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Marketing campaign design for a scooter sharing service in milan in 2020


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An example campaign we have done for a scooter sharing service in Milan in 2020. Shared mobility services are getting more and more popular and you have to be creative to find good ways to reach more and more people. In this presentation we have done an extensive work on creating the most suitable marketing campaign, analyzing the market, survey results, and competitors.

Here is the marketing analysis that is done before this marketing campaign.

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Marketing campaign design for a scooter sharing service in milan in 2020

  1. 1. Scooter (Monopattino) Sharing Service Multichannel Customer Strategy: Campaign Design Assignment Group 19 Emre Danışan 915137 Giovanni Roja 916808 Mehmet Berk Souksu 918033 Aslı Şenel 903264
  2. 2. Context of the Project Benchmarking Suvey Results Introduction 1 Content Strategy Campaign Creation Campaign Design 3 Channels Touchpoints Campaign Design 4 Budget Planning and Return Projecting Conclusion 6 Appendix 7 Persona Empathy Map Insight Target Segment and Persona 2 5 Agenda Marketing Levers Customer Lifetime Value
  3. 3. 1 Introduction - Benchmarking Price 1 € (Unlock) + 0.15 €/minute 1 € (Unlock) + 0.15€/minute 1 € (Unlock) + 0.15 €/minute 1 € (Unlock) + 0.19 €/minute 1 € (Unlock) + 0.19 €/minute Location Milan Milan Milan Europe Europe Motto Shared mobility of tomorrow Enjoy the way Every city hero needs a ride. Unlock life Move forward with us. Communication Focus Revolutionizing transportation by technology, simplicity and convenience. Green mobility that is good for the city. No more trudging through rush hour or waiting in weekend works. Smart, affordable mobility for a cleaner, healthier planet. Responsible rides and build a cleaner, safer, more connected world. The scooter(monopattino) sharing in Milan is limited by the Ministry of Infrastructure to 3 companies allowing each of them to have only 750 scooters in the street only. All of these 3 companies have chosen to apply the same pricing. So, even though they offer the exact same service for the same price, these companies try to differentiate from each other in the sense of marketing. Helbiz focuses the sense of revolution and new technology, while Bit Mobility focuses on the environmental aspect of the scooter sharing. On the other hand, Wind targets the people who doesn’t want to lose time on the road and reach somewhere faster. We are going to develop a multichannel marketing campaign for a new scooter sharing service in Milan, which will be named as Sonic. The main objectives of the campaign are raising market awareness and increasing customer acquisition while main target of this campaign being university students in Milan. We wanted to start doing benchmarking about general scooter sharing services in Milan and Europe to recognize our competitors and market better while understanding our competitive advantages and weaknesses, which will help positioning Sonic more effectively with respect to its competitors. We, also, searched about shared mobility service limitations in Milan by legislations. Main characteristics of Sonic’s competitors and limitations by law listed and explained as follow:
  4. 4. Analyzing Survey Results Instagram and Facebook are by far the most influential social media. Online Newspaper / Magazine and On- Demand TV are also undeniably effective channels. One of the biggest effects of living in big cities like Milan is in the transportation area. With the development of sustainable transportation methods, the relationship between the frequent use of public transport and the use of scooters is increasing day by day. Besides, shared mobility is far from satisfying users with its current state. Cost is one of the most important factors, only 24% of users are satisfied. Almost 55% of respondents say they have previously used the shared bike service in Milan. Among the users, 66% live in Comune di Milan. This shows that the results of the survey match expectations. Because scooter services generally target the inner city areas and the survey results reflect this. Survey Summary for Independents (Target Segment) Convenience of shared mobility, highly affects independents by providing freedom and flexibility to move around the city. Addition to that easy use and parking conditions also affects our segment. Independents are highly affected by accessibility of public transportation which refers to convenience, accessiblity and being cheaper than other means of transportation. Additionally, infrastructure is also important for them which refers to the well development of network and speed of transportation [Appendix-2]. They are mostly satisfied with availability, reliability and comfort of shared mobility and they are mostly not satisfied with cost side of it. As the media channel they have high interest in traditional media which are traditional TV, traditional radio (e.g. in car), on- demand TV and for social media they are using mostly Instagram and Facebook. From our survey result, cluster 2 is the most profitable segment among the others, since they are more willing to pay scooter service for pricing method of A, which is just the service cost 0.15 €/minute [Appendix-1]. Cluster 2 can be named as “Independents” because they are mostly living with flat mates or alone. 1
  5. 5. Independents’ Analysis SEGMENT • Students living with friends • Sharing apartment in the city of Milan • Users of the public transportation of the city • Technologically updated • Influenced by their friends HOBBIES • Social media addicted • Lovers of going out with friends • Always adopting the new trends • Like to feel part of the community WORK • University students • Highly focused on their carriers • Workaholics DEMOGRAPHICS • 22 to 26 years old. • Mostly living in the city of Milan • 59% Male • 41% Female The Independents - General Characteristics We can see the main characteristics of our segment in the graphs below, they represent the independents’ age, living situation, gender and living place, respectively: 1
