Enterprise Mobility Strategy Webinar by Endeavour


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The Webinar held on May 5, 2010 on "Enterprise Mobility Strategy" by Endeavour - The Mobility Company. It provides insights to Enterprises on what they should do when implementing a mobility strategy.

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  • Generic Definition Capturing/Delivering the Enterprise information at the point of activityForrester’s take The ability for an enterprise to connect and control suppliers, partners, employees, assets, products, and customers from any locationWhy Enterprise MobilityNecessity: Need for information at the point where it matters, is a necessity in today’s competitive world, for making critical business decisionsImproves Operational Efficiency: Enhances productivity, efficiency and responsiveness of the workforce
  • Earlier StageVoice and SMS, Low powered devices, Enterprise use disconnected mode devices (PDA, Laptops), Low penetrationNOW: Focus on NOW. Other two need not be mentioned in words.For a large number of enterprises, email pretty much the only application in use.Realization that mobility is more than mobile devices. Laptops, tablets, embedded devices and handheld terminals all enable mobilityRealizations that infrastructure is important. Coordinated approach towards mobile applications. Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility not in place. However, people realize that more needs to be done.What are the major areas that mobility is looked at…. Next slide
  • There is a realization that mobility goes beyond email. Isolated success in deployment of mobile solutions have reinforces this belief.The main application areas:Using mobility to extend the reach and availability of corporate data. Allowing for better informed decision makingEnabling corporate communicationsEmailInstant MessagingSocial Media Tools3. Using the mobile device as an application and service delivery platform 1. Content: access and presentation of corporate content on a device, providing the right information at the right time and place 2. Transactions and Workflows: Enabling a mobile worker to work away from office 3. Analytics and Reporting: Dashboards with intelligent reporting and analytic capabilities provide powerful business aides on the move.4. A derivative of mobile deployment: COST -> From device procurement, software overheads, recurring telecom expenditure. Telecom expense management: Cost control and management5. Customer outreach: using the reach of mobile devices to reach, communicate with, track behaviour, provide service, generate brand recall, and loyalty, using the power social media on mobile devices
  • Need a strong focus on People: Users (Different Types within an organization); Enablers: (Admin, content publishers, support staff etc), External entities like customers and suppliersWhy policies and governing principles: touches people, process, security, data, control & management, support and maintenance, … Detail on middleware: acts as the layer between the backend and the device, as well as have independent functions and ability to enable mobility specific applicationsDevices: Mobile DevicesSecurity: All aspects: server, transport layer, data, device,…In an enterprise many factors contribute and/or are affected by mobility. All of these factors need to be understood and taken into account while considering enterprise mobility:….1. People: Mobility is very people oriented. For successful adoption, take into account the usage habits and the cultural preferences of the users. 2. 2. Keep in mind the mobility expectations of the target user base. They change with demographics.3. Process: Study As-is process. Existing processes need to take into account mobility aspects. Understand the workforce from a mobility perspective. New processes may need to be developed.4. Policies and Governance: Need to extend to cover and support mobility, otherwise unregulated usage.5. Applications: The main reason for enabling mobility. Choose the applications based on people’s needs and the nature of the problem to be solved. Sometimes a application may be the solution, sometime it may not. 6. Middleware helps: 1. Extend the enterprise applications to a mobile device 2. Manage & control 3. More?????????????????7. Data? ---------- ?????8. Security: Infrastructure (server, transport) (AAA), Device, Data9. Carrier: Plan management -------------- ??????10. Control and Management: 1. Cost 2. Deployment 3. Policy enforcement 4. life cycle 5. device functions 6. data ---- ??????11. Support and Maintenance 1. On device support 2. Remote support (L1, L2, L3) 3. More --- ???????
  • Focus on the Budgeting, TCO needs the most. Third extending the policies, management and control of the IT infrastructure to the mobile devices as wellAbility to plan implement and deliver solutions to all internal customersTalk about Gains in operational efficiencies as a derivative of the other gains
  • Enterprise Mobility Strategy Webinar by Endeavour

