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Ibm eng 270514

  1. 1. For your success: Providing special steel solutions
  2. 2. “Competence, experience and knowledge in steel. These are what make us able to supply each and every one of our customers with the steel they need to get ahead. Worldwide. In any quantity. Always. This is how we secure our market success – and that of our customers. It is our ambition to constantly find the optimum solution for our customers.”
  3. 3. Internationality Foreword Product groups Megatrends Markets Human Resources Distribution Sustainability Mobility Mega-Cities Environment Stainless long products, Tool steel, Engineering steel, Bright steel Automotive and subcontractors, engineering, Energy extraction and production, aviation, Health care, food industry, artificial structure, Hydraulic, chemical industry, mining In the year there will be more people than today 08 06 10 18 22 16 30 32 CONTENTS 05
  4. 4. 06 Steel featuring the widest array of proper- ties: highly ductile and yet ultra-strong for the plastics industry. Excee- dingly corrosion-resistant for offshore plants. Or able to withstand extreme dynamic stresses for engine components. It all begins with steel: the steel that you as our customer need to be successful in your market. Steel in a certain quality. You need a reliable supply, in very small or very large quantities, with precise, consistent reproducible quality, and you need it quickly. Mostly just-in-time. Delivery delays or failures are not an option. Welcome to S+Bi. We offer the solution. All the time. An ambitious claim. We live up to it because we are more than “just” a company that produces steel. At the heart of Europe, we produce what our customers need for success in hard-fought markets: integrated solutions in high-quality steel. Our own production companies and Sales & Services, enable us to operate, as a solution provider, a technology driver – and, above all, a reliable and quality-conscious global partner for our customers. Nevertheless, size, performance capability and a global presence are not ends in them­ selves. Like everything we do, these serve constantly to expand and strengthen our position as a provider of solutions in steel, expertise and services from a single source. Wherever you are. Whatever you need – we are the solution. This is our mission and how we see ourselves. foreword
  5. 5. 07SChmolz + Bickenbach GROUp
  6. 6. 08 S+Bi offers exceptional steels and a corporate structure comprising production companies and worldwide sales and services network. For our customers, this means maximum flexibility, customised production and global availability. We are there, wherever you need us. Market leader close to customers around the world.
  7. 7. We support our customers along the entire value chain with two central segments – production and worldwide Sales & Services. Your advantage as a customer: from the time you place your order to the delivery of ready-to-install components, you work with just one contact person, wherever you may be on the globe. Our work is shaped by a consistent customer focus, customised products and exceptional quality worldwide. To ensure this, we have nine production sites, nine processing sites and upwards of 85 distribution and service branches in more than 35 countries on five continents. Around 10,000 employees work for S+Bi with a single objective – to be a reliable partner for our customers. Our main locations are in Europe, but we are also close to our customers and close to the markets in North, Central and South America, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and Australia. More than 160 years of steel: global, strong and professional. INTERNATIONALity 09
  8. 8. Sights set firmly on the future: innovative, mobile and reliable 10 Megatrends – sights set firmly on the future. Dramatically impacting all areas of life – globally and long term. As an international company, our goal is to take advantage of the oppor­ tunities that megatrends offer and to benefit from their impact. Increasing quality requirements and growing demands represent for us a challenge to deliver first-class services. Mobility, scarcity of resources, globalisation and urbanisation pose huge challenges to us as a leading supplier of special steels. If we hope to play an active role in shaping the future, we must rise to these challenges with intelligent solutions and products. Therefore we have to act today, because megatrends are economic and socio-cultural developments that bring about permanent change, but take a long time to come into effect. Only with well thought-out and complete solutions can we respond to the economic, technological and even ecological questions around the world. Continuous research and development make us a reliable partner for your future. With new technologies and products, we work with you on important future developments on a long-term basis. We inspire confidence with our core competence: Providing special steel solutions.
  9. 9. 11MEGATRENDS Mobility – a basic need – always and everywhere. Mobility is fundamentally changing the world. And modern mobility makes it possible to do anything anywhere and at any time. Widespread availability is therefore crucial. This is also impacting traditional mobility. Transportation will continue to increase. If this is to work smoothly and on time, we require concepts that guarantee it. Mobility stands for overcoming distances quickly and easily. But mobility also reveals the scarcity of resources and the demand for sustainability and a reduction of carbon emis­ sions. The necessity to make mobility viable for the future is growing along with global mobility itself. Transportation systems have to carry millions of people and transport goods, yet still be environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Mobility and presence are basic requirements in a global economy, and at the same time challenges, for S+Bi. This is why we always work in close coopera­ tion with our customers around the world. After all, mobility and shaping it for the future are key factors of competitiveness and success in the global economy. New and innovative concepts are called for. The expansion of the transportation infra­ structure and the development of motorised technologies and vehicle concepts entail new requirements, for which we offer our customers special solutions. For us, technological innovation and capitalising on the potential of steel are absolutely crucial. S+Bi’s products set standards. They already support the auto­- motive and aviation industries all around the world today and contribute to intelligent, complete solutions for the global mobility of tomorrow.
