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  1. 1. LL-Mortgages does not provide any mortgage, remortgage, loan, financial or insurance products or services in any way, shape or form other thanthe advertising which we undertake for our clients, and so it follows that we are not regulated by the FSA .
  2. 2. LL-Mortgages is now under new ownership and was re-launched on18/11/2011 after "lying fallow" for a couple of years, during whichtime it lost all search engine credibility due to lack of attention Webelieve that LL-Mortgages will be uniquein that we actually optimise our pages in order to attain the bestpossible SE placements, and we welcome clients with a similar "Gofrit" attitude rather than those who are content to pay for an advertand live off our PageRank
  3. 3. Our main categories will be for mortgages and remortgages, both ofwhich tally well with the name, and the present national financialsituation has ensured that there are more people makingapplications to remortgage than there has been for a long time Innerpages will be devoted to an accountants directory which willeventually list accountants throughout the counties of England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and drilling down to the majortowns and cities within those said counties
  4. 4. An Insurance Directory will also feature highly within this site withspecial emphasis on life cover, life assurance and life insurance Weshall also be taking a serious look at smaller categories such ascaravan insurance, motorhome, boat and similar entities
  5. 5. Finally, a loan directory is a must for this site, but later in 2012, andwe shall be ensuring that most loan categories are included withinour pages then
  6. 6. Is a remortgage worthwhile for you? Well, if you are doing it forinterest rate reasons, then you need to ensure that you will savemoney by doing so because the will undoubtedly attract legal costsas well as valuation and possibly arrangement fees
  7. 7. You also need to find out whether your old lender will charge you forpaying off your old mortgage deal before moving
  8. 8. So all that means that you will need to do a spot of homework tomake sure the costs dont outweigh the value of remortgaging onto alower rate, which is always a possibility if youve a small outstandingmortgage
  9. 9. We strongly recommend that anyone contemplating a remortgagetakes professional advice first, and we must also point out that if youfall behind with repayments, you will risk losing your home
  10. 10.