    1. 1. Enterprise Mobility Strategy
    2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Enterprise Mobility and what’s happening in the corporate world • Why Enterprise Mobility Strategy and how to go about it? • How can Endeavour help?www.techendeavour.com
    3. 3. Enterprise Mobility Bringing the Enterprise to the point of activity Why Enterprise Mobility? • A Business Necessity • Improve Operational Efficiency • Reduce Costwww.techendeavour.com
    4. 4. Evolutionwww.techendeavour.com
    5. 5. What’s happening in the Corporate World?www.techendeavour.com
    6. 6. Why Enterprise Mobility Strategy? How to go about it?www.techendeavour.com
    7. 7. Factors People Support and Process Maintenance Control and Policies and Management Governance Enterprise Mobility Devices Applications Security Middlewarewww.techendeavour.com
    8. 8. Need for a strategy Budgeting, TCO Strategic Approach Policies, Plan & Management Implement & Controlwww.techendeavour.com
    9. 9. Enterprise Mobility Strategy – How to go about it?www.techendeavour.com
    10. 10. A Strategy – How to go about? Understand Analyze Strategize Re-visit Understand the organization’s • Goals • Business, technology, and mobility landscape • People, Process and Technology maturity • Mobility wish listwww.techendeavour.com
    11. 11. Strategy – How to go about? Understand Analyze Strategize Re-visit Analyze • Information gathered against the Enterprise Mobility Factors • Mobile Infrastructure Needs – Device Selection – Device Management – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform • People, Policy and Process impactswww.techendeavour.com
    12. 12. Device Selection Analyze People Factors Environmental Needs Cost Usability • Locations • Network Solution Support and Requirements Memory Capacity • Specific device feature Maintenance requirementswww.techendeavour.com
    13. 13. Mobile Infrastructure Management Analyze Remote Device Control Maintenance Telecom Policy Expense Enforcement Management Mobility Infrastructure Management Device Asset Provisioning management OTA software distributionwww.techendeavour.com
    14. 14. Mobile Enterprise Application Analyze Platformwww.techendeavour.com
    15. 15. How to go about security? Analyze • SSL/TLS • VPN Network • Advanced security mechanisms • 2-F Authentication Device and • Device Specific Infrastructure identifiers: IMEI/IMSI/Digita l Certificates • Access control • Encryption Data • Ageing and Expiry • Secure Delete People and Policieswww.techendeavour.com
    16. 16. Enterprise Mobility Strategy - How to go about it? Understand Analyze Strategize Re-visit Strategize & Plan • Application Strategy • TCO Components • Infrastructure and Support Strategy • A Mobility Roadmapwww.techendeavour.com
    17. 17. Total Cost of Ownership Strategize Software Procurement & Maintenance Hardware Mobile Device Procurement & Management Maintenance Mobile Airtime Fee TCO for Mobile Application (Telecom Implementation Distribution & Expenses) Upgrade Help Desk and Policy and Support Governance User Trainingwww.techendeavour.com
    18. 18. Enterprise Mobility Strategy – How to go about it? Understand Analyze Plan Re-visit Re-visit • Why? – Evolving People, process, technology and cost factors • When? – Define an evaluation plan and follow it • How? – Collect metrics on success of usage, review business and use cases, assess the device and technology landscapewww.techendeavour.com
    19. 19. How Endeavour can help?www.techendeavour.com
    20. 20. Endeavour’s Approach Recommend • Implementation Roadmap Strategize • Devices • Analyze all • Measurement Factors Guidelines • Mobile Infrastructure Understand • MEAP • TCO • Goals • Build/Buy • People, Process Technologywww.techendeavour.com
    21. 21. Questions & Answerswww.techendeavour.com
    22. 22. Thank You.+91 80 4288 5500 (IND)+44 20 7193 0986 (UK)+1 214 306 6848 (US)info@techendeavour.comwww.techendeavour.com