Tool used to hide imperfections


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Tool used to hide imperfections

  1. 1. Tool used to hide imperfections
  2. 2. Nowadays, almost everybody is worried on how they look. Usually this is more applicable to most girls because they tend to use different things to make their self look good. Well that is kind of natural today; most women are using makeup before they even start their day. Basically makeup is somewhat a necessity to women, but there are also women that don’t know how to use makeup. Some prefer to find a makeup artist to help them. Basically they are more preferable to hire if you are going on an occasion. If you will be attending such occasion and is not that good at doing makeup I recommend looking for a freelance and makeup artist. Try searching for Create by Emma Kate and look for her services.
  3. 3. Here are some tools that you can use to hide imperfection to your face
  4. 4. Foundation Basically a foundation is applied on face to create an even and uniform color on the skin. This can also cover imperfection you have in the face. Most women are having hard time applying their foundation for natural look, but it is a common scenario for women. How do you apply this? First is that you have to prepare your skin and look for the right color of foundation. You can apply it first on the center of the face and blend it well to your skin.
  5. 5. Concealer What is a concealer? Basically this is used before applying foundation, it marks on different imperfection like dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes on the face. Usually this is like a foundation but thicker. Basically concealer is applied to make your skin look uniform in color. How do you use it? Basically you need to clean your face first then apply concealer on skin imperfections. Blend it well until it looks uniform. Make sure that you cover all skin imperfection then you can apply the foundation.
  6. 6. Powder This is the most common makeup used by women, well because you can reapply powder throughout the day without any hassle. This can minimize the shininess cause by oily skin, basically if you have oily skin you tend to look greasy so giving a powder to your face can help to make you look neat and fresh. Usually this is also used before applying foundation because it can make the effect of foundation last longer if you applied powder.
  7. 7. Cream There are lots of cream cosmetics that can be used to make your skin look attractive. Basically foundation and concealer also have cream version, this can also help to conveniently apply the product to your face. This can also makes the application more easy and neat compare to other product.