation and supporting entrepreneur-in-residence programs; duties include market analysis What we’re looking for  Passion for technology and entrepreneurship  Ability to have or quickly develop an investment lens as related to Genacast  Excellent interpersonal and networking skills with proven ability to develop and maintain effective business relationships  Self-starter with strong work ethic and organizational skills  Creativity in not just executing but also developing new ways to source and close deals Questions to think about before an interview with Genacast  Given all the recent innovation, what’s hype vs sustainable? What’s overvalued / neglected?  Your resume is a list of results – what skills / learning do you have which are applicable to the Summer Associate role? More simply – why might you be the best at this job?  Give me an investment thesis and prove it  Given we invest across multiple sectors, how have you demonstrated an ability to come up to speed quickly in new spaces? Email your resume to by Friday, 4/30 at 5pm Gil Beyda, Managing Partner, Genacast Ventures (215) 989-4808 | |
  2. 2. Genacast Portfolio Companies Invite Media (New York City and Philadelphia) Invite Media is focused on the display advertising space. Invite Medias core technology, Bid Manager® allows agencies, ad networks and media buyers to execute and manage campaigns across multiple ad exchanges in real-time, all through one interface. The Bid Manager® platform is a next-generation ad server and buying console, and is also directly integrated with multiple third party data providers. Over 30 agencies, ad networks, and media buyers are currently using Bid Manager, which now has access to over 10 billion impressions per day. Demdex (New York City) Demdex collects and manages non-personally identifiable behavioral and demographic data on behalf of its clients and provides a platform for the management and enforcement of consumer privacy preferences. DoubleVerify (New York City and Israel) DoubleVerify is a pioneer in online media verification. They increase online advertising accountability and transparency by providing agencies, marketers, publishers and ad networks with real-time audit and verification of online advertising transactions and helping them take proactive measures to avoid waste and maintain brand reputation. PackLate (Philadelphia) is a last minute vacation rental marketplace where consumers watch prices change as the check-in date nears. empowers consumers to save money, find and track great deals, and confidently book closer to their vacation date while realizing they are not alone in their quest to find what they want at a great price. The company launched its first geography, The US Rockies, in January 2010. is backed by Genacast Ventures, First Round Capital, ETF Venture Funds, and several angel investors. Gil Beyda, Managing Partner, Genacast Ventures (215) 989-4808 | |