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Common Eye Disorders


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Learn about various common eye disorders and their causes.

Published in: Healthcare
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Common Eye Disorders

  1. 1. RISING EYE DISEASES IN THE US • The biggest rise is in diabetic retinopathy (89%) and age-related macular degeneration(25%) • A 19% increase in cases of cataracts, with over 24 million over the age of 40 affected • A 2% increase in glaucoma, with about 3 million over the age of 40 being affected There has been a steep rise in the number of people suffering from eye diseases in the US between 2000 and 2012: Here’s a look at the most common eye disorders in the US:
  2. 2. DIABETIC RETINOPATHY • Involves changes to the retinal blood vessel that can lead to bleeding or fluid leakage in the eye, thereby distorting vision • Often goes unnoticed until vision loss, so people with diabetes are advised to get an eye check-up at least once a year • Controlling blood sugar level is one way of preventing vision loss • Early detection and timely treatment can also protect against vision loss Diabetic Retinopathy is one of the main reasons for the loss of vision among people with diabetes:
  3. 3. AGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION • Causes damage to macula, a spot near the center of the retina that helps see objects that are straight ahead • With advancing age, a blurred area in the center of the vision starts to appear, which is the most common symptom • Research shows smoking almost doubles the risk of AMD Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD is one of the leading causes of the loss of vision in people over the age of 50:
  4. 4. RETINAL VASCULAR OCCLUSIONS • Occlusion happens when one or more of these blood carrier vessels experience a blockage or a clot • This causes blood or other fluid build- up and prevents proper filtering of light • 2 types of occlusion exist: retinal artery occlusion and retinal vein occlusion - depending upon whether the blockage is in the veins or the arteries The retinal vascular systems are blood vessels that supply blood to and from your retina to ensure it receives enough nutrients and oxygen, and also removes wastes produced in the retina:
  5. 5. RETINAL DETACHMENT • People with severe nearsightedness or having undergone an eye surgery before are at serious risk • Although it can happen without a warning, flashes and floaters can be the presenting symptoms • If there are symptoms, it should be treated quickly, or else it can lead to permanent loss of vision It is a very serious eye condition that happens when the retina is detached from the tissues surrounding it:
  6. 6. UVEITIS • The diseases commonly affect the middle layer of the eye, known as the uvea • It can happen to people of all ages • Bruises to the eye, external toxins and many other infections occurring in the eye or other parts of the body can cause this disease Uveitis is a general term for various types of inflammatory diseases that cause swelling and can destroy eye tissues:
  7. 7. OCULAR TUMORS • Both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors can cause vision problems if left untreated • Choroidal melanoma is a rare, potentially vision and life-threatening disease that requires special expertise in diagnosis and management • Retinoblastoma is a cancer originating in the retina and is more common among children • Symptoms of ocular tumors include blurry vision, distorted vision, red eye and eye pain Ocular tumors are cancerous and non-cancerous tumors that develop in and around the eyes.
  8. 8. GLAUCOMA • Happens because of increased pressure in the eye • Happens when the eye fluid is not circulating in the front part of the eye • Sometimes, it could be hard to diagnose because of absence of early symptoms or pain A condition that causes damage to the eye's optic nerve:
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