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  1. 1. A body with no skeleton would look kind of funny. As would a car with no frame. Or a building withno steel. Just as these things need a good baseto function properly, so does an essay. Whether you are writing a school paper, a newspaperarticle, or a business white paper, itÂ’s important to come up with a general outline to act as the framework for your finished product.write my essay
  2. 2. Surprisingly, very few people utilize the outline Those who do,however, tend to be professional writers who understand theimportance of an outline They know that you cannot jump into anarticle haphazardly and hope that you will be able to make all yourpoints clearly and convincingly Fiction writers in particular useoutlines They establish the characters, setting, and general timelineof a plot
  3. 3. The outline helps them guide the story so it is logical and able to beunderstood by the reader This small step of outlining a storytypically separates many professional writers from amateur writersRenowned horror writer Stephen King is a proponent of outlinesWhile a writer may never know where his story will lead, the outlinestill serves as a guide, or write my essay a roadmap, to that unknownending Without it, characters may come and go, it may be hard tokeep track of time, and other story elements can get lost
  4. 4. Article writers who work for newspapers, magazines, and Web sitesalso utilize outlines These serve as the basic skeleton of the article,allow them to flesh out their ideas chronologically, and also detailwhen and where they will insert certain facts and figures So, whatshould be included in an outline? For the standard essay, you willwant to create main headings, with subheadings beneath each: 1Intro a Make notes on how you will "hook" your reader
  5. 5. b Give yourself several options of "hooks" and choose the best,once the essay is complete 2 Body a Note which themes or subjectsyou will address
  6. 6. b Provide research or arguments to support the theme c Perhapsinclude anecdotes or success stories as proof 3
  7. 7. Conclusion a Encapsulate your theme b Tie the conclusion back toyour intro Writers who fail to use outlines often spend quite a bit oftime revising their work
  8. 8. They will read the finished product and realize they missed a pointor that the flow was not quite right And if you are working with aneditor or teacher, these mistakes will be very evident to themOutlines also allow writers to avoid redundancy That is, once a pointis made, it neednt be made over and over again within the pieceThe outline will clearly identify your main points, or plot elements,allowing you the creativity to expand upon your ideas
  9. 9. It sounds strange, but outlines actually allow a writer more creativitythan writing free-form For example, if in your outline, you refer to "aroad leading to a castle," you can then focus on the smells andsounds of the trip, rather than worry about which way the road willlead Overall, the time it takes to make an outline is minimal, but thetime it saves you in the long run is astronomical
  10. 10. write my essay