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  1. 1. Info Tipshow to build a resume
  2. 2. Although the application stage is arguably the most vital in the wholejob seeking process, many people submit low quality applicationstime and time again Follow these job classified tips to submit aquality job application everytime Prove your value Make every jobapplication as good as you possibly can An employer will want the
  3. 3. best person they can find for the salary they are offering
  4. 4. Its like buying a house, People want the best they can get for theirmoney, and an employer will most likely want to employ the personwho has made the most effort Sell YourselfThis is the first thing apotential employer sees, so you need to maximize the potential ofthis document to make sure your application goes into the Top pileinstead of straight in the trash Many job application tips dontemphasize the importance of this document
  5. 5. Make sure your cover letter and resume are different A recruiterreading two variations of the same document is hardly likely to beblown away, we need to maximize the impact our application as awhole, and a good job application tip is to make everything asdifferent as we can
  6. 6. You want a potential recruiter to read everything you send them, assoon as they start skipping ahead, youve had it! Think of them, notyourself A recruiter wants to know what you can do for them, notwhat they can do for you A good general job tip is to try and removeall instances of the word I from your application
  7. 7. Too many people focus the application around themselves, whenthey how to build a resume will find a good deal more success if theycenter it around the employer Apply early Dont leave things too latein case of any kind of issue
  8. 8. If you write your cover letter and get your job application filled in assoon as you can, it will naturally give you more time to work on itWhich application do you think will read better, the one put togetherthe night before it was posted, or the one that was planned out andrefined days in advance? Hopefully after reading through these jobtips you are beginning to understand what it takes to find consistentsuccess with your applications
  9. 9. how to build a resume