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Funding request form 72214 fillable


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Funding request form

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Funding request form 72214 fillable

  1. 1. $ NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: Name of Requester: If yes, enter term: Payable to: City State Zip: Email Address Contact Phone number Public Benefit Statement (Description and Purpose of the expenditure): Requester's Signature Date $ $ Authorization Code: NC Budget Category: Remittance Address: Please complete the following information for the requester/Payee: TREASURER'S Name Signature Date 2nd Signer's Name Signature Neighborhood Council Funding Program FUNDING REQUEST FORM Please complete this for to request funding from a Neighborhood Council REQUEST DATE: Is this a request for an out-of-state vendor? Amount Requested: Are you a board membmer of this Neighborhood Council? Is this a request for recurring payment? Is this request a payment for services requireing a 1099? NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL USE ONLY DECLARATION I,the Requester, understand that I am requesting public funds from the Neighborhood Council and that such funds are restricted under the guidleines set forth by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. I declare that this funding request does not pose any potential conflict of interest for any Board Member and will provide any documentation requested by the Department to authorize payment or review the appropriateness of the request. 1st Lvl |date: 2nd Lvl |date: DEPARTMENT USE ONLY AUTHORIZATION CATEGORY: Date NPG CIP Lease Sponsored Event >$2,500 Advanced Payment Contract Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Approved Denied Approved for: Amended for: DENIED