  6. 6. 2 Persona MARCO BONATTI Master of science at Politecnico di Milano GOALS • To arrive quickly at university • To move around more easily • Graduate at university with a high grade PROFILE AGE: 23 OCCUPATION: Master Student STATUS: Single TIER: Study hard, play hard ARCHETYPE: The free spirit MOTIVATIONS BRANDS PERSONALITY TECHNOLOGY It & internet Software Mobile apps Social Media• Social • Fun-loving • Living the life at its fullest Marco is a student of Management Engineer, he is in the last year focusing now on his thesis. Marco is dedicating a lot of time to studies going to the university every single day but always manage to find a way to see his friends and have a good time with them. There’s nothing that makes Marco feel quite as unhappy as realizing that he is boxed in by circumstance, unable to join his friends. FRUSTATIONS • Too much time in public transportation • Trains are always delayed • Not being able go out with his friends
  7. 7. Seems fun these new scooters, I want to try it out All my friends are using them, I want to be part of that This could make my life easier Friends talking about that they want to try out this novelty Scooters are now in the city of Milan, close to the university Instagram videos popping of with people having fun with the scooters Everyone from university is going around with these new scooters People enjoying their way to university I want to study harder Can’t go out tonight because I need to go back early tonight This thesis is driving me crazy Marco wants to go out on the evenings but is not always easy to freely move around the city of Milan He doesn’t like to lose study time Losing time in public transportation due to their constant delay Moving around more easily in the city of Milan Optimizing his study time Being able to meet his friends anywhere, anytime Empathy Map Think and Feel Say and Do Hear See Pain Gain We created empathy map to understand our persona’s feelings, pains and gains to have more precise insight. 2
  8. 8. The 4Rs of Customer Insight Reality Marco is dedicating a lot of time to studying this year and the train timetables are always wrong, he loses too much time to go and come back from university. Relevance Giving Marco the ability to have an alternative transportation method with a good price could significantly help him overcome his low mobility problems. Resonance Sonic can provide the scooters for Marco to move around for a price he can afford being an university Student. Sonic will mainly focus on university neighborhoods so it makes easy for him to move around. Reaction He wants to be part of the group as his friends will be going around with Sonic, he doesn’t want to miss this novelty. After discovering this new world, he starts using as a daily basis to go everywhere. Insight: What Marco wants is to be freer to go wherever he pleases and lose as less time as he possibly can. There is nothing better for him to be able to meet his friends on weekends to have fun! 2
  9. 9. 3 Content Strategy Setting Goals : Increase Awareness and Acquire Customers • Business : Increase number of scooters in the street. • Marketing : Having 10k app downloads and social followers in 6 months. Summarize Persona : Highly affected by accessibility, infrastructure, convenience • Satisfaction focus is availability, reliability, comfort and cost. Target Buying Stages : Our personas’ awareness, interest, desire & action. • Creating Awareness: Referral Promotion - Billboards in Metros – Pop-up Store • Create Interest: Flexible, fast, friendly new method of transportation. • Create Desire: Group Sharing Promotion, Pop-up Store • Action: Recommend a friend to get and give 45 minutes free ride, Unlock together get discount. Sweet Spot: Universities, Underground metros Themes: Enjoy the new way of riding; anywhere, anytime. Topics: Speed, flexibility, time saving, friendliness, innovative Promotion: Through owned media and paid media Editorial Calendar: After opening session of schools, design week, career days Measuring and Testing: Campaign ROI, number of people download the app Slogan: Ride like thunder Logo: Fast, flexible, technology based, innovative, dynamic Price: 0.15 €/minute Location: Milan Motto: Fast and flexible Communication Focus: Enjoy the new way of riding; anywhere, anytime. Summary of Content Strategy Sonic Message: Fast and flexible
  10. 10. 3 Content Strategy Objectives Market Awareness, Brand Awareness Before we convince Independents to experience Sonic, they have to be aware of what is Sonic and its meaning. Therefore, the most important step while we are designing our campaign is one of our objectives which is creating brand awareness. We will try to make our customers remember and recognize the Sonic since our brand is new, and try to position itself different than its competitors in Milan. We expect that thanks to our multichannel campaign a huge number of people will be aware of the Sonic for future collaborations and services. We assume that Sonic has no social media network currently, but it has mobile application and website without any advertising. The first thing Sonic should do is create and develop the Sonic digital channels: creating all the social pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), developing website ( and developing App (Sonic). The website will be: simple, clear and centered the major on the directed to application for registration and social media networks for following campaign activities. We believe that after our campaign there will be many customers signed to the Sonic App through our campaign direction. The Sonic App is going to be developed really similar to the website: fast, easy and clear, centered mostly on announcement of campaign advertisements, the registration activity and campaign activities which are referral and group sharing. Channels Sonic Website and Application Development, Pop-up Store, Billboards, Referrals, Social Networks, SEO Objectives Awareness, Reputation, Customer Acquisition, Loyalty, Advocacy Channels Mobile Application, Social Networks, Pop-up Store Market Awareness Strategy Customer Acquisition Strategy Since Sonic is a new shared mobility company in Milan, it is important to put greater effort and focus on customer acquisition to address greater people. That's is throughout to campaign we will try to direct our customers to our application to register and give a try to our service.