  10. 10. Welcome to the mega-cities: Urbanisation challenging technology and innovative ability. The megatrend towards urbanisation means that the majority of people are living in cities. Cities are growing rapidly and turning into mega-cities. Spatial structures are changing, and economic systems are growing and demanding new technological and ecological answers. The demand for functioning urban infrastructure is increasing, along with population growth and mobility. With growth in emerging countries, the standard of living for many people is improving, bringing with it noticeable economic advancement. A clearly discernible desire for a better quality of life in mega-cities is emerging. The result is a continuous increase in the demand for high-quality products worldwide and a rise in quality and performance requirements. As a leading supplier of advanced steels, we are continuously expanding our presence, especially in growing regions. We offer our customers around the world integrated and intelligent solutions in steel as well as our expertise and services – always from a single source. In addition to the established economies of Europe, North and Central America and Japan, new global economic powers are emerging in Brazil, China and India – the mega- cities of tomorrow. Multinational corporations are emerging here and demanding new global value chains. In 2030, 60 % of the population will live in cities; in 2050 as many as 70 %. TOKYO 2015 SÃO PAULO 2015 12 MEGATRENDS
  11. 11. Vast quantities of expensive energy and scarce resources are being used worldwide. The production of steel also requires a great deal of energy and materials. This is reason enough to use more resource-efficient production methods and offer lower- consumption products. Growing quality requirements and cost pressure ensure regular technological advancements in energy and material efficiency. Innovations in process and plant technology and energy-related process advancements are the results. At S+Bi, this efficiency is measurable: in our plants, we have been continuously reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions for many years. For us, environmentally conscious industrial production not only affects our products but also leads to appropriate intelligent production methods and processes. Through ongoing innovation and the use of high-quality technologies, we are constantly improving our ecological footprint. S+Bi is increasing its resource efficiency with new and improved materials. Our innovative steel solutions make the production process more efficient and our intelligent, complete solutions achieve an enviable recycling rate: steel is a material with one of the longest life spans, and it is also recyclable. Our products are sus­tainable because steel scrap is used as the basic resource in production. This is real resource efficiency. Lower energy and material consumption and fewer emissions for the long term: these are our corporate objectives. For us, this is a matter of mindset: we bear 100% responsibility for our environment. Therefore we act sustainably and retain a long-term outlook – for the success of our customers as well. We are proud of this. 100% environmental responsibility through industrial production with long-lasting, recyclable steel: energy efficient and sustainable. Our production activity has grown, as has our efficiency in using resources and energy. Our emissions, on the other hand, have dropped for the long term. We are therefore constantly and successfully contributing to protect- ing the environment. Annual energy saving at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke 15MEGATRENDS
  12. 12. Specialised employees secure growth and innovation potential. We support them in their professional and personal development on a regular basis. Like our customers, our employees are extremely valuable and a guarantee for the excellent service we offer. With high-quality, innovative products, we are an international market leader and active around the globe. The most important reason for the exceptional quality of our products+services is our highly qualified, reliable and dedicated employees. In our in-house career workshop, we develop the potential of our specialised employees and management staff, as well as our high potentials. This leads to unique expertise around the globe and an established, qualified network for company-wide projects. Our junior talent comes from within the company’s own ranks. This secures the economic success of S+Bi, since knowledge within the company is syste­matically refreshed and built upon. This means that we are always improving, in the interest of our customers. Our investments in the quality of our workplaces pay off, because a strategic factor of success is healthy and safe employees, who are dedicated and offer a wealth of ideas and a collaborative way of working with suppliers and customers. That secures our produc- tion expertise and the position of our company as a technological leader. The professional and personal development of employees is a factor of success that is equally as important as optimised processes and innovative products. S+Bi sets stan- dards in human resource development and devises modular, additional training program- mes which are systematically implemented, sometimes over several years. As a future-oriented, modern training company, we invest in the individual skills and talents of our trainees. Many of the new arrivals and junior employees at S+Bi undergo their training within the company itself. S+Bi offers its employees safe, healthy workplaces and training positions with professional prospects. Our special employees offer our customers excellent steel solutions, because all of our employees and trainees are developed according to the corporate philosophy that people are a factor of success. HUMAN RESOURCES S+Bi invests in its employees and offers them a future. We are proud of our employees. Schmolz +Bickenbach employs around worldwide 16
  13. 13. Technological expertise guarantees our customers the special solutions of the future. Research and development at S+Bi safeguard our high techno­ logical standards. So we can offer our customers tailor-made special solutions, now and in the future. The core competency of S+Bi, providing special steel solutions, is safeguarded by a constant refreshing and expansion of our internal technological expertise. In addition, S+Bi operates local research and develop- ment departments at the individual production companies, enabling quick and cost-effecti- ve support in product development. Smaller research units ensure development that is close to the market and close to production, allowing individual and local customer requirements to be met quickly and optimally. And because technological advancement is also a guarantee for the future of S+Bi, we are constantly increasing and enhancing the efficiency of our research and development activities.
