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Company presentation EnGenius Europe 2013-2014


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Company presentation EnGenius Europe 2013-2014

Published in: Business, Technology
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Company presentation EnGenius Europe 2013-2014

  1. 1. /? ”Leader in long range wireless” I, J1 I, CCO33 EnGenius Europe | Ve| dzigt 28 | 3454 PW De Meern T +31 (0)30 66 914 17 | E info@engenius-europe. com | W www. engenius-europe. com
  2. 2. ;L£m + EnGenius Europe + Business Class Outdoor series + Business Class Indoor series + Home series , + Digital Cordless Phone l I
  3. 3. EnGenius Europe is the manufacturer of high power Wi—Fi products and offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor. The company supplies since 1993 to the middle of the SMEs and the upper segment of the consumer market. Additionally EnGenius Europe offers complete solutions for campsites, hotels and . / agriculture.
  4. 4. Business Class Outdoor Home series ( 1 Business Class Indoor Digital Cordless Phone
  5. 5. Business Class Outdoor EnGenius offers a broad line ofWire| ess Outdoor Access Points and Client Bridges for a variety of deployment scenarios, for instance: + Companies or restaurants that wish to offer employees or guest access to their Internet connection in outdoor areas; + Growing companies that need to connect another building to the company's network; + Companies that need to connect outdoor surveillance cameras to their network; + Schools and universities that wish to provide wireless connectivity throughout their campuses; + RV parks / Marinas; and many more uses. 5"-2
  6. 6. Business Class Indoor EnGenius high performance business- class Access Points, Client Bridges and Adapters are hard at work providing Z T wireless connectivity in hotels, resorts, / _, Ema schools, restaurants, offices around the Eneemus ‘ ‘ A 7 world. For small business, EnGenius / offers a line of PoE Switches, ideal for , no .9. <9 connecting not only computers but also ‘ '§l if IP Cameras, Access Points, Vo| P phones ‘N W and other PoE—enab| ed devices.
  7. 7. n§m Get the same reliability and performance of EnGenius business products for your home. Leveraging the same innovative technology and design as in the award-winning commercial products. EnGenius offers wireless Routers, Media Bridges, Switches and Adapters designed and engineered to keep up with the demands of your media streaming household.
  8. 8. Digital Cordless Phone EnGenius is the leader in premise mobility communications. The EnGenius cordless business telephone systems deliver extremely long-range and reliable connectivity outdoors, throughout mu| ti—story buildings and within complex environments. The rugged DuraFon handsets are designed for use in harsh enviroments, while the attractive FreeSty| handets are designed for use in typical office enviroments. Both the DuraFon and FreeSty| systems are compatible with PBX and IP-PBX systems that support analog devices or any standard dial tone devices. The performance and versatility of these phone systems increase efficiencies, minimize total cost ownership, and maximize return on investment.
  9. 9. // Q Eiil riiiiii EnGenius Europe B. V. Veldzigt 28 3454 PW De Meern, Utrecht T +31 (0)30 6691417 E info@engenius-europe. com W www. engenius-europe. com Follow us on: ' ’ l l _ _ _ i. -,l