  11. 11. 3 Marketing Plan Overview 1 February, 2020: STARTING REFERRAL PROMOTION 1 March, 2020: STARTING GROUP SHARING PROMOTION 7 April and 14 May, 2020: ONE DAY POP- UP STORE ON CAREER DAYS 31 July, 2020: END OF THE CAMPAIGNS Stages Time Span Objectives Activities REFERRAL 1 MONTH Build brand awareness and introduce the brand to the market. Create desire to purchase among targeted customers. • App and Website Development • Billboards • Sharing on Social Networks • Social Media Marketing • Google (SEO optimization) GROUP SHARING 3 MONTH Create desire to purchase among targeted customers. Customer acquisition (attract new users). Build customer experiences on social media. • Sharing on Social Networks • Social Media Marketing • Billboards • Google (SEO optimization) POP-UP STORE 1 DAY (for 2 months) Build brand and service awareness by ensuring trust. Increase reputation and engagement. Create desire to purchase among targeted customers. Customer acquisition (attract new users). • Sharing on Social Networks
  12. 12. 3 Referral Recipient directed to Apple or Google store to download the application with invitation link. Opening the app after installing through an invitation link takes recipient to a special referrals landing page. Making the first ride through invitation code, provides 45 minutes free ride for both recipient and referrer for their next rides. Referrals will provide Sonic hit the target segment with a low cost which is one of the important satisfaction evaluation for Independents from the result of survey. Increasing number of trial will raise word of mouth happen and engagement with customers. We will launch Referrals on two of our channels: our website and mobile application. Invitation link can be sent via link or could be scanned through mobile application who has already downloaded application. We believe that starting referral campaign after opening period of universities will enable us introduce our brand to a vast scale of students. Therefore, we will release referral program during 1st month of the campaign (1th to 29th of February) to introduce our service for target segment, raise brand awareness and customer acquisition. Referral, which is a two way incentive program for users, is one of the most effective program to bring awareness about brand because of advise coming from somebody you know and already tried the service . Referrals is an exciting program to undertake because it embodies growth, it’s highly measurable and scalable. We designed referral campaign offers recipient and referrer 45 minutes free ride once the recipient completes his first ride. WHAT? HOW? WHEN?WHY? WHERE?
  13. 13. 3 Group Sharing WHAT? HOW? WHEN?WHY? WHERE? We will launch group sharing promotion from online channels of Sonic. People can select group sharing option from the mobile application and enter the user names of each other who will unlock the scooters together. After that they scan the scooters barcode together and enjoy the experience with a lower price. We knew from the survey that cost factor is one of the most important satisfactory factor for our target customer. Therefore, we created group sharing campaign by providing enjoy and explore our service having less price. We offer them sharing more and paying less that what they want. By doing so we will try to acquire as much customer as possible. Customers can use Group Sharing promotion on mobile application channel. After they download and register the application they can scan together via their mobile phone by selecting group sharing option with their one or more friends and enjoy the experience together with a less price. We will release group sharing discount between 2nd and 4th month of the campaign (from 1st of March to 31st of May) to acquire as much customer, who are aware of the service of Sonic from previous month referral campaign, as we can. We believe that before the Summer and at the end of the university semester is a good period to launch our group sharing campaign. Additionally, we can get benefit from events which will hold on during the Milan Design Week 2020 which is on 21st-26th of April and reach huge number of both target and potential customers. Group sharing is a promotion which offers customers an option to unlock the Sonic together with a lower price. From the survey, we understood that cost is one of the important evaluation criteria for our customer while deciding to have shared mobility or not. Additionally, since our target customers are students in Milan which means generally a multiple number of people hanging out together. We decided to launch 3 months promotion to increase brand awareness and increase number of downloads. Also, having their first ride with a lower price will impress them and they make them enjoy experiencing service with the company . We will set our price and limit the maximum number of people that can use group sharing promotion as follow: 1 person: 0.15 €/minute 2 people: 0.14 €/minute 3 people: 0.13 €/minute 4 people: 0.12 €/minute 5+ people: 0.11 €/minute
  14. 14. 3 Pop-up Store WHAT? HOW? WHEN?WHY? WHERE? We will set up a pop-up store and provide qualified personnel who have knowledge about all features and usage rules of Sonic and try to get rid of concerns of customers. We believe one to one engagement with a customer provides us real feedbacks and concerns about our target customers by convincing them safety and convenience about Sonic and try to acquire them meanwhile they can experience, feel,touch and try our service. We will set up pop-up store in front of BL 27 Building where the career days are held on in Polimi and via röntgen 1 where is career day of Bocconi University will be held on . We believe that putting our pop- up Stores on career day of universities help us reach huge range of customer to raise their awareness about brand, let them try, provide them information and lead them to subscribe. We will set up our pop-up stores on career day of Bocconi when is 7th of April and career day of Polimi when is 14th of May [Appendix-3]. We believe that by doing so we can reach much more target customer. From survey, we understood that our customers pay more attention to convenience, accessibility and infrastructure of shared mobility. We think it is the good opportunity to interact with customer one by one and share them reliable information about service that we provide via establishing pop-up store. By doing so, we can easily answer their concerns about scooter and inform them promotions will be realized on next month. Customers. Improving loyalty and communication with existing customers and attracting potential customers to the brand by meeting them face-to-face and educating them about new services, features and products. We believe that it will raise brand awareness and reputation meanwhile create trust and loyalty our brand by assisting customers to share their experiences with others.
