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  1. 1. Believe it or not girls are not as complicated asmany people make them out to be. They love totalk and they love when guys approach them. It makes them feel great about themselves andtherefore one should feel confident to attract to date hotter girls.Chatting to girls
  2. 2. The biggest piece of relationship advice for men is to figure out what womenneed from an evolutionary point of view and give it to her By building thatconfidence that has deep down inside that a girl can literally feel
  3. 3. The more the desire to date hotter girls and enjoying wild nights withstrangers will end up meeting someone unique, awesome, and special Todate hotter girls is a company designed to fit into everyone's lifestyle
  4. 4. The learning will be a self-correcting, foolproof system that simply allowssitting back and being self constrained - but being self constrained in the mosteffectively attractive way is imaginable It covers everything that helps increating attraction needed to attract some of the most beautiful women evermet
  5. 5. In order to date hotter girls in life by the holidays, immediate action is required,in fact Most guys think making more money is the answer to date hotter girls,which is wrong
  6. 6. A woman will be more attracted in a man that is well-travelled, well-read, candance, cook, paint, play music, and has interesting hobbies The guy thatworks all the hours god sends will never be as attractive as a guy who takestime to date hotter girls
  7. 7. Another facet of this is that the women that are around will start seeing howcool an individual is becoming and start to date hotter girls An individual is notshowing off to them and just doing cool stuff
  8. 8. A lot of guys wonder how to talk to women and what to say to women, butit's not really as complicated as we make it In fact, it's really prettyeasy to know what to say to women if you follow a simple blueprint
  9. 9. One of the biggest reasons why dates do not always turn out great isbecause of the expectations to be put in front of self and the date This ispossible by changing ideas about self and about the ideal girl with a familiarityand even by contemplating self and the girls more closely, which helps inunderstanding what's important really
  10. 10. Chatting to girls
  11. 11. Chatting to girls