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  1. 1. There are many ways that you can go about learning how to make a resume, and a really impressive resume, at that. With some research on formatting, and the knowledge that only you can bring to the table regarding your skills, education, past employment history, and a strong career objective, youll have everything you need.
  2. 2. If you are a recent college graduate, make an appointment with yourschools placement office and tell them you would like to learn how tomake a resume They will be more than happy to assist you, but thiswill probably require at least a few appointments requiring that youtravel back and forth to the campus to complete everything thatneeds to be done If that is what works for you, more power to you
  3. 3. However, there are many other avenues you can pursue to get thesame results The World Wide Web has more websites than youwould believe all aimed at teaching you how to make a resume Ifyou have doubts, simply type "how to make a resume" into anysearch engine and be astounded at the number of hits you get! If youcan root through and find the ones that you are most comfortablewith, you are good to go! There are templates laying out for you quitespecifically how to make a resume
  4. 4. There are examples and sample resumes for you to look at Thereare even resume writing services that will work with you, for a fee,and hold your hand every step along the way of the resume-creatingprocess It may cost a bit of cash, but you should get a top-notchresume out of the deal
  5. 5. "Wait! you cry, I am just out of school and have no extra money tospend on learning how to make a resume!" Hey, that is only oneoption, remember? One option out of several Research the differentavenues you have already been advised of and you will certainly beable to come up with an option, a free option, that will be verysatisfying to you
  6. 6. Just remember that your resume is seen as an extension of who youare, to your prospective employer, at least So, there will always besome basic rules for you to follow when learning how to make aresume
  7. 7. Your resume must be absolutely error-free! You must be certain thatit is free of typos, as well as grammatical errors This is where anadequate amount of time proofreading will be mandatory
  8. 8. It should be proofread several times by you, out loud and silently,and by at least one other person An honest portrayal of your skillsand achievements is also essential; lying on a resume or evenexaggerating is a huge mistake and will usually always come back tohaunt you, most likely in the form of losing your job
  9. 9. Is it really worth it? A clean look to your resume, nothing too "busy,"is a good rule of thumb, and make sure to leave enough white space;you want your resume to be easy and pleasurable to look at andread, or it just may not be looked at, at all! If you are worried aboutfitting in all of the information that you need, instead of stuffing it allonto one page, go to two pages That is preferable to a resume thatis a visual mess
  10. 10. I hope this has helped somewhat on your quest to learn how tomake a resume