  15. 15. 4 Channels Social Media-SM Add Mobile App Website SEO DEM WOM-Social Media-Referrals-Reviews As much as online channels, offline channels are also very important and should be well integrated in the multichannel campaign. The activities on online and offline channels should be managed simultaneously to reach effective results. Regarding the offline channels we will setup daily pop-up stores to convey reliable information to our customers. Finally for increasing the awareness in our segments and society, we will benefit from billboards in selected locations in Metros as "street-underground" public transports that our targeted customers are usual to use. Billboard Pop-up Store WOM Online Channels Offline Channels First of all we want to create social media accounts which are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with respect to survey results. We want to show the advertising on the Facebook and Instagram for reaching the target customer and informing them about new campaign through those channels. We will use mobile application as a channel to engage with customers by collecting them feedback at the end of each riding. Analyzing those feedbacks and figuring out what is the weakest and strongest features of Sonic will let our service enhanced. Through our campaign we want to develop website to inform customers about our service and try to convert them to purchase by redirecting them to the mobile application. By using search engine optimization we can address both target and potential customer of the service. For a comprehensive marketing plan, Sonic needs to use a combination of online and offline channels effectively throughout the campaign. The channels will be used chosen by respecting the preferences of target segment from survey and objectives of the Sonic. The advertising on not all the digital channels but the ones which are preferred by our Independents will enable to capture valuable customers. Following Channels will be used throughout the campaign respectively:
  16. 16. 4 Twitter Facebook %50 Advertisement Youtube Instagram %50 Advertisement Online Channels - Social Media Instagram (most used channel by our target): Instagram account of Sonic. Instagram account will deliver, first of all, announcements of the campaigns, after that creative and continuous posting on Instagram will be used to keep the attention to the service fresh until the release day. The advertising will be shown on both posts on the feed and on the stories section of our targeted customers. The advertising format we will use to gain success will be demonstration to show effectiveness of Sonic. Additionally we will use logical appeal as a advertising tactic to introduce our customers to Sonic. By using Instagram we will also create several hashtags and use them through all our posts trying to increase their visibility for a better Instagram communication and engagement. Facebook (second most used channel by our target): Facebook account of Sonic. For supporting our activities on Instagram, we will get help from our facebook page to inform about challenges, campaigns and new promotions. The advertising on facebook will try to bring traffic to the application to increase the number of registered members and increase the loyalty of our customers. Also, we want to increase the visibility of our Facebook page in order to reach easily a larger amount of people through our posts. The advertising format we will use to gain success will be demonstration to show effectiveness of Sonic. Additionally we will use logical appeal as an advertising tactic to introduce our customers to Sonic. Facebook will be useful to share the YouTube videos created by Sonic during the marketing campaigns. From facebook account we try to convert customer to download application and experience the Sonic ride. Twitter account of Sonic. For supporting our online activities, we will use twitter to inform about challenges, campaigns and new promotions. We will not do advertisings through twitter network, since it is not the channel that our target customer prefer the most. We just want to use it to increase brand awareness and direct them our other social channels, our website or even our application to register and experience the Sonic. Youtube account of Sonic. For supporting our activities that we will promote online and offline, we will get help of our Youtube page to tell features of our service, show comments of Sonic users that are recorded during our events. We will not do advertisements through Youtube network, since it is not the channel that our target customer prefer mainly, but we will have traffic from Facebook and Instagram Advertisements. We just want to use it to increase brand awareness and direct them our other social channels, our website or even our application to register and experience the Sonic by showing them informative videos about process.