  14. 14. PRODUCT GROUPS Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels The product range and competence of S+Bi in the field of stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels is unique the world over. We offer a multitude of austenitic, ferritic and martensitic standard grades, duplex steels and non-standard grades in any dimensions our customers need. From the time customers place their order to the delivery of ready-to-install components, we offer every service from a single source, around the globe and always with one permanent contact person. S+Bi boasts exceptional competence when it comes to stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels. Our steels are used in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the chemical industry, aircraft construction and aeronautics. In these fields, our steels withstand extreme stresses. The food industry, power, medical and transport engineering sectors and the offshore industry also place specific and high demands on customised steels. We like to refer to our stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels as the “fifth element”, because they soundly withstand all of the four elements – water, earth, air and fire. We deliver customised solutions and thoroughly reliable, reproducible and documented quality. Because we know how important this reliability is, we go above and beyond the average service. With our stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels, we are leading the market. Tool steel When it comes to tool steel, S+Bi is among the largest producers and processors worldwide – because we have extensive knowledge that has been built up over many years, but above all because we know what our customers need. Whether in aluminium die casting, or in the automotive or plastics industry – the require- ments on these steels are as diverse as their fields of application. For individual tool steels with the highest level of purity along with specific characteristics such as a high level of hardness or ease of graining, it is necessary to have many years of experience and up-to- date production lines. This is the only way to ensure that the multitude of steel grades is produced reliably and always at the same level of quality. We have both: the experience and the machines. Our customers appreciate that and have been loyal to us for decades. With the knowledge we have gained, experience dating back more than 160 years and a passion for steel, we are innovative, focused on solutions and experts in their execution. You need steel. And you need special steel for a certain purpose, in an excellent quality, finished to a defined level of processing and in a specified quantity. S+Bi offers precisely this – which is why our cus­tomers put their confidence in us. 18
  15. 15. The product range comprises four categories of tool steels: cold work steel, hot work steel, plastic mould steel and high-speed steel. For demanding tools that are particularly liable to wear, the S+Bi Group delivers temperable hard materials that close the gap between tool steels and hard metals, e.g. Ferro-Titanit® . From creation to prefabrication to refinement through heat and surface treatment, we can offer the complete production chain from a single source. We also have, for example, in-house heat treatment firms, which, alongside tempering, also offer special surface treatments such as plasma nitriding. This means that our work is carried out smoothly, punctually and always in close consultation with our customers. When it comes to tool steel, technical application support is a key to success. Here, our proximity to our customers pays off – because we accompany our customers throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  16. 16. Engineering steel With a variety of engineering steels available as standard and a wide range of dimensions, we offer the entire assortment of steels: roller bearing steel, spring steel, chain steel, ni- trided steel, precipitation-hardened ferritic pearlitic steel, cold heading/cold extrusion steel, case-hardened steel and quenched and tempered steel. From standard steel to special materials for complex tasks, developed, manufactured and shaped in line with individual customer requirements, all the way up to the ready-to-install component. There is no engi- neering steel we cannot produce. We rank among the world’s leading suppliers of engineering steels. Our engineering steels match any demands and extreme stresses – our customers include the automotive indus- try, mechanical and plant engineering companies, and wind power plant manufacturers. Modern gears, motors and machines need high-performance steels and our microalloyed steels. Our high-quality engineering steels are used by notable corporations and high-tech engineering companies with extremely specific and demanding requirements. We produce our engineering steels at our state-of-the-art plants. Our name stands for consistant and an extremely high product quality. Bright steel Our bright steel is unique throughout Europe. The production of customised bright steel with high-quality surface finishes and in virtually unlimited variety is one of S+Bi‘s specialties. We inspire confidence in our customers with more than 70 years of experience and competence, our machines and our expertise. We create customised bright steel products from high-grade steels in our own processing plants. In doing so, we attach great importance to the very highest level of quality, avail­ ability and cost-effectiveness. Bright steel plays a central role in processing. Whether drawn or peeled, a conventional round cross section or a special profile, soft free cutting steel or a high-strength special SCHMOLZ +BICKENBACH offers a broad product range of bright steel from to PRODUCT GROUPS20
