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Department of Neighborhood EmpowermentMonthly Expenditure Report for:NC Name: Budget Fiscal Year:( Must be submitted to th...
Department of Neighborhood EmpowermentMonthly Expenditure Report for:NC Name: Budget Fiscal Year:Number Budget CategoryBud...
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NC Monthly Expenditure Report 6-25-13


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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NC Monthly Expenditure Report 6-25-13

  1. 1. Department of Neighborhood EmpowermentMonthly Expenditure Report for:NC Name: Budget Fiscal Year:( Must be submitted to the Department within 10 days of Board Approval)TotalA BUDGET VENDOR OUT OF STATE INVOICE NUMBER *1099CATEGORY VENDOR reportable□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □□ □BCC.7. OtherDE Total Adjustments by DepartmentFGOUTSTANDING COMMITMENTSC. 5. Temporary Staffing ServicesC. 1. Rent/LeaseC. 2. Contractual ServicesC. 3. Large PurchasesC. 4. Neighborhood Purpose Grants in processSUBTOTAL: Outstanding CommitmentsTotal Expenditures & CommitmentsApproved Budget 2013‐2014Balance of BudgetC. 6. StorageEXPENDITURES BY LINE ITEM (Item/Service Description)A.  1. Monthly Expenditures Cumulative Expenditures from prior monthsSUBTOTAL: Cumulative Expenditures from prior monthsA.  2. Outstanding ChecksSUBTOTAL: Expenditures by Line ItemCUMULATIVE EXPENDITURES FROM PRIOR MONTHSPage 1 of 2
  2. 2. Department of Neighborhood EmpowermentMonthly Expenditure Report for:NC Name: Budget Fiscal Year:Number Budget CategoryBudget(A)Cash Received For This Month(B)Cash Spent for the Month(C )Budget Balance Available(D)(A ‐ B ‐ C)100 Operations200 Outreach300 Community Improvement400 NPG500 ElectionsTOTAL 0 0 0 0Less Cash Balance From Prior MonthApproved Cash Release by EmpowermentTreasurer Signature Signers SignaturePrint Name Print NameDate Date                                                          NC Additional Comments NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL CERTIFICATIONWe, ____________________________(Treasurer Name) and _________________________(Signer Name), declare that we are the Treasurer and Signer, respectively of the _______________________ Neighborhood Council (NC) and that on ________________(date adopted), a Brown Act noticed public meeting was held by the __________________________NC with a quorum of _____ (number) board members present and that by a vote of _____(number) yes, _____ (number) no, and ______(number) abstentions the _____________________________ NC adopted the Monthly Expenditure Report for the month of _______ (month), ______ (year).CASH STATUS ANALYSIS Page 2 of 2