  17. 17. 4 Searching Information Website will provide information about available cities and places of Sonic, FAQs, Reviews, Price Scheme Linking to Application There will call to action which is a link to app and social networks Announcements about Campaigns Campaigns and Promotions will be shown and anounced. Online Channel - Website We assume that Sonic company already has its official website Throughout the campaign we will develop the website with respect to campaign dynamics. From survey we know that our customers give particular importance to infrastructure, availability, cost and convenience of shared mobility. We believe that creating official website and providing them information about their concerns, announcing the new campaigns and directing potential customers to download Sonic application and follow Sonic on social media is a good way to increase brand awareness and acquire customers. The Sonic website is always up to date with all the brand news and share contents about initiatives and creativity and also reviews from the customers that want to share their experiences to better understand what is good and what is bad about our service. We want to use our website to attract visitors who didn't download application yet. We think set up a list to attract those customers back to the website. Blog and Recommendations Comments, reviews and recommendations from customers
  18. 18. 4 FAQs, Reviews, Contact Information Optional feedback sections Idea E-wallet to pay automatically Plan Campaign and Promotion Alerts Advertising Online Channels - Mobile Application Our Application enables people to register and mail them for confirmation. After registration they can use app to unlock the scooters by scanning barcode on them. Customers should lock the scooters when they finish their ride again by using mobile application, then they will get confirmation e-mail. After each ride there will be pop-up screen to share feedback about their Sonic experience. This will be optional to fill. We assume that Sonic company already has its mobile application. Throughout the campaign we will develop already existing application with respect to campaign dynamics. One of the objectives of our marketing campaign is more related to the mobile, in fact we also want to increase the number of people downloading the Sonic App in order to have a new channel of communication that concern almost only the purchase activity. We want that our customers stay in touch with our news through this app in order to do not lose the opportunity to benefit from our most exclusive and hype promotions. To use it they can download the free application from the Apple Store or Google Play, locate the nearest electric scooter, scan the code on the handlebar to unlock it and drive it where you want to go. Once the trip is over, the vehicle should be parked in a safe place that does not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic, like a bicycle parking lot for example. Our application will also work with Google Maps, and demonstrates available road paths to targeted address. Through mobile application we enable customers reach our social networks and share their experiences and reviews about Sonic.
  19. 19. 4 Online Channels - SEO - DEM Although social media and offline advertisements can generate visits to the website, search engines are the primary method of navigation for most Internet users. After all, there’s no single way to reach the top positions in search engines and stay there as of yet. Another benefit of search engines is that they are not only used by target customers but used by everyone. One of the main purpose of these campaigns will be raising market awareness if anyone gets informed about Sonic brand and this info helps him to register and try the scooter, it is a success for our objective. For organic search, content optimization of Sonic website is necessary. will be a basic website. The content in the website will be simple but highly focused so that related words to electric scooter and shared mobility will repeat themselves constantly with a well organization to increase the effectiveness of organic searches. Some keywords Sonic will use during campaigns will be very costly but they will bring more traffic than the combination of many other words. We believe that using a well structured SEO strategy Sonic can reach high visibility on the web. By doing so we try customers direct our websites, applications and social networks. sonic DEM SEO For being a reliable brand the customer needs to know if their information is protected by company with privacy laws. From survey we knew that our customer pay attention to security as much as cost. Therefore, we want them to read privacy policies while registering to Sonic and send them verification mail to verify their mail addresses. After that, we will let them use Sonic application and service to have reliable number of customer account in the system. Apart from that, customers will be informed if there is a problem of unlocking or payment of their e-wallets. They will also write their concerns and feedbacks via e-mail if they don't prefer to fulfill pop-up feedback sections after each ride.
  20. 20. 4 From the survey, we knew that our customers are cost sensitive while using shared mobility, additionally one of our main objective is increasing market awareness. For this reason, we want to offer them referral promotion by providing 45 minutes free trial if they have been recommended by one of their friends. They can send link of invitation via WhatsApp or mail. After they sign up through that link that will gain 45 minutes of free trial. After their first experiences we expect them follow from social medias directed from application and share their experiences on their social media networks. Additionally, they can provide us feedback and send invitation link to some of their friends who have not tried the Sonic yet. Through this promotion, we expect to reach as much customer as possible in a short time and raising number of people who download and sign up for the application. Reviews Social Media WOM Online Channel - WOM Referrals Sonic mobile application is our main source of channel for registration and unlocking process of a scooter, for this reason our all customers will have Sonic application in their phones. We think that providing them a review section in application helps them see or checks if anyone has the same problem with them with an easy access. They can reach the review section from the menu bar of Sonic application. They can give feedback through pop-up surveys after a ride or by emailing us. By doing so, we want to answer questions and concerns of our customers in a fast and an easy way. Also from the survey, we knew that social media networks are the mostly used digital channel for our target segment . Therefore, we want to encourage our customers to follow social networks, share their experiences and even post and share a story about Sonic after their experiences. In this way, we can reach more targeted customers with an advocacy of our loyal people. We expect to impress them and direct them to our related social network, website and eve application after an interaction. After registering our mobile application through referral or group sharing campaign, we expect the customer, who has experienced Sonic, be able to share their ideas about flexibility, accessibility and by providing faster transportation rather than traditional ones via WhatsApp, messenger to others who haven’t experienced Sonic yet. After that recommendation we expect potential customers search Sonic via search engine, our website and social media networks.
