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EnVeritas Group 3D Imaging Services


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Sharp and powerful, 3-D images make it easy to showcase and promote suites, special event and meeting venues in a manner that sets them apart from the competition. More compelling than standard floor plans, 3-D images make it easy for potential clients to see how the spaces meet their needs. Traffic flow between venues, lighting, scale, and furniture placement are easily visualized. And visualizing the space is the first step in selling it.

EVG’s team of 3-D experts work directly with each client to deliver the highest quality customized 3-D images possible. Panoramic and 360’ views offer a bird’s-eye view or eye-level perspectives that even the best photos can’t match.

Custom texture, colors and furniture placement give clients a realistic impression of what they can expect and Hotel 3D image guide meeting planners to select the right furniture configurations from the start of the project. Adjoining doors, stairs and non-meeting areas help clients forecast guest movement and make planning breakout sessions easier. Whether your client is experienced as a host for conferences for 1,000 or a bride planning a dream wedding, these images offer a richer experience that’s unmatched by standard photos and flat floor plans.

In 15 days or less, 3-D images be working on your hotel’s website to highlight venues and amenities with fully customized details. Delivered in multiple, high-resolution formats for websites, brochures, PDFs and other uses, images are ready for immediate use. Labels and text can also be added to further enhance each image.

EVG’s 3-D imaging provides companies with a cutting-edge tool to engage meeting planners. To learn more, contact one of our business development directors by calling 864.241.0779 or by email at

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EnVeritas Group 3D Imaging Services

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  2. 2. Clients can visualize space, furniture placement,lighting, logistics and more in just a few clicks
  3. 3. EVG’s 3D images come with customized labels inmultiple high-res formats: ideal for websites,handouts, posters, brochures, PDFs…