Measure Digital to Ignite Results, not Reports (BI)


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Peter Howley and Jim Snyder of Empirical Path presented at Business Insider's Ignition: Future of Media conference in New York 11/30.

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  • The typical digital measurement reportLacks context: vs. plan, vs. prior period, vs. goalLacks focus on target audienceLacks impact in $
  • Conversions are obvious for direct response advertisersTake some thinking for other advertisersCan track phone calls using tools like IfByPhoneCan use proxies for offline conversions like looking up dealer location
  • This publishing client had excellent organic search and a great email listBut couldn’t attribute new subscriptions to any traffic sourceBecause offer and conversion occurred on different domains
  • Fulfillment vendor hosted and tracked form and thank-you pageWe implemented Google Analytics cross-domain tracking We defined Goals to pop in reports
  • Now client can see Goal Flow for any key segmentsShows drop-off among various steps on checkoutShows how many visits from each source, keyword, state, and other segment start and finish checkout
  • Client can also see how some campaigns “assist” conversion.For example, someone who first uses organic search to reach the site, then visits directly to subscribe later.Both channels can get credit.
  • This publishing client didn’t sell anythingInstead, engagement matters for ad salesBig commitment to social mediaNeeded to justify real estate and tech investment for sharing tools
  • Event tracking reveals user actions that don’t create a pageviewReports allow correlation with content, traffic sources, geography, technology
  • Segments can be anything that is worth tracking and studying Analytics track some out of the box: state, browser, monitor resolution, new v. returning, search engine keywordOthers you can customize based on visitor behavior
  • Our university client serves varying constituencies
  • It has developed specific content, calls to action, and conversions for each.We customized Google Analytics to cookie visitors for a number of weeks based on which Guide to Emory they select
  • Now all standard and custom reports can include these SegmentsHere are Goal completions for each segment, for instance.Could do Goal Completions by Segment by Traffic Source.Could do Pages per Visit as an engagement metric by Segment.
  • The most important segment is, which campaign brought the visitor?Empirical Path is just a modest B2B advertiser, but we pay for campaigns.
  • We’re also experimenting in every social medium.And we send digital measurement tips to our mailing list quarterly.
  • But we get the most visits and leads from our software and staffing partnerships.That’s a dozen or more campaigns; how can consumer advertisers track hundreds?
  • We recommend a spreadsheet tool to speed up “tagging” campaign landing pagesOften a Google Doc to be shared by everyone in an organization who creates inbound links.One row for each link or links, as granular as you want to go.E.g., email > November blast > lapsed customer list > top story > image link.Requires rules on naming and capitalization to be most effective.Can power more than one analytics tool when agencies and clients use many.
  • The tool adds some parameters to landing page URLs These don’t affect page load
  • Google Analytics tags add three to five dimensions to each campaign link.Most important for email marketing, which is counted as either “direct” or “referral”; it is neitherOpens up campaign reporting drill-down capabilities in Google Analytics and Clicky, for starters.But “garbage in, garbage out.”
  • All the measurement in the world is useless if you don’t do something.Split testing lets you apply learning from measurement.A way to settle debates on the best user experience.A way to continuously improve conversion rates.
  • This home fixtures client had a high performing home page.But a key internal landing page was less than half as effective.We studied the homepage stats to see what was working there.
  • We also studied the landing page stats to see where people clicked next.We joined the client and agency in brain-storming ways to improve the page.
  • This client kept it simple with a pre-post test, versus a true split test.Promotions helped the home page, so they added them to the landing page.
  • We compared the period after this change to the same weekdays before.Revenue per visit from visits that viewed the landing page jumped.The bounce rate – visits that started and ended on the page with no other clicks -- dropped
  • Conversion rate jumped.Revenue climbed among these visitors even though there were fewer of them, for external reasons.
  • This solar client drove outstanding organic traffic to a landing page.But they wanted the page to yield more conversions.We analyzed the landing page stats and drafted a “straw-man” copy and layout.
  • This client kept it too simple and tested our straw man concepts.Phone conversions were also tracked but not part of the split test.Pricing per watt moved the needle slightly!But other changes made no significant impact.Lessons: invest in high-quality test elements!
  • As with testing, all the metrics in the world don’t help if decision-makers don’t see them.
  • Every analytics tool has a dashboard for those willing to log into the system.Customizing it with only the important reports – not defaults – boosts usage.
  • Everyone has email, and you can automatically schedule reports or dashboards this way.Not everyone opens messages and attachments.Some are frustrated because they can’t link to learn more.
  • Everyone has email, and you can automatically schedule reports or dashboards this way.Not everyone opens messages and attachments.Some are frustrated because they can’t link to learn more.
  • Lots of analytics tools allow access via mobile devices, too.Generally limited drill-down capabilities for the analytics geek in you.Webtrends,ClickyTouch, ChartBeat, Analytics App
  • Real-time tools like ChartBeat are increasingly popular.
  • Woopra adds live chat to a dashboard so you can reach out to visitors real-time.
  • Clicky has a stripped down display you could post in the plasma screen in the lobby.
  • Of course, Google Analytics won’t sit still.They have a beta real-time display so you don’t test other tools.
  • As with testing, all the metrics in the world don’t help if decision-makers don’t see them.
  • Of course, Google Analytics won’t sit still.They have a beta real-time display so you don’t test other tools.
  • Any questions?
  • Measure Digital to Ignite Results, not Reports (BI)

