The Chinese Luxury Traveller 2013


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Informe elaborado por Hurun sobre las últimas tendencias de viaje de los chinos de mayor poder adquisitivo.

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The Chinese Luxury Traveller 2013

  1. 1. TURNING NEW MONEY INTO OLD 15 The Shangri-La is once again chosen as the most popular hotel brand by Chinese HNWIs and the Hilton remains second favourite. The Peninsula, who were 5th last year, have risen to 3rd. The Sheraton, Park Hyatt and the Four Seasons have all increased in popularity compared to last year. On the Hurun Rich List 2012, Wang Jianlin of Wanda Group is the largest owner of international brand five star hotels in China. At present, Wanda Group has more than 50 hotels open or under construction. There are also several entrepreneurs on the Hurun Rich List 2012 who own companies that have five or more hotels. They are Deng Hong of Chengdu Exhibition Center, Xu Rongmao of Shimao Group, and Zhang Li of R&F Properties. *Index calculations: Based on the percentage of preference from those interviewed. Score is out of 100, the higher the score, the higher the degree in popularity. Shangri-La Hilton Peninsula Sheraton Grand Hyatt The Ritz-Carlton Park Hyatt Mandarin Oriental Four Seasons Marriott 100 76 73 64 61 58 57 56 50 47 Chinese HNWIs’ Preferred Hotel Brands TOP 10 Hotel Media Expenditure TOP 10 Hotel Index Source: The Chinese Millionaire Wealth Report 2012 Hilton Sheraton Shangri-La Intercontinental Marriott Westin Club Med Sofitel The Ritz-Carlton Kempinski Total 45 30 26 22 18 15 12 11 8 7 194 There are four luxury hotel brands whose media investment is over 20 million RMB, with Hilton spending the most. Generally speaking, print media is the dominant media type in the luxury hotel industry. Apart from exposure on print media, Hilton, Inter-Continental and Westin also used out-of-home media. Ritz - Carlton focused more on the internet, accounting for 19% share of its total media investment. Hotel Media Expenditure (CNY Million) China’s Largest Owner of 5 Star Hotels Wang Jianlin (Chairman Wanda Group) Luxury Hotel Brand Best New Arrival Wanda Hotels & Resorts Hurun Best of the Best Awards 2013 Source: Hurun Report Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013
  2. 2. Part 5: Top Travel Destinations among China’s Wealthy Consumers 20 Last year’s top 4 Chinese domestic destinations held on to their rankings this year, led by Sanya and HK respectively and followed by Yunnan and Tibet. Tibet has seen a marked increase in preference, now listed as a preferred choice by 23.9% of Chinese HNWIs, up from 17.3% in 2012. Xiamen and Sichuan both made the top 10 this year, up from 11th and 13th respectively the year before. Source: Hurun Report Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013 Sanya Hong Kong Yunnan Tibet Hangzhou Xinjiang Macau Xiamen Sichuan Qingdao 47.7% 38.0% 28.1% 23.9% 17.2% 15.5% 15.3% 14.9% 13.0% 11.1% Region Popularity Source: Hurun Report Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013 France US Singapore Switzerland UK Italy Australia Dubai Germany Maldives Japan Canada Korea Thailand New Zealand 34.0% 33.8% 26.5% 23.1% 22.2% 20.9% 19.4% 17.1% 16.2% 13.9% 13.5% 12.6% 12.0% 11.1% 10.9% Region Popularity In a repeat of the previous year, France and the US are still the most popular international travel destinations. Australia dropped from third to seventh place, falling out of the Top 3 where it had comfortably sat for three successive years. The London Olympic Games has presumably had an impact on the popularity of the UK, which has jumped from 13th in 2011 to 5th place. Among Chinese billionaires, the UK is even more popular and is ranked 3rd, with a 31.5% preference score. Germany and Italy made the Top 10, meaning that half the list is made up of European countries. “It’s interesting to see how different the travel aspirations between north and south HNWI Chinese can be, with trips to Japan and Korea featuring strongly for Shanghainese, but hardly at all for those from Beijing who are much more driven by destinations in Europe and the US.” – Paul Hicks, CEO of GHCasia, leading PR agency in Asia specializing in travel and hospitality. Luxury holiday home ownership among China’s wealthy is up to 57%, with overseas holiday home ownership at around 32%. Among billionaires, domestic holiday home ownership is at a giant 79% and international holiday home ownership is at 50%. Sanya remains the most popular place to buy a holiday home in Greater China. The popularity of Hong Kong is on the rise, with 13% owning a home there and Australia is the most popular place for Chinese millionaires to own an overseas holiday home. Sanya, HK and Yunnan Continue to be the Hot Travel Spots for Chinese Luxury Travelers Preferred International Luxury Destinations among Chinese Luxury Consumers Preferred Domestic Luxury Destinations Preferred International Luxury Destinations
  3. 3. Country/Region Popularity Chinese Tourist Spending Patterns Chinese Tourists Outspend Russians, Japanese and Americans Combined According to Statistics from Global Blue Source: Global Blue statistics on Chinese traveler’s tax free shopping spending 2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 China Russian Federation Japan Indonesia US Thailand Brazil Taiwan Switzerland Malaysia 24% 16% 4% 4% 3% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% Chinese shoppers are for the third consecutive year ranked No 1 in terms of spending on tax free shopping, representing 24% of all tax free shopping purchases made within Global Blue. Chinese shoppers now outspend Russians, Japanese and Americans combined. Global Tax Free Shopping (By Nationality) TOP 10 22 Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, France