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[Case Study] Wingate University: How Higher Education Uses Content Marketing and Social Media


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Wingate University partnered with content marketing agency EnVeritas Group to conduct website and social media audits, develop a strategy for enhancing digital communication, redesign the school's current website and much more. This case study shows how universities like Wingate are understanding the importance of content marketing and social media and actively taking the steps to utilize these tactics to achieve objectives like higher retention rates, higher admission numbers, increased alumni giving and better communication with students, prospective students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders.

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[Case Study] Wingate University: How Higher Education Uses Content Marketing and Social Media

  1. 1. Wingate University THE SOLUTIONS: EVG worked with Wingate University to identify their primary goals for the website and social media, in addition to developing key questions to be answered during the audits. As a result, EVG delivered: • 30 documents detailing our findings and recommendations • A comprehensive audit and analysis of 2,875 linked pages, 1,669 unique URLs and five websites, along with peer institution reviews and reporting • Audit, analysis and strategy for the web- site’s SEO, analytics, design and content. • Individual audits, analyses and strategies for social media channels: Facebook, Insta- gram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube • Proposed plan to execute the recommendations for a website redesign, content and social media • A formal presentation to Wingate University stakeholders about the project and its findings Wingate University is a small, private university in North Carolina; EVG continues to work with the university in 2015 on a web and content reconfigure. THE CHALLENGES: Wingate University recognized that their current website and social media efforts were not up to current standards. In-house testing revealed issues with navigation for new website visitors. They were cognizant of the need for a mobile-respon- sive website, and before they began redesigning everything, they recognized the need for a com- prehensive plan. As a small university, they did not have the resources in place to do this work. SUMMARY: In 2013, EVG was engaged by Wingate University to conduct an audit of its website, design, content and so- cial channels, and to develop a comprehensive strategy based on audit findings; the results of that analysis has resulted in continued work with the school. THE RESULTS While Wingate University expected the reports to detail issues they had previously identified, they acknowledged that EVG’s work provided a convincing case to move forward with executing the proposed strategy. In December 2014, EVG began work to execute a redesign, rewrite and reoptimization. EVG delivered 30 in-depth documents detailing our findings and recommendations ENVERITAS GROUP +