Learn How To Run The Perfect Half Marathon


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If you are interested in running the half marathon then you will find this presentation very useful. Without any shadow of a doubt the half marathon is becoming one of the most popular events in the world today.
For many people trying to run the full marathon is just a huge step. Taking on half of that distance at 13.1 miles is something that almost anyone can do with a little training.
In 12 weeks you could be ready to run a half marathon and also raise some much needed funds for your favourite charity as well.

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Learn How To Run The Perfect Half Marathon

  1. 1. How To Run The Half Marathon? Running The Perfect Half Marathon
  2. 2. Contents Included: • • • • • • • • • Distance is 13.1 Miles Average Time is 2 hours Training Plan Needed Hydration & Nutrition Kit Required Technical Help Overcoming Problems Dealing With Injuries Race Day!!!
  3. 3. The Half Marathon Training Plan • Perfect training plan takes 12 weeks • Increases in distance over time • Will have rest days built in to it • Will keep you motivated • Ensures success • You do need to stick to the plan
  4. 4. Half Marathon Hydration & Nutrition • Staying hydrated is vital • Isotonic drinks and water will do the job perfectly • Good diet is important but not vital • Plenty of carbohydrates needed for energy • Slow release carbohydrates work best of all like porridge
  5. 5. Half Marathon Kit • It is all about the running shoes – Buy quality shoes for the very best results • Wear socks with no internal seams to avoid blisters • Layer up if winter training • Waterproof jacket if training in the rain • Other than that a t-shirt, shorts, or running bottoms are all you need
  6. 6. Half Marathon Technical Help • Get yourself an inexpensive running watch • GPS is an alternative • Heart Rate monitor is an alternative • You should consider running apps as well • Sunglasses and a small running bag • Water bottle holder is very useful • Smart Phone or MP3 with headphones helps
  7. 7. Overcoming Half Marathon Problems • Training takes time – Make sure that you can commit to the training • Does it interfere with the family life? • Does it interfere with your working life? • How are you going to stay motivated?
  8. 8. Dealing With Injuries • Learn how to warm up properly as that will prevent most injuries • Learn how to cool down properly as that is vitally important • If feeling run down with a cold/flu – then take a little time off and get well
  9. 9. Half Marathon Race Day • The big day has arrived – Eat a good breakfast and get there early • Always warm up before the race • Run at your own pace and avoid getting caught up in the early bedlum • Run consistent miles like you did when you were training
  10. 10. How To Run The Half Marathon Book • I wrote this book specifically for people who want to run the half marathon • Packed with information and tips to run the perfect race • Available on Kindle