Big Data in 15 Minutes & Oracle Exalytics Overview at Medinah 2013


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This top-level presentation provides a basic understanding of Big Data and how it can change the customer experience. It points out that Big Data & Predictive Analytics should not be confused with “BI on Steroids”. View the full presentation at the Emtec Event Archive.

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Big Data in 15 Minutes & Oracle Exalytics Overview at Medinah 2013

  1. 1. Big Data in 15 Minutes and Oracle Exalytics OverviewHyperion Performance & Business Analytics Networking EventPeter LePine, EmtecMay 8, 2013
  2. 2. Emtec, Inc. Proprietary All rights reserved 2013.Agenda• Big Data in 15 Mins.• Goal: Provide a basic understanding of; What is Big Data; Why it’s important toCustomers; How Emtec can help identify Big Data opportunities.What are Big Data & Adv. AnalyticsHow Organizations using Big DataHow Emtec can helpEmtec Overview
  3. 3. Emtec, Inc. Proprietary All rights reserved 2013.Big Data – Some real-world examples• Online Media–“Analytics available to even the lowest YouTube channel producer now rival the most sophisticatedreports CBS, NBC and ABC had available in the 1980s. Apply even better analytical engines to thedata from Fitbit pedometers, Google Glass, Smartphones, etc. and you’ve got an unprecedenteddepth and breadth of knowledge available soon to anyone, anywhere.”• James McQuivey is the author of “Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.” VP and PrincipalAnalyst at Forrester Research.Every day, we create 2.5 exaBytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the worldtoday has been created in the last two years alone.2.5Xb = 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 (1018) Bytes of data3
  4. 4. Emtec, Inc. Proprietary All rights reserved 2013.Big Data Defined• How BIG is Big Data???–Social Media – Facebook reached 1 billion members in 2012–Entertainment – Netflix has approx. 30 million subscribers• Every download is 3 – 11 Gbytes–Media – Many channels of 7*24 streaming media• Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, MSN, and lots more• Google Search – 1.2 Billion sites searched in 0.35 secs–Corporate –Email, SMS & FTP sent / received per day2011 2012 2013 2014 2015105 110 115 120 125–In 2011, the majority of Email & SMS users were;(Economist analysis)• Asia Pacific accounts for 49%• Europe accounts for 22%• North America has about 14%• Rest of World (15%) accounts for the remainder4
  5. 5. Emtec, Inc. Proprietary All rights reserved 2013.Predictive Analytics Defined• Statistical function-based Analytics–Aggregate a large Dataset of historical detail, filter out the ‘Noise” to Predict future; Trends / Behaviors/ Events–Analytical tools contain Libraries of Built-in Functions• e.g. Business Functions – NPV, Depreciation, Compound Growth Forecast–Statistical Models – Linear Regression, K-Factor, Probability modeling• Real-world examples of Predictive Analytics–On-line Retail – Select any Product… Product accessories (Associations)–Hospitality – Pricing based on factors such as; Load / Occupancy, Loyalty & Competitor pressures–Transportation – Predictive analysis to determine Route optimization, Maintenance schedules, Trafficpatterns–Big data analytics is done with Software Tools used as part of Advanced Analytics disciplines suchas Predictive Analytics and Data Mining.5
  6. 6. Emtec, Inc. Proprietary All rights reserved 2013.• Predictive Analytics isn’t the same as BI–Business Specialist / Power User tools that predict future trends using Statistical Analysis techniques.–Analytic Result-set is Prioritized / Ranked by frequency / probabilities etc.6Predictive Analytics
  7. 7. Emtec, Inc. Proprietary All rights reserved 2013.• Big Data / Predictive Analytics–DW Appliance or Grid DBMS–(NoSQL, Hive, Cassandra & others)–Data Mining,–Advanced Analytics• Data Integration–Load DW Appliance• Internal Data sources• External Data sources• Facebook, Google+• LinkedIn, etc.• Industry dataEmtec IM & BI Practice Overview7PredictiveAnalysisDataMiningERP & CRMCustom AppsExternal Data
  8. 8. View the full presentation at the Emtec Event Archive.Interested in more?Our website has the fullpresentation, and others, fromthe 6th Annual Oracle HyperionPerformance Management &Business Analytics NetworkingEvent