Measure Digital to Ignite Results, not Reports (AAF)


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Peter Howley from Empirical Path presented at the American Advertising Federation in New Mexico 11/15.

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Measure Digital to Ignite Results, not Reports (AAF)

  1. 1. Peter Howley, Principal ConsultantEmpirical Path
  2. 2. ‣ Introduction‣ Status Quo‣ Count Conversions‣ Segment Audience‣ Test Ideas‣ Share Insights
  3. 3. ‣ Led web analytics at‣ Led branding business at #1 online ad network‣ Founded Empirical Path in 2002‣ Earned Google Analytics and Omniture certifications
  4. 4. ‣ Defend digital investment‣ Compare online to offline‣ Right-size digital investment‣ Re-allocate to most valuable activities‣ Celebrate and reward successes‣ Learn from mistakes
  5. 5. Reports that measure only how manypeople entered the funnel:‣ Impressions‣ Visits‣ Unique visitors‣ Friends‣ Followers
  6. 6. Measure how many times they completethe funnel (& achieve campaign goal):‣ Purchases‣ Social shares‣ Email signups‣ Contacts via form & phone‣ File downloads‣ Video views
  7. 7. MainDomain
  8. 8. VendorDomain
  9. 9. Show all, new, returning, or campaign, etc. visitsNOTE: All data disguised
  10. 10. NOTE: All data disguised
  11. 11. Onlycumulativeshare data No share data
  12. 12. NOTE: All data disguised
  13. 13. Measure conversion rate for each keysegment of visitors. ‣ Traffic source (PPC, email, SEO) ‣ Geography ‣ Loyalty (new, returning) ‣ Content interest ‣ Prior purchase ‣ Answers to survey questions
  14. 14. Unique content foreach audience
  15. 15. Row for each segment…in Conversion any report rates for multiple goalsNOTE: All data disguised
  16. 16. Tells analytics Ties in other which analytics channel tools worked1 row for each link or set of links worth tracking
  17. 17. Other RevenueConversions
  18. 18. Experiment with ideas and useconversion rate in key segments to picka winner: ‣ Landing Page ‣ Ad Copy ‣ Home Page ‣ Offer ‣ Discount ‣ Button color
  19. 19. 23% of next23% of next clicksclicks from the from thehomepage are homepage are toto promotions promotions Above-the-fold call-to-action
  20. 20. Copy pushes everything but Carousel below fold 79% of page views areentries to the site Carousel dominates above-the- fold
  21. 21. Revenue per Pageview shot upPageviewsdropped as Bounce rate client cut improved PPC
  22. 22. Visits viewing page spent 32% more despite falling 73%Oh yeah!
  23. 23. Lose; draws eye from product art & headline Shrink; pushes products & prices down Downplay; 9% click but 27% of those come backKeep; 18% of entrances click Shrink; pushes products & prices down
  24. 24. Get analytics reports, findings &recommendations to decision-makers‣ Build useful dashboards‣ Email reports automatically‣ Try out mobile apps‣ Display real-time metrics
  25. 25. ‣ Go beyond default reports‣ Measure conversions and segments‣ Put data into action by testing ideas and sharing insights
  26. 26. Questions now?Questions later:‣‣ 505-856-6131‣ @phowley99 | @EmpiricalPath‣