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Employsure Workplace Presentation | First Aid in the Workplace


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This presentation by Employsure provides an overview of first aid in the workplace. It is designed to help employers understand their rights and obligations.

With one of the most complex workplace relations systems in the world it's a challenge for owners and managers of SMEs in Australia to ensure they are compliant. Small businesses often struggle to understand their obligations to employees and that's where Employsure can help.

Employsure protects employers from risks by providing unlimited advice, legally compliant documents, insurance and representation. Employsure is a workplace relations specialist dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by creating fair and safe workplaces.

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Employsure Workplace Presentation | First Aid in the Workplace

  1. 1. First aid in the workplace This presentation covers some important topics about first aid in the workplace. For more detailed information about your obligations as an employer visit Employsure Read on to find out: • How many first aid kits are required in the workplace? • How many first aiders do you need in the workplace? • Do you need a first aid room?
  2. 2. Accidents at work • Every workplace is different and the first aid requirements vary depending on the type of business, the size, the location and the number of employees • Workplaces must have arrangements in place for employee accident or injury, but these vary due to specific circumstance
  3. 3. Accidents at work • Accidents can occur in all workplaces regardless of the industry but being prepared and knowing how to minimise potential risk can help prevent accidents • A workplace must provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment for all employees. • A workplace must have first aid kits and suitably trained first aid officers
  4. 4. First Aid kit • The quantity of first aid kits depends on the size of the workplace and risk level. • A high risk workplace is one where employees are exposed to hazards which could result in serious injury or illness • Employees who frequently use hazardous machinery, work from heights, work in confined spaces or work in or around extreme temperatures are particularly at risk • A low risk workplace is one where employees are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illnesses. All employees must be able to easily access a first aid kit
  5. 5. First Aid kit • one first aid kit for every 10 to 50 employees • one additional kit for every additional 50 employees up to 200 • after 200 employees, one additional kit for every additional 100 employees How many first aid kits are required in the workplace? High risk workplaceLow risk workplace • one first aid kit for up to 25 employees • two kits for up to 50 employees • more than 50 employees, one additional kit for every additional 50 employees
  6. 6. First Aid kit • The content of first aid kits may vary across different workplaces • The exact contents should be based on the specific risk assessment conducted for your workplace • A first aider who has had the adequate training should be nominated to maintain the first aid kit What must a first aid kit contain? • The first aid kit should be easily identifiable, and made from material which will protect its contents from dust, moisture and contamination
  7. 7. First aider • A first aider is the term used to describe a person who has completed a nationally accredited training course that has taught them how to administer first aid • First aiders should attend training on an annual basis, in order to keep up to date on accurate processes and procedures • Depending on the type of workplace, some first aiders may need to undertake training in order to respond to specific hazards within their workplace • First aiders should also maintain accurate and up to date records, which includes a record of any first aid given What is a first aider?
  8. 8. First aiders One first aider for every 50 employees How many first aiders are required in the workplace? High risk workplaceLow risk workplace Two first aiders for every 50 employees High risk workplaces that do not have timely access to medical and ambulance services should have at least one first aider for every 10 workers
  9. 9. First aiders • Identify the maximum number of workers at the workplace at any one time • Step 2 • Consider the nature of the work being performed and determine if workers are at a high risk of being exposed to hazards that could require first aid treatment • Step 3 • Determine if the workplace is remote or if access to emergency services is difficult • Step 4 • Consider the variety of ways that your workers carry out work, for example, are they working alone and in transit? • Step 5 • Are there are any other factors that indicated that your workplace needs additional first aiders? For example, where there is a large number of other people present on a regular basis (e.g. shopping malls and hotels) What else needs to be considered when calculating the number of first aiders needed?
  10. 10. What is a first aid room? • The contents of a first aid room should suit the hazards that are specific to the workplace. • The location and size of the room should allow easy access and movement of injured people who may need to be supported or moved by stretcher or wheelchair (e.g. shopping malls and hotels) A first aid room is a space set aside specifically for sick or injured workers
  11. 11. Who needs a first aid room? 200 + employees A First aid room is recommended for: High risk workplaceLow risk workplace 100 + employees For more information about workplace first aid obligations, please contact Employsure on 1300 651 415