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  1. 1. One evening I was leaning on the bonnet ofBMW car parked in front of a fast food joint. I had just come out of the joint, I had gone to have eat with my friends and I waswaiting for them to come out of joint so that we could go back to home. On impulse Iturned to look over my shoulder,coming my way from across the parking lot was what society and I would consider a bum.parking games
  2. 2. From the looks of him, the obvious was stated; he had no car, nohome, no clean clothes, and no money There are times in a daywhen you feel generous but there are other times when you justdont want to be bothered This was one of the "Dont want to bebothered" time for me "I hope he doesnt ask me for money," Iwhispered to myself And He didnt He came and sat on the curb infront of the parking garage, I looked at him closely, and from hisappearance he didnt look like someone who had money to evenafford a bus ride to God knows where he had come from He keptstarring at the car, his eyes moving to and fro
  3. 3. After a few minutes he finally spoke "Thats a very nice car," he said Although he was ragged, he had an air of dignity woven around himAnd this revelation startled me I said, "Thanks," and continuedlooking through the door anxiously waiting for my friends to come outso that I could be rid of him He sat there quietly as if reading mythoughts and waiting for me to ask him to go away, yet I remainedsilent, waiting for the usually plea for money to come The expectedplea never came
  4. 4. As the silence between us widened something inside said, ask him ifhe needs any help I was sure that he would say yes, but I held trueto the inner voice "Do you need any help?" I eventually asked himHe answered me in three simple but profound words that I shallnever forget Most times, we often look for wisdom in great men andwomen We expect it often from those of higher learning andaccomplishments Today I was thought a lesson
  5. 5. I expected nothing but an outstretched grimy hand, but it nevercame Rather he spoke three words that shook my body from myhead to my toes "Dont we all?" he said He inhaled deeply andcontinued "I need help Maybe not for a bus fare or a place to sleep,but I need help I reached into my wallet and gave him money notonly enough for a bus fare but enough to get a warm meal andshelter for the day
  6. 6. Those three little words I stored somewhere deep inside my headand today those words still ring true Living a fulfilled is not all abouthow much you have or how much you have accomplished Becauseno matter how much you have, no matter how much you haveaccomplished, you need help too And also no matter how little youhave, no matter how loaded you are with problems, even withoutmoney or a place to sleep, you can give help Even if its just acompliment, you can give that You never know when you may seesomeone that appears to have it all They may just be waiting on youto give them what they dont have
  7. 7. A different perspective on life, a glimpse at something beautiful, arevelation of something wonderful, a respite from certain daily chaos,that only you through a torn world can see Maybe the man that stoodbeside me for that moment was just a homeless stranger wanderingdown the streets Maybehe was more than that Maybe he was sentby a power that is greatest and parking games wisestto minister to asoul that has been or is too comfortable in itself to notice other soulsMaybe God looked down, called an Angel, dressed him like a bum,then said, "Go minister to that man leaning on that car, for that manneeds help ""Dont We All?"
  8. 8. parking games