Google Analytics & Omniture: What they can do for you!


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Are you looking to ramp up your analytics efforts for you website? If you haven't been tracking the performance of your site, now might be a good time to start. You may be missing out on a lot of traffic, which translates into missing out on a lot of potential business. Google Analytics and Omniture are two great ways to get started on this initiative. Whether you have deep pockets, or you are starting from scratch with a limited budget, these two analytics platforms offer you different options to fit either situation. So flip through the PPT and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

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Google Analytics & Omniture: What they can do for you!

  1. Tell you how much time visitors spend on your website Break down site visitors by geography and language Traffic flow of visitors’ page views across your website Set goals & track conversions: micro and macro What types of devices & operating systems are your visitors using? Compare website data from different time periods
  2. Show stats for landing & Exit pages – Where do they land when they enter and where do they leave? Content drilldown analyzes performance of specific pages on your site Track events like downloads, performance of embedded objects, and more Track site visitors & pages in real-time Track the status of your social campaigns: referrals, conversions, landing pages, etc.
  3. Set Geo-Targeting to target a specified geographic region Check health of your site: Crawl Errors & Malware Check ranking for different search queries Analyze internal Links, and incoming links Remove bad URLs, analyze content keywords, and improve HTML
  4. What can it do 4 u? Manage PPC campaigns Create, track and implement online surveys Push social content, listen, amplify content w/ social ads, respond in real-time Daily, Weekly, Monthly and quarterly revenue reports Visitor retention shows visitor loyalty
  5. What can it do 4 u? Check traffic sources: organic and paid referrals, and page ranking Track purchases, items added to cart, page views, and other visitors stats First and last touch details for marketing channels100+ ways to customize “special items” you want to keep tabs on 100 PLUS Integrates with Adobe Marketing Technology
  6. • Basic is free, while Premium options are available at an additional fee • No official support, creditable Google forums • Limited number of metrics • Track up to 4 goals • Cookies: 30 days • Limited interface capabilities • Restricted data segmentation • Mobile tracking • Paid • 24-hour weekday support • Over 100 metrics • Track 100’s of goals, events and metrics • Cookies: 15 years • Large interface capabilities with a diverse number of programs • Varied options for data segmentation • Detailed mobile segmenting