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  1. 1. This is a rough view of whatwe hope the table will looklike (minus the masks).
  2. 2. To be consistent withour branding, we needthe props on table to becreepy and scary suchas this candle holder. Itallows the audience tosee that this is anightmare version ofthe tea party
  3. 3. Again, we tried to add to ourscary theme through themany skulls that were placedaround the table.
  4. 4. This “Drink Me” goblet servedas an inter-textual referenceto the movie as the famousscene in which Alice drinks theliquid. The fact that it is a skullgoblet instead of a plain bottlealso is in line with ourbranding of a nightmarewonderland.
  5. 5. This again is an inter-textual reference toAlice in Wonderland.
  6. 6. Thecupcakesadded tothe teaparty lookof the table.
  7. 7. This candlestick prop actedas a centre piece and alsoconnotes a sense of“Gothic” which is again inline with the creepy themeof our Music Video.
  8. 8. The pocket watches were alsointer-textual references to theWhite Rabbit and Alice inWonderland
  9. 9. The masks wereto convey to theaudience thatthey aremonsters