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  1. 1. Today, looking for a job is really a hard task. In a recent report of the Job Openings andLabor Turnover Survey and released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were656,000 job openings in December 2011 in the Northeast region, including New York State. This is about 3.4 job seekers for every job opening in Northeast region,which is a 3.8 decline from November 2011.resume builder
  2. 2. The statistics reveal how tough the competition in job market is Nowthe question is, what can you do to get the desired job and defeat allother candidates? *Its a task, its a must Both job quest and careershift start by asking yourself with "what do I really want to do?," "howcan I do it?," and "how soon should I accomplish it?" There are a lotof reasons why we need to decide career wise It can either be forgrowth, opportunities, or for personal circumstance Whateverreason, the first thing that you should pay attention to is your resume It is your ticket for your dream job
  3. 3. You might be thinking that what worked for you for the past yearscan still be the right pick Well, think again With the changingdemands and requirements of the job market, you may have toprepare a more updated resume It doesnt take a genius to write agood one
  4. 4. All you need to have is a smart decision on how your application cananswer the questions from a hiring managers mind and how relevantyour answer is to the companys needs Here are helpful resumewriting tips to get you one step closer to your sought-after job: •Focus Companies hire employees in response to vacancies and toeventually sustain business needs As a candidate, you should focuson the details about how you can be of help to them
  5. 5. Your industry-related skills and accomplishments are a great tool toexpress that you can deliver or even exceed expectations •Evaluate It is always good to assess yourself before you start withthe application Only you can answer if you really qualify for the jobrequirements
  6. 6. Through careful assessment, you can resume builder setexpectations upfront and plan ahead of time for many opportunities• Prepare There are a lot of that you can choose from and makeuse of Tailor your document according to the kind of industry thatyou wish to be a part of
  7. 7. Each application tool is unique, so pay attention to details andinformation to be included • Cover Do not forget to include acover letter It gives your document a more accomplished look
  8. 8. Moreover, it is the proper venue to discuss important matters thatyou cannot elaborate on your resume • Follow it up Exert extraeffort to give the company a call especially if your application wassent through mail or even e-mail It further builds up your enthusiasmfor the desired position, which can then reflect a positive impact onthe hiring personnel
  9. 9. It will also ensure that the right person received your application Inline with the competition, to be good is not good enough; to be"outstanding" is the name of the game Your competitors may bereading and may do the same thing right now, so take an extra stepto have that punch that can knock them off *Your career path: fromhere to where? We all need to grow as an individual, whatevercareer that we think may harness our abilities, compensate us well,and that meet our satisfaction
  10. 10. There will always be twists and turns but a good mind set will alwaysmake a big difference All of these can only do half of the job andthe rest relies on you It is always in your hands to strive and getbetter each day
  11. 11. resume builder