  21. 21. 4 Offline Channels - Billboard Nowadays there are a number of distractions for people differently from the past. When they walk or even drive they use their cellphones which decreases the visibility of billboards, however despite the loss in the attention, billboards can still have a powerful branding impact. When a campaign is about market awareness and customer acquisition, we believe that billboard advertising is a great option. The content should be simple, striking, and creative. Billboards are a very quick read, and therefore should not contain a lot of information. One type of billboard will be used, in metros. We think there will be huge traffic in the metros which is the main transportation choice of our target segment and let them see our billboards in a period of opening schools. In our case, we want to select several places the underground areas, which are near to universities in Milan, with a main reason to show our billboards to university students in Milan. Additionally we think that San Siro Stadium and Assago Forum Field would be the good option to set the billboard to reach target customers who are enjoying the basketball and football matches. Metros are good places for the use of billboards to increase the awareness about the upcoming Sonic brand. For example, in Milan we want to use billboards in the underground of Piola, P.ta Genova, P.ta Garibaldi, Cadorna, Centrale, Loreto, Domodossolo, Duomo, San Siro, Assago Forum because this is the neighborhood that matches the most with our targeted customers. Even though our billboards will aim mostly the target customers, during the choice of locations and content Sonic will consider also how to increase the general awareness in Italian students. As a cross-channel effect we expect the students to search the brand from our website, download application and even try after get out from underground.
  22. 22. 4 Offline Channels - Pop-up Store - WOM WOM Pop-up Store From the survey, we know that our customers are not only interested in the practicality of electric scooter service but also, convenience, accessibility, availability and infrastructure of the service that we provide. For this reason, we want to set up pop-up store to convey information about our service with a well informed personnel to increase brand reputation and acquire customers. We know that customers don’t forget something that they touch, feel, try and even share these unforgettable experiences with others. This is one of another reason that a pop-up store idea is to increase Sonic’s WOM, since our qualified personnel will show customers how to use the electric scooter and let them experience on their own. By opening pop-up store, we try to direct our customers our social media networks to follow and our mobile application to download. We want to select career days of universities to open pop-up stores to reach as much targeted customers as possible, since Independents are mostly on the last year of their master’s degrees and searching for job opportunities during career days. We select 7th April when the career day of Bocconi University will be held and 14th may when the career day of Politecnico will be held. Throughout the campaign we will distribute special gifts such as cloth bags, phone cradles, which have our logo on it, to students to promote our brand. We believe that customers who had a try on our service can spread information and reputation of our brand since our target segment is university students in Milan, they are open to try new services and share to each other. We believe that sharing our services with good advice increase our brand awareness among target people and could even direct them to search from social networks, search engine or website to search for information and convince them to download and try when they encounter the scooter all around Milan.
  23. 23. In the following table it’s showed our entire campaign with all the steps during the months. The campaign starts at the beginning of March 2020 and finishes at the end of April 2020. The timeline is divided into 3 macro areas: Referral Campaign, Pop-up Store establishment and Group Sharing promotion. For all these parts we have shown the different marketing activities and channels. January February March April May June July August September Starting Referral Campaign Billboards Instagram Advertising Starting Group Sharing Promotion End of Referral Campaign End of Group Sharing Promotion Facebook Advertising Google (SEO Optimization) Instagram Advertising Facebook Advertising Google (SEO Optimization) Awareness Customer Acquisition App-Web Development Social Media Creation 4 Campaign Activities - Events Instagram Advertising Facebook Advertising Instagram Advertising Facebook Advertising Instagram Advertising Facebook Advertising Instagram Advertising Facebook Advertising Pop-up Store Google (SEO Optimization) Google (SEO Optimization) Google (SEO Optimization) Google (SEO Optimization) Group Sharing Promotion Group Sharing Promotion Pop-up Store
  24. 24. 4 CJ- Touchpoints & Call2 Actions Marco Channel Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty Advocacy Offline Paid Bilboard Seeing ad Owned Pop-up Store Seeing ad/event /display Earned WOM Asking friend Asking friends about price Speaking friends about the experience Online Paid Social Media Add Seeing ad scrolling on social media Owned Social Networks Serching for info SEO Serching for info Mobile App Downloading the app Registering and using the Sonic Website Searching for info DEM Verification of register process Earned WOM Friends sharing their experiences on social media Sharing opinion on whatsapp Referral Getting invitation link Review Commenting on app Social Media Following on social media Sharing experince on social media In the following table we want to demonstrate how each channel will be used for each activity throughout the campaign. This table shows how we want our customer to act from one channel to another following our call to actions throughout the campaign ,therefore we can call it to be customer journey.