  17. 17. grade – we process these high-grade steels precisely to the finish which represents the most economical and logical solution for our customers. From the production of con- ventional bright steel in all conceivable designs, right through to complex heat treatment processes and state-of-the-art methods of non-destructive material testing, we offer our customers the entire spectrum of manufacturing and processing, as well as subsequent distribution, from a single source. We master the closest diametric tolerances and first-class surface finishes in consistently high quality. Our high-precision vertical grinding machines, for example, create the ideal processing conditions for subsequent bright steel chrome-plating. But we go a whole step further to enhance customer value. At our fixed-length processing centres, we can perform numerous working steps at the same time: sawing, centring, tapping and bevelling all take place simultaneously. The results are ready-to-install products for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering sector, meeting the very highest demands on resi­lience, safety and reliability. We produce and process specialty steel in the heart of Europe and in North America. We strive to offer reliable quality standards and state-of-the-art material testing and documentation systems. With the knowledge we have gained, experience dating back more than 160 years and a passion for steel, we are innovative, solution-focused and experts at execution. Working together with our customers, we can find the optimum special steel solution, to ensure their success. This comprehensive and reliable service from a single source inspires confidence in our customers worldwide and strengthens our commercial network. For our customers all over the globe, this means working with a single con- tact person from the point of order to just-in-time delivery of our steel products.
  18. 18. Successful international markets – Opportunities and challenges. In close cooperation with our customers, we strive towards perfect solutions for innovative and growing markets. A successful value chain: The automotive industry is innovative and competition-intensive. The current challenges in the automotive market include the relocation of production sites, environmental legislation and the fragmentation from mass production towards low-volume product lines. At the same time, technological requirements for automobiles are growing, as is the demand for safety and comfort.
  19. 19. Worldwide production of vehicles in 2030 When it comes to manufacturing diverse and high-performance components and systems to specific requirements, yet cost-effectively, design engineers can have confidence in the performance capability of our special steels. We deliver consistently high-quality cus- tomised solutions for engine components, high-pressure pumps, exhaust gas systems, chassis components, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and airbags. We share with our customers and partners from the automotive industry our enthusiasm for strong and successful products. We guarantee the very highest level of quality, precision and reliability for our products – because safety, speed, execution expertise and reliability are our top priority and the basis of our excellent reputation around the world. MARKETS 23
  20. 20. A market with key technologies: Mechanical and plant engineering, a global economic driver. Machine tools and wind power plants are just some of the fields in which steels from S+Bi are used reliably and successfully. The fields of application for our high-grade steels are as diverse as the sectors in which our customers operate. We supply products to component manufacturers, plant construction companies and service providers alike. In close cooperation with our customers, we strive towards perfect solutions for innovative and growing markets. The building of systems such as wind power plants requires special solutions. Machines and components, gears or ball bearings place extremely high demands on materials. The rotor on a modern wind power plant is often more than one hundred metres in diameter, and at full load can turn at around six metres per second. This creates high dynamic stresses, which call for engineering steels and roller bearing steels, including those in microalloyed designs. Our customers can rely on the resilience, preci­sion and durability of our steels.
