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  1. 1. Contacts always add a dazzling dose of color to your face. People with dark eyes can transform them into bold green or icy blueeyes, all with the help of color lenses. Coloredlenses for dark eyes are a very popular trend in beauty today. Individuals with light eyes can turn up the intensity of natural color a notch or go for contacts of a completely different shade.Non Prescription Colored Contact Lens
  2. 2. Â Whatever color you choose, another way to make your new eyesmemorable is to use makeup alongside your colored contacts You dontneed to be a Hollywood makeup artist to create mesmerizing eyes, just a
  3. 3. little practice and a steady hand When you use shimmering shadows,bold eyeliners and colorful mascaras, youll create a focal point on yourface that admirers wont be able to turn away from In addition to fancymakeup, you can accent your colored contacts for dark eyes by usingspecial, safe adhesive to glue crystals, sequins and other embellishmentsaround your eyes in a decorative pattern
  4. 4. Unless you have a severe eyesight problem, it is best to apply yourmakeup first and then pop in your contacts second  If you just want tochange the color of your eyes and you dont need vision correction, nonprescription contacts are the way to go These contact lenses arereferred to as plano or zero power contact lenses
  5. 5. You must always consult your eye doctor first though before orderingyour non prescription colored contacts  Many people who have neverworn colored contacts are interested in the benefits of the lenses Forinstance will the colored contacts make the person anymore attractive?The answer is subjective and beauty is often in the eye of the beholder
  6. 6. What colored lenses can do is provide you an added accessory that canmodify your natural eye color and even enhance your vision at the sametime In previous centuries, people with poor vision were limited to onlyusing bulky glasses As we all know glasses work wonders for the eyes,with the advent and success of traditional corrective contacts, companiesbranched out and delivered colored contacts
  7. 7. Â Before you purchase colored contacts you should probably go aheada read more details about the product works in a variety of differentstyles to help modify your eye color Traditionally many people with darkeyes felt that lighter eyes are more pretty and therefore often look for asolution to brighten up their brown eyes
  8. 8. With colored contacts for dark eyes, you have the ability to shake off thatbrown eyes and turn it into any color of your choosing Its really funwowing an entire room with a new look  Some people believe that is avanity based product
  9. 9. But the same could be said of any piece of clothing or denim What wereall looking for Non Prescription Colored Contact Lens is a slightly leg upon our competition People may wonder if contacts are right for them andthe answer is dependent on if you have already selected an optometrist
  10. 10. After you have selected an eye doctor of your choosing, you must obtaina prescription to wear contact lenses, this is done so because of new
  11. 11. Federal regulation imposed by the United States government But haveno fear because these laws actually make it much more safer for theconsumer to purchase colored contacts
  12. 12. Non Prescription Colored Contact Lens