  25. 25. 5 Budget Planning Offline Definition of Levers Cost Per Lever Total Cost INITIAL INVESTMENT WEBSITE & APP Development 5 000 € 15 000 € BILLBOARDS (1 Month) 10 000 € CAMPAIGN BUDGET POP-UP STORE 10 000 € 39 000 € SEO 9 000 € INSTAGRAM ADVERTISEMENT 10 000 € FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT 10 000 € We have planned our campaign for the total of 6 months, focusing both brand awareness and customer acquisition; Acquisition will be counted by the registrations to the app in this case. To reach people organically, we will be developing a website and work on Search Engine Optimization during the campaign. This will increase our brand awareness as well as customer acquisition. For the first month, we will put Billboard advertisements for 10 metro stations that students use most often. Mostly near universities and student hangout places such as Navigli district. We also plan to put pop-up stores in campuses during the most crowded times such as career days. This way they can use the scooters with someone that can teach them how to use it. For digital promotion, we will be focusing on Facebook and Instagram advertisements, the budget will be shared equally on both these platforms. Content in these promotions will leverage the first free 45 minutes, so that the customer gets used to riding scooters.
  26. 26. Marketing Levers and Accountability Search Engine (Monthly) Offline Advertising (Monthly) Overall Campaign Performance (6 Months) Levers KPI Expected Results Comments SEO # Monthly Seraches 31,000 Monthly searches for 4 most common keywords. # Additional unique monthly visitors 350 Estimated average clicks per month. Levers KPI Expected Result Comments Bilboard # Daily effective circulation / Number of impressions 123,274 Number of people that use 10 stations monthly Pop-up Store # Registrations 500 For Every pop-up store we make. Social Media Advertising Levers KPI Expected Results Comments Mobile App # Download 2,748 Assuming all would sign-up Usage # Rides 146,114 Circulation of all scooters. Usage (time) # Minutes riding scooters 2,922,280 minutes Amount of time that the scooters will be used. Levers Expected Impressions Expected Clicks Facebook 6,369,427 57,325 Instagram 6,578,947 34,211 Total 12,948,374 91,536 5 Estimation sources of KPIs can be seen in [Appendix-4]. Further KPI calculations can be seen in [Appendix-5].
  27. 27. Customer Lifetime Value Offline First of all, we start our analysis with two different usages of targeted persona, we assume that only a certain number of users from group sharing will be benefited. We make this assumption based on the fact that is not always possible have people to ride together. In the first group, we added only the “Free Minutes” that comes from ”Referral Promotion” that they will benefit from in the first month, while in the second analysis we added the cost of Group Sharing. Thus, we will be able to calculate our earnings more clearly according to different types of use. The main idea behind the introduction of “Free Minutes” concept to customers is gaining awareness for the first month with a “Referral System” to gain more customers. After the initialization of the campaign, “Group Sharing” concept will be added and this will create consideration with more awareness. That’s the reason behind 2 CLV calculations and the assumption of only some percent of the acquired customer will use the “Group Sharing”. As we can see from the table, the campaign for the first month will reduce the price of the first month but it will create a huge awareness when we initialize the campaign [Appendix-6]. Month Price Cost Margin RR Cum RR Margin adj. Margin disc. February 1 €23 €21 €2 95% 95% €2.14 €1.94 March 2 €30 €21 €9 95% 90% €8.12 €6.71 April 3 €30 €21 €9 95% 86% €7.72 €5.80 May 4 €30 €21 €9 95% 81% €7.33 €5.01 June 5 €30 €21 €9 95% 77% €6.96 €4.32 July 6 €30 €21 €9 95% 74% €6.62 €3.73 Total €27.52 5
  28. 28. In the second part of the CLV analysis, “Group Sharing” concept start at the second month until the end of fourth month. This will create an increase in the retention rate of the customer and boost the loyalty of the customers. Even Though, the retention rate will decrease at the end of the campaign, it will still be higher than before and this will give campaign more value in the long-term. Also, creating an consideration in the mind of customer will increase the loyalty of the target persona because this kind of “Sharing” opportunities are highly valuable in their perspective. We propose this kind of approach because significant percentage of the acquired customer will need an extra boost to stay in the service. The assumption is that ratio as 30% and when calculation the gain from the CLV, we use that percentage to calculate the gain from both part that we have in our analysis [Appendix-7]. Customer Lifetime Value Month Price Cost Margin RR Cum RR Margin adj. Margin disc. February 1 €23 €21 €2 95% 95% €2.14 €1.94 March 2 €26 €21 €5 98% 93% €4.66 €3.85 April 3 €26 €21 €5 98% 91% €4.56 €3.43 May 4 €26 €21 €5 96% 88% €4.38 €2.99 June 5 €30 €21 €9 96% 84% €7.57 €4.70 July 6 €30 €21 €9 96% 81% €7.26 €4.10 Total €21.01 5