  21. 21. The global energy market: Economic boom and energy interests. The demand for oil and natural gas extraction will continue to grow in the long term. The global economy is growing continuously and new economic powers are wrestling for fresh resources. At the same time, it is becoming ever more difficult to tap new sources of energy. S+Bi has therefore developed special steel solutions for use under adverse conditions. These steels meet the very highest demands with regard to strength and resistance to wear, temperature and corrosion. In the oil and gas industry, we cover a broad spectrum of applications, onshore and offshore, as well as in the extrac- tion of conventional and alternative resources. With high-tech products, such as blowout preventers, non-magnetic drill collars and steel for pump blocks in conveyor systems, we support efficient energy production and resource extraction. Our broad range of products and certifications (ISO 9001, TÜV PED 97/23/CE, TÜV W0/ TRD 100, Norsok MDS D47) allows us to meet our customers‘ requirements in this market. Our products are used in the manufacturing of valves, pumps, controls and instruments and filters as well as for welding into finished assemblies. The successful aviation industry: Trendsetter in innovation and at the forefront of technology. When you need steel to fly, we are the solution. The growing desire for mobility is driving growth in the air transport industry. Sophisticated vehicle concepts and highly complex drive technologies are the result of constantly increasing requirements in an innovative and fast-growing branch of industry. The demand for special, high-quality products is as high as the activity in research and development. S+Bi offers technological innovation, ultramodern production sites and many decades of experience and expertise in the production and processing of special steels for aviation. The acceleration of almost 600 tonnes to 260 kilometres per hour in just a few seconds means extreme material stress and temperatures as well as enormous pressure. For such stresses, we have the perfect solution in our special steels and highly innovative materials. At the same time, we always offer our customers uncom- promising quality and 100% reliability. accelerated to in a few seconds MARKETS 25
  22. 22. The special demands of medical technology: Impeccable hygiene and 100 % safety. Around the world, the population is growing, the standard of living is improving and people are getting older. These trends are fundamentally changing healthcare and the requirements placed on medicine. The demand for equipment, instruments and products is growing. Medical technology has its own special requirements when it comes to steels, which are exposed to various influences and are used in a wide variety of applications. Our focus here lies first and foremost on the reliability and cleanliness of our steels. We manufacture tailor-made products and customised solutions in steel for medical technology and healthcare, specially created to meet these requirements. Our steels stand for long service lives and exceptional properties with regard to wear, strength and flexibility. We guarantee that our steels have the exact properties our customers have ordered. In modern furnaces, we use slag and vacuum remelting methods to produce steels to meet the highest of demands with consistently high quality. The very best processes ensure solutions for all essential medical quality requirements. Our customers trust S+Bi. We give shape to visions. The food and packaging industry: A growing market for variety and form. S+Bi is one of the world’s leading companies in the challenging field of tool and mould construction. The applications for our steels are diverse, ranging from cutting tools to moulds for the plastics industry. The constant rise in plastic consumption calls for efficient and reliable processing to ensure cost-effective production. Plastics are indispensible today, both for mass-produced articles, such as packaging and PET bottles, and for higher value articles and accessory items in the consumer goods industry. Producing moulds from our steel is one of our cost-effective core competencies in which we guarantee precision to a tenth of a millimetre. Let us rise to your challenge! Whatever kind of mould you require – we deliver customised, intelligent solutions. We guarantee our customers a high-precision result, perfect in form with a consistently high level of quality. For the specific requirements of the food industry, S+Bi boasts preeminent expertise and stainless steels made to withstand the influence of acids and heat.
  23. 23. Reliable and lasting construction with our steels: The structural and civil engineering market seeks special customised solutions. For structural and civil engineering, stability and exceptional resilience are indispensible. Changing spatial structures and the creation of new infrastructures are leading to a rise in demand for customised solutions specific to the property or construction site in question. High-performance steels are used in a wide variety of fields in structural and civil engineer- ing and have to be well prepared for the application in hand. S+Bi works together with its customers to develop complete solutions. With our confidence- inspiring and tailor-made steel solutions, experience and expertise, we offer customised, cost-effective implementation of our customers’ special projects. In numerous fields of application, our stainless steels in particular are suited to the high demands of structural and civil engineering and architecture. Our customers can bank on S+Bi – around the world, naturally. MARKETS 27 The average life expectancy worldwide is expected to grow from to
