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Collaborate 13: Lessons Learned from On-Premise Fusion Application Installations


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In this Collaborate 13 session, Emtec’s Todd Siler, Oracle technology practice director, shares his knowledge of Fusion application installations in this detailed walk-through of installation preparation and execution.

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Collaborate 13: Lessons Learned from On-Premise Fusion Application Installations

  1. 1. Fusion Applications InstallationsLessons Learned#701Todd Siler
  2. 2. Todd SilerOracle Technology Practice Director• PeopleSoft Administrator• Oracle DBA• Linux Administrator
  3. 3. Agenda• Preparing for Installation• Executing the Installation• Summary & Questions
  4. 4. • Not for Production Deployments• Proof of Concept / Conference Room Pilot• Evaluation Purposes Only• Not a Step-by-Step Installation Session
  5. 5. Sizing Sample for….• Oracle FusionFinancials• Oracle Fusion HCM• Oracle Fusion SCM
  6. 6. LessonLeverage Virtualization
  7. 7. LessonIsolate OIM Components
  8. 8. LessonRead Release Notes BeforeStarting!
  9. 9. LessonOnly install what you need
  10. 10. WANT TO SEE MORE?Click the links below to see the full presentation or ourother presentations from Collaborate 2013.Click here for the full presentation.Click here for our other presentations from Collaborate 13.