    1. 1. #Ignition2011Peter Howley & Jim Snyder @phowley99 @jimdsnyderEmpirical Path @EmpiricalPath
    2. 2. #Ignition2011‣ Introduction‣ Status Quo‣ Count Conversions‣ Segment Audiences‣ Test Ideas‣ Share Insights‣ Try it Out – & Win a Galaxy Tab (see #Ignition2011 for head start)
    3. 3. #Ignition2011‣ Founded in Washington DC in 2002‣ Atlanta and NM offices‣ Founder led web analytics at‣ Google Analytics Certified Partner‣ Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network‣ Webtrends Agency
    4. 4. #Ignition2011‣ Defend digital investment‣ Compare online to offline‣ Right-size digital investment‣ Re-allocate to most valuable activities‣ Celebrate and reward successes‣ Learn from mistakes
    5. 5. #Ignition2011Reports that measure only how manypeople entered the funnel:‣ Impressions‣ Visits‣ Unique visitors‣ Friends‣ Followers
    6. 6. #Ignition2011Measure how many times they completethe funnel (& achieve campaign goal):‣ Purchases‣ Social shares‣ Email signups‣ Contacts via form & phone‣ File downloads‣ Video views
    7. 7. #Ignition2011 MainDomain
    8. 8. #Ignition2011VendorDomain
    9. 9. #Ignition2011 Show all, new, returning, or campaign, etc. visitsNOTE: All data disguised
    10. 10. #Ignition2011NOTE: All data disguised
    11. 11. #Ignition2011 Onlycumulativeshare data No share data
    12. 12. #Ignition2011NOTE: All data disguised
    13. 13. #Ignition2011Measure conversion rate for each keysegment of visitors.‣ Traffic source (PPC, email, SEO)‣ Geography‣ Loyalty (new, returning)‣ Answers to survey questions‣ Content interest‣ Prior purchase
    14. 14. #Ignition2011 Unique content foreach audience
    15. 15. #Ignition2011
    16. 16. #Ignition2011 Row for each segment…in Conversion any report rates for multiple goalsNOTE: All data disguised
    17. 17. #Ignition2011
    18. 18. #Ignition2011
    19. 19. #Ignition2011
    20. 20. #Ignition2011 Tells analytics which Ties in other analytics channel worked tools1 row for each link or set of links worth tracking
    21. 21. #Ignition2011
    22. 22. #Ignition2011 Other RevenueConversions
    23. 23. #Ignition2011Experiment with ideas and useconversion rate in key segments to picka winner:‣ Landing Page‣ Ad Copy‣ Home Page‣ Offer‣ Discount‣ Button color
    24. 24. #Ignition2011 23% of next23% of next clicksclicks from the from thehomepage are homepage are toto promotions promotions Above-the-fold call-to-action
    25. 25. #Ignition2011 Copy pushes everything but Carousel below fold 79% of page views areentries to the site Carousel dominates above-the- fold
    26. 26. #Ignition2011
    27. 27. #Ignition2011 Revenue per Pageview shot up Pageviews dropped as Bounce rate client cut improved PPCNOTE: Period data disguised
    28. 28. #Ignition2011 Visits viewing page spent 32% more despite falling 73% Oh yeah!NOTE: Period data disguised
    29. 29. #Ignition2011 Lose; draws eye from product art & headline Shrink; pushes products & prices down Downplay; 9% click but 27% of those come backKeep; 18% of entrances click Shrink; pushes products & prices down
    30. 30. #Ignition2011
    31. 31. #Ignition2011Get analytics reports, findings &recommendations to decision-makers‣ Build useful dashboards‣ Email reports automatically‣ Try out mobile apps‣ Display real-time metrics
    32. 32. #Ignition2011
    33. 33. #Ignition2011
    34. 34. #Ignition2011
    35. 35. #Ignition2011
    36. 36. #Ignition2011
    37. 37. #Ignition2011
    38. 38. #Ignition2011
    39. 39. #Ignition2011
    40. 40. #Ignition2011Real-time exercise and contest‣ Twitter RTs‣ Facebook Likes‣ Landing page‣ Goal completion‣ Real-time stats‣ Samsung Galaxy Tab prize from
    41. 41. #Ignition20111. Search for the hash tag #Igntion2011 or 1. Visit the Empirical Path Facebook page @EmpiricalPath Find @EmpiricalPath’s recent Tweet -- with 2. Find our recent post -- with link -- about today’s link -- about today’s presentation presentation3. Retweet that Tweet & link 3. Like, Comment on, or Share this post4. Click on the link 4. Click on link in post 5. View our landing page, 6. Complete the form to: a. Enter a drawing to win a 10.1” Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB generously provided by b. Receive a copy of this presentation via email
    42. 42. #Ignition2011Questions now?Questions later:‣‣ @EmpiricalPath‣‣ Web Analytics happy hour Thursday 12/1 6-9 pm at Bamboo 52