  24. 24. Pure power: Hydraulic elements do the high-precision hard work, under pressure and tension. Hydraulic elements are exposed to huge stresses, because as precision parts they have to fulfil their purpose reliably and safely year after year. As a supplier of special steels, S+Bi is setting standards for high-grade and superior-grade steels in global competition. Our customers can rely on the performance of our special steels for any field of application. Besides excellent strength, our steels boast outstanding machining properties and dimensionally accurate smooth surfaces, for reliable use in hydraulic technology. We attach great value to excellent quality as well as cost-effectiveness, efficient production and low part costs. This is our commitment, for simple components and sensitive appli­ cations alike. S+Bi offers tailor-made, high-quality products to meet the rising performance and quality requirements of hydraulics and pneumatics thanks to a consistent focus on special steels. Working together with our customers, we find custo- mised solutions for hydraulic elements to withstand any required, even exceptional, stresses. The chemical industry requires safe steel for explosion prevention and resilience. S+Bi is a global market leader for stainless long products, which are used in the chemical industry among others. Aggressive environmental condi- tions, with acids, alkalis and chemical compositions, demand maximum performance from our steels. Only high-quality, innovative materials are a match for corrosion and other forms of damage. Our tailor-made products and special solutions, with which we respond precisely to the specific requirements of the chemical industry, guarantee safety and resilience. In coopera- tion with our customers, we draw on our expertise to develop strong products which can respond to the special requirements of the chemical industry. Our customers around the world can count on our consistent and documented quality. MARKETS28 The largest hydraulic excavator in the world today has a power of around thanks to modern hydraulic components, and its loading shovel has a volume of around
  25. 25. High-performance mining: High demands on safety and permanent stress. In mining, safety is priority number one. Production plants must run without interruptions or malfunctions in systems and components and must ensure continuous operation. Malfunc- tions represent a major safety risk and stoppages mean considerable costs. Our customers can rely on the performance capability of our high-performance steels, even thousands of metres under the ground. We offer the mining industry tailor-made products and perfect solutions to withstand these permanent stresses, as well as extreme short-term stresses. While we and our customers together strive to achieve long service lives and special properties with regard to wear and endurance strength, S+Bi always keeps its sights set on cost-effec- tiveness and safety as well.
  26. 26. S+Bi is present around the world. We make sure that we deliver our products to our customers on schedule. Our objective: com- plete solutions in steel from a single source and the right product in the right place at the right time. This is what Sales & Services mean to us. Successful distribution for us means proximity to the customer – anywhere in the world at any time. More than 85 distribution sites in 35 countries, S+Bi ensures the reliable delivery of special steels and complete customer solutions worldwide. Our close network of global distribution channels in the most important markets and the continuous flow of information between production and Sales & Services guarantee our customers individual solutions from a single source. Proximity to the customer through a global presence is one of the key factors of our success. As a solution provider with an extensive network of sites, we are valued by our customers on all five continents, in Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia and South Africa, the Middle East and Australia. SCHMOLZ +BICKENBACH delivers from their own inventory and has more than always in stock 30 DISTRIBUTION
  27. 27. Our close contact with our customers and long-standing relationships with business partners based on mutual trust are what make S+Bi stand out. All of our customers are assigned a permanent contact person, whom they have often known for years and whom they trust. Our experienced and highly qualified employees around the globe know the requirements and demands of their customers and use this knowledge to ensure tailor-made solutions. We primarily deliver products from our own production sites and have more than 60,000 articles continually in stock. This means that we are always able to deliver. You can rely on this. Service at our distribution sites begins with technical consultancy in all matters relating to the customers’ product requirement. Our service range also includes downstream processing, such as sawing, cutting and hardening, as well as just-in-time deliveries. Our service-focus and high level of delivery reliability are the reasons why our customers have remained loyal for many decades and value us as a true solution provider. We are renowned for our ability to deliver: SCHMOLZ+ BICKENBACH has won the Ford Motor Com- pany Q1 Award since 1993. The Ford Motor Company awards this prize for high product quality.
  28. 28. 33sustainability The length of the rotor blades on modern wind power plants is more than Under full load, these turn at around Our sustainability principles: » S+Bi considers the personal and professional development of employees an important and strategic factor of success. » We act in a responsible manner and create new training positions for young people. » Involvement in continuous further training is an important corporate philosophy for S+Bi, which secures the company’s economic success for the long term. » Our employees are extremely important to us, which is why we demand and ensure an ongoing review and improvement of health and safety in the workplace. » Our local management teams ensure that we are as close as possible to the market and our customers – around the world. » We firmly believe that an open and transparent dialogue with employee organisations is the best way to continuously raise the value of our company. » We constantly improve our production processes and our environmental measures, which reduces our environmental footprint. » The material steel is one of the few 100 % recyclable materials there is. By using steel scrap as a basic resource, S+Bi ensures the sustainable conservation of resources. » Our compliance regulations are part of our company philosophy. For S+Bi, a responsible approach to all aspects of the environment and sustainable economic activity is of central importance. The principles of our activities are the conservation of resources, energy efficiency, product recyclability, minimising emissions, safety in the work- place, continuous innovation and an open dialogue with our stakeholders. Sustainability as a corporate philosophy
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