  29. 29. Expected Outcome SEO Cost 6,532.9 Website Cost 5000 Budget for Social Media ads €20,000 Billboard €10,000 Pop-up Store Cost €10,000.00 Total Cost €51,532.89 Gain(with Group Sharing) €16,657.02 Gain(without Group Sharing) €50,910.26 Total Gain from Campaign €67,567.28 ROI 31.11% One of the biggest costs that the company will encounter at first is “Website and Application Development Cost”. A smooth and useful website adds value to the company in the long run. Also, one of the most important investments for the site is SEO, which has a regular cost to the company on a monthly basis. An important budget has been allocated on social media for this 6-month campaign and plays an important role in raising awareness. Another important phase of the campaign is in the “Offline”. Using the billboards of the subway stops where our “Persona” are located most is one of the important points to raise attention. Pop-up Store will also create significant value for users in a city like Milan which is one of the new and effective methods offline. By promoting the "Group Sharing" campaign, we may seem to have given up a significant portion of our earnings. However, in reality, it is aimed to target a community whose retention rate will decrease rapidly and will remain short term in the company. Approximately 30% of the customers were assumed in this group and a value calculation was made accordingly. As a result of these calculations and assumptions, a significant ROI was obtained from the campaign. We could conclude them by applying our campaign, Sonic will gain brand awareness between target customers, acquire almost 3000 additional customers and will gain 30 percent of their investments back [Appendix-8]. 5
  30. 30. 6 Conclusion Persona - Insights Survey results were analyzed and benchmarking has been performed. After creating the persona, empathy map and 4R of customer insight have been performed to have precise insights for marketing campaigns. Customer Analysis Content Strategy Campaign Design Budget Planning Channels - Touchpoints The channels selected according to the content of the campaign. Both online and offline and owned, paid and earned medias were explained respectively. Customer journey was created to show clear path that customers should follow to achieve campaign objectives. Content Strategy Based on the theme, motto and communication strategy of the brand, creative campaign idea of Referral, Pop-up Store and Group Sharing solutions have been described in detail. Logo of the brand has been created and the message of campaign has been decided as Fast&Flexible relying on pain, gain and insight coming from our persona Budget Planning Budget planning and KPIs have been calculated with respect to industry average costs and levers with respect to each channel will be used during the campaign. 2 CLVs have been calculated by taking into account referral and group sharing promotions. ROI of the campaign has been calculated as 31.11% for 6 months campaign.
  31. 31. Appendix - 1 Willingness to pay of Independents (Cluster2) among others 7
  32. 32. 7 Appendix - 2 Independents Environmental(PT) medium Accessibility(PT) high Touristic(PT) low Infrastructure(PT) high Traffic(PT) medium Satisfaction(PT) medium Type of sharing(SM) low Usage(SM) medium Coolness(SM) low Convenience(SM) high Satisfaction(SM) medium Coolness(SC) medium Consciousness(SC) low Environmental(SC) medium Traditional(P) high News(P) medium Informative(P) medium Social Network(P) high Evaluation of Independents’ characteristics.
  33. 33. 7 Appendix - 3 Career day of Universita Bocconi Milano: Services/Studenti+e+laureati/Incontrare+gli+Employer/Bocconi_Jobs/ Sources of Information for Career Days Career day of Politecnico di Milano:
  34. 34. Estimation Sources: ● Facebook ○ AVG CT : ○ AVG CR : ● Instagram ○ AVG CTR : ○ AVG CR : ● Billboards : Number of daily circulation in Milan for 10 stations ○ Appendix - 4 Marketing Expectations and Budgets 7
  35. 35. 7 Appendix - 5 Awareness Facebook Instagram Billboard Seo CTR 0.01 0.01 - CPC 0.17 0.29 - CPM 1.57 1.52 Budget 10,000.00 10,000.00 10,000.00 Clicks 57,325.00 34,211.00 250.00 Impressions 6,369,427.00 6,578,947.00 123,274.00 31k (Monthly) Further KPI calculations.
  36. 36. 7 Appendix - 6 Consideration Website & App Features Cost 5,000.00 € Seo Cost 1,500.00 €/month Conversion Rate(Facebook) 0.03 Conversion Rate(Instagram) 0.03 Customer Acqusition 2,642.90 #of people Customer Acqusition (total including seo) 2,748.00 Rides 146,114.00 Costs and Rates of Consideration Phase
  37. 37. 7 Appendix - 7 Loyalty/Repurchase Price 0.15 €/min Operational Margin 0.30 RR(monthly) 0.95 DR(monthly) 0.10 Average Minutes/ride 20.00 min Average #Rides 10.00 First Month free Time 45.00 min Group Sharing average discount 0.02 €/min Rate of People That Use Grup Sharing 0.30 Costs and Rates of Loyalty Phase
  38. 38. Appendix - 8 SEO Cost € 6,532.90 Website & App Feature Cost € 5,000.00 Budget for Social Media ads € 20,000.00 Billboard € 10,000.00 Pop-up Store Cost € 10,000.00 Total Cost € 51,532.89 Gain(with Group Sharing) € 16,657.02 Gain(without Group Sharing) € 50,910.26 Total Gain from Campaign € 67,567.28 ROI 0.31 ROI Calculation 7