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How to choose the right lipstick with professional makeup artist


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How to choose the right lipstick with professional makeup artist

  1. 1. How to Choose the Right Lipstick with Professional Makeup Artist Fashion Hair and Makeup Services
  2. 2. Makeup are important assets of being gorgeous from different women in the world. It helps them to make and enhance different phases of their very own face. Most women use makeup in their every day routine, especially if they used to be on public and represent something just like the other actresses do. Having makeup with Professional Hair and Makeup Services is great because all of this professional makeup can play a trick in your face for you to have a nice great looking makeup. However if you choose to do it yourself makeup, there is nothing to worry about, the good thing in this matter is that you can explore a little bit more about your face and there are lots of things that you will learn if you choose to learn all by yourself. Great makeup are generated from exploring that is why if you choose to learn makeup all by yourself and your face is your primary subject chances are you will learn accidentally and know different tricks in makeup. One of important part of the makeup is the lipstick, lipsticks are one great tool to enhance your lips and make up attractive and noticeable. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 2
  3. 3. The most common thing in your makeup, aside from the eyes the lips is also one of the first things that a certain person will look at. Lips are always attractive no matter what. Having a great shape of lip and a nice combination of lipstick will bring lots of factors to make you attractive for most of the people who see you. However even though this magic can bring a fairy tale into life, there are still problems that others are experiencing right now, wrong pick of lipstick is common, wrong color of lipstick is always. The reason why these ladies are experiencing these situations is lack of recommendation from others, you as a women can make this things right by having recommendations from friends or other people, ladies are mislead from choosing the right lipstick because if they see this lipstick is great they will buy it without trying it and just because the color of the lipstick is great they will buy it even though they don’t know that this is the right color for them. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 3
  4. 4. Here are the tips on how you make yourself a professional in makeup APPLY LIQUID FOUNDATION Foundations are the basic cosmetic that are first applied before anything else in the makeup process. This cosmetic can make the texture of your skin smoother as you wear makeup. It covers some of the unwanted marks in your faces and balances the tone of your skin. Liquid foundation is so much easier to apply just because it is a liquid substance. It is easy to spread throughout the skin you wanted to cover and it is hustle free. Expensive liquid foundation is not necessary to use just because it is expensive. You can look for affordable but worth it liquid foundation to use in your entire makeup. When you apply this liquid foundation it is advisable to cover your entire face including hairline in your forehead, earlobe, down your neck and jaw bones, and after that repeat the same process from both sides of your face. In applying foundation, it is not appropriate to make a thick layer of your foundation in your entire body just make sure that the layer is thick enough to bring the smoothness on your skin. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 4
  5. 5. Here are the guides on how you will choose the proper lipstick CHOOSE FROM DIFFERENT SHADES Before you buy a certain lipstick, criticizing different shades of the color red or pink is necessary. It will determine what the proper shade for your lips is so that whatever color or shade that you will buy, this will suits you as you use the lipstick in a long period of time and then if you choose to buy a new one you will definitely know the shade that suits you. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 5
  6. 6. APPLY EYE SHADOW Eye shadows are good in making an emotion of your eyes. These cosmetics will make your eye more glamorous and attractive. Lots of persons particularly for men when they meet a girl, the men will stair on ladies’ eyes that is why making your eyes more attractive is credited with eye shadows. Using eye shadows is good particularly when you have a good eye. You don’t need to buy an expensive eye shadow for these situations make sure that when you use these cosmetics you will not make you eyes worst. Simply brush upon your eye shadows carefully and with a gently way to have a good contour of your eyes. Blend the eye shadow pencil to your eye shadow by using a brush to spread the color and make your eyebrow more emphasize. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 6
  7. 7. DETERMINE YOUR SKIN TONE Knowing your skin tone is also necessary because your skin tone will help you to determine the proper color of your lipstick. If you don’t consider your skin tone and you buy a bring shades of lipstick, chances are your lipstick will be mismatch with the color of your skin tone. To avoid this situation you must be able to be accurate upon choosing the right color of lipstick that depends from the skin tone of your face. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT Lots of makeup stores are offering these kind of services you can try a specific makeup before you choose to buy it. It is essential that if necessary, you try lots of different lipstick then you choose what is the best and what is the right lipstick that suites you. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 7
  8. 8. LIPSTICKS Lips stick, this is a cosmetic that can transform your lips into a glamour eye catchy lips that men wants to. Make sure that you wear an appropriate color of lipstick. If your lips are kissable it is advisable that you choose red or rose color for your lips. Make sure that this lipstick will bring the personality of your lips not to exaggerate it. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 8
  9. 9. TRY THE LIPSTICK WITH A LITTLE MAKEUP ON YOUR FACE It is also an effective way to determine what is the right lipstick for you by trying it with a little touch of makeup in your face this allows you to see the your actual appearance if you chooses a certain makeup. When you do this method it is easy to determine the lipstick because your face has a makeup on it, you will see different appearance as you try different lipstick so that is why you need to choose what is the best color that suits your entire makeup. ASK A FRIEND FOR IT If you can’t decide what the best makeup is for you, you can ask a little help from your friend from choosing the right color of makeup. If your friend is using different makeup it is easy for them to pick what is good for you. Just bother to ask her so that you will not experiencing being wrong in choosing the right makeup for you. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 9
  10. 10. ASK THE SALES WOMEN FOR CHOOSING Asking sales women is also helpful to determine what the right color is for you, just be careful with the sales talks and other convincing stuffs. Just be straight to the point and ask the sales woman what are the lipstick that has good quality. AVOID TOO MUCH SPARKLE Too much sparkle is not good just choose the color with good shiny effect, avoid too much glittery it might destroy the essence of your makeup is you choose this one. Sparkled lipstick is just for a certain purpose just avoids these things and chooses the right shine of a lipstick. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 10
  11. 11. LOOK FOR A GOOD QUALITY Inexpensive yet a good quality will do the job, you don’t have to spend lots of money to have a good quality lipstick, just be practical on choosing and choose the inexpensive but has a great quality of lipstick. Our lips is one of the important part of our face making it beautiful is important especially if you are a women, the lips are one of the first things that people will look at that is why making it good and attractive all the time is also important. Having a makeup with Professional Hair and Makeup Services can help you to improve your face however it is upon you on how you will make your face beautiful. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 11