Makeup tips that every bride should know – Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney


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Makeup tips that every bride should know – Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney

  1. 1. Makeup tips that every bride should know Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney
  2. 2. Wedding, this event is every woman’s dream to become one with their prince charming but do you know the things in your make up before your wedding? There are lots of things to consider before entering the red carpet of the ceremony. To make sure that your make up in wedding is good you need to know lots of things as they put your makeup with Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney. There are lots of things to know in your makeup before you getting married. To make this day perfect and one of a kind your image is the one that must focused on. Are you ready for this? Wedding is a perfect day for women because with this particular ceremony her man will be hers forever at any cost. That is why your wedding is important to be perfect at anything your makeup will carry your image throughout the ceremony and from the photos that are taken from the ceremony proper. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life that is why you must avoid these things that can ruin your wedding day. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 2
  3. 3. There are lots of things to do if you wanted your makeup to be glamorous during your wedding day; there are also lots of elements that can ruin your special day. You must be ready for any instances like fading your makeup and other unwanted scenarios that can destroy the moment of this particular day. Get gorgeous in your wedding day and avoid the things that might destroy this day. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 3
  4. 4. Are you ready? Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 4
  5. 5. Here are best tips that every bride should know about their makeup CONSIDER CLIMATE BEFORE MAKEUP You don’t have any idea what is the climate when your special day is in, if it is a warmer day, consider that your face will getting oily that is why you need to be prepared from having this kind of weather or climate. If your wedding day is hot just like summer, make sure to use moisturizer or any foundation to deal with your face of getting oily. If you ignore the climate just to have a perfect makeup, the makeup might be destroying just from having an oily face in a hot weather. You must be prepared on your skin from getting oily otherwise your wedding day’s pictures will be ruined also. Although your wedding pictures can be edited by the photographer it is advisable that your makeup is always looking good so that whatever shoots the photographer your face is fresh and your makeup is awesome. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 5
  6. 6. ALWAYS APPLY FOUNDATION WITH SPONGE Most of the women know this, foundation will be much better if you apply it with a certain soft sponge. It is more appropriate if you use the sponge in putting up your foundation rather than your fingers because the sponge has the capability to spread nicely the foundation from your entire face. Sponges are soft piece of thing that is why it is more good if your apply your foundation with the sponge and spread it upon your face. The less you touch your face, the better, if you apply foundation with your fingers you will have a hard time in balancing what is from the other side from this side. Fingers can also put finger prints into your skin that is why sponges are recommended to make the foundation be your base upon your makeup. You must apply the foundation by stippling across to your skin not swiping it across your entire chicks; it will give the foundation more natural look and blends it more even from the skin. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 6
  7. 7. PUT A CONCEALER AFTER FOUNDATION After your skin moisturizer foundation and other cosmetics that cover imperfection, concealer is the one that you must put. Concealer can bring natural skin’s highlight just because it will balance the tone of your skin from top to bottom. In using a concealer it must be like creamy and emollient not necessary oil free like you’ll use on your face. Apply concealer more from your eyes, rather than your face because your eye is your primary concern to get gorgeous in your wedding day. Use different concealer for your makeup you can also use peach-based color to bring more highlight on your face. You must have a good combination from this number of concealer so that you face will bring the entire ceremony on glamorous. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 7
  8. 8. EYE SHADOW Using a primer eye shadow is a smudge free make up that is why even though your wedding day is a whole day ceremony you don’t need to have retouch upon your eye shadow because you can wear this kind of makeup in a long period of time. Eye shadows are significant highlights to the eye that is why you need to have a good shape of eye shadow for your eyes to make it more awesome and good also from getting pictured from this entire event. Your eye shadow can be your priority when the makeup artist do their job because eye shadow bring the emotions of your eyes and people will surely look upon your eye in the ceremony that is why your eye shadow is important to be perfect and it suits your makeup. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 8
  9. 9. YOU CAN ALSO USE CREAM BLUSH Cream blush are also important in your makeup, this piece of cosmetic will bring the emotion of your chicks and it will make a good balance of your makeup throughout your wedding day. If you want to have a long period of blush in your chick, you can have numbers of layers and on the top, you can use powdered blush to have a smooth texture of your blush. When you put a blush on your face make sure that you will not be wiping that face with a handkerchief or tissue paper because it might spread the bush and have an inappropriate look in your wedding day. CURL YOU LASHES Eye lashes is also important in your make up, if you have a perfect combination of your eye, curly eye lashes are also good for have a good looking eye. The best way to curl your lashes is to curl at the root of the lash, at the middle, and at the tip. You don't need to clamp down with the curler, just squeeze lightly. That is how you will have good curl of your lashes in your wedding day. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 9
  10. 10. All of us are dreaming to be married with the women or men that we love from a long period of time. Having prepared from this big even of your life as women will be very important same through with your make up that can be done by Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney. We are always dreaming about this special day because we will be having the next chapter of our life that is why there is a long period of preparation to make this thing perfect. If you are planning to have simple yet perfect wedding day makeup, you can look for Fashion hair and Makeup Services for your makeup to be done and have a good wedding day. Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney - 10