Community and Global Visibility: Influencer Marketing on a Global Scale


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What does it take to get global visibility for your product or service. In this fast paced presentation, Mark Miller walks through a proven, five step process that begins with defining your story. From there, influencer marketing can be used to spread your story and build credibility on a global scale.

Using the techniques described in this presentation, the team at Global 360 was able to position the $90 million company for a $260 million buyout by Open Text.

If you are new to influencer marketing, or are interested in a process that can be integrated into your current marketing campaign, this presentation lays the groundwork to get you started. For more information, or help building your program, contact

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  • Community and Global Visibility: A Case Study in Marketing to the SharePoint EcosystemMark Miller, @EUSP,NothingButSharePoint | EndUserSharePointPhoto by Michael Noel
  • About the Presenter“I help companies create strategic plans to gain global visibility for their products and services through the use of social media tools , online community building and relationship development.” – Mark Miller, @EUSPMark Miller, Senior Storyteller, is recognized internationally for weaving engaging tales to simplify the explanation of complex, technological solutions. He is a serial community builder, participating in the creation of global online communities such as NothingButSharePoint, EndUserSharePoint and NothingButBranding. Mark travels internationally from his home in New York City, speaking on the building of community, methods for using social media to engage an online audience, the uses of SharePoint for enterprise level collaboration, and the future of productivity. His most recent excursion with the “Sharing the Point” team found him in Africa, stopping in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi , Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • NothingButSharePoint:
  • I have spoken throughout the world at major SharePoint conferences as well as to small, local enthusiast groups.
  • Debbie and Mark
  • Ira the Invoice
  • Start with “Why” not “What” at 3:17…Start with “Why” not “What”
  • Derek WeeksMany speaking engagementsRefreshed every yearConstant participation and growth
  • Hear the sad, true story of Ira the Invoice
  • Ira the Invoice
  • Community and Global Visibility: A Case Study in Marketing to the SharePoint EcosystemMark Miller, @EUSP,NothingButSharePoint | EndUserSharePointPhoto by Michael Noel
  • Community and Global Visibility: Influencer Marketing on a Global Scale

    1. 1. Community and Global Visibility Mark Miller, Senior Storyteller, @EUSP
    2. 2. Mark Miller, @eusp Senior Storyteller
    3. 3. NothingButSharePoint
    4. 4. My SharePoint Destinations International Montreal Ottawa Toronto Birmingham, UK London Nottingham, UK Dubai Sydney Canberra, AU Wellington, NZ Philippines Beijing Shanghai Switzerland France Uruguay Argentian Chile Antarctica United States Virginia Michigan Florida Denver New York City San Francisco Los Angeles Washington DC Baltimore Philidelphia Boston
    5. 5. Agenda A case study in marketing to the global SharePoint Community
    6. 6. The “Five” Step Process 1 2 3 4 5
    7. 7. The purpose: Raise awareness, build trust, develop relationships, in order to… sell
    8. 8. The theory: Trust based selling.
    9. 9. Why YOU want to build community
    10. 10. A Brief History Global 360, EndUserSharePoint
    11. 11. The Company
    12. 12. The Problem: Visibility/Credibility
    13. 13. The Solution
    14. 14. The Outcome
    15. 15. The Outcome July 2011 $260,000,000 OpenText acquires Global 360
    16. 16. The Five Step Process How We Did It 1 2 3 4 5
    17. 17. Create your “story” 1
    18. 18. Find your market influencers 2
    19. 19. Align with the “Big Dog” 3
    20. 20. Drive activity around your story 4
    21. 21. Make everyone a marketer 5 After
    22. 22. And now… the rest of the story
    23. 23. Create Your Story What are you REALLY about? 1
    24. 24. “If you own the story… you get to write the ending.” ― Brené Brown
    25. 25. “What is the REAL story?” Apple | Zappos | Amazon
    26. 26. Seriously… what is YOUR story? It is NOT about the technology
    27. 27. Find Your Market‟s Influencers Influencer50 Project 2
    28. 28. The Influencer Metamorphosis The Influencer landscape has changed considerably over the past decade, Key influencers are no longer an easily targeted single group.
    29. 29. Who are the Influencers?
    30. 30. What is Influencer50?
    31. 31. Segment the Influencers
    32. 32. Influencer Campaign 1 Learn who the influencers are. Don’t guess. 3 2 Create an Influencer Plan. Corporate Wide. 4 Embrace individuals. Engage their passions. Track and monitor regularly. Re-audit in 12 months.
    33. 33. Incremental Rollout
    34. 34. Outcome Received global visibility through external blog posts, articles and mentions on other sites Global 360 received exponential increase in number of hits to site
    35. 35. You have a story. You have an audience. Now what?
    36. 36. Align with a “Big Dog” 3
    37. 37. Local Relationships City by City
    38. 38. National Relationship Treat like a major client
    39. 39. Drive Awareness and Activity Create value for everyone 4
    40. 40. Drive Awareness: External Sites
    41. 41. Drive Awareness: Digital Destinations
    42. 42. Drive Awareness: Videos
    43. 43. Drive Activity: Trade Shows
    44. 44. Drive Activity: Web Casts
    45. 45. Drive Activity: eBooks
    46. 46. Drive Activity: Survey
    47. 47. Drive Activity: Response to Survey
    48. 48. Make everyone a marketer Engage the entire company 5
    49. 49. Everyone is a Marketer IOS Maintenance Accounting Order Fulfillment
    50. 50. Email Signature Best Regards, Mark Miller, Social Media and Community Strategist PS: Have you hear the sad, true story of „Ira the Invoice‟? Recent Speaking Engagements -- Dubai, United Emirates -- Africa - Johannesburg|Cape Town|Nairobi -- South America - Argentina| Uruguay |Chile -- Antarctica (Yes, Antarctica!) -- Canada – Montreal | Toronto -- UK – London | Birmingham | Nottingham -- USA - San Francisco| Boston | New York | Washington DC | Denver -- Southeast Asia - Beijing | Hong Kong |Singapore | Ho Chi Minh City | Manila -- Sydney, Australia | Wellington, New Zealand
    51. 51. Personal Note “Thank you for saving a life today.” -- Personal note on bill to hospital
    52. 52. Summary
    53. 53. The “Five” Step Process 1 2 3 4 5
    54. 54. Create your “story” 1
    55. 55. Find your market influencers 2
    56. 56. Align with the “Big Dog” 3
    57. 57. Drive activity around your story 4
    58. 58. Make everyone a marketer 5 After
    59. 59. Now, it‟s your turn.
    60. 60. Community and Global Visibility Mark Miller, Senior Storyteller, @EUSP