Australian freelance hair & makeup artists are first to the altar


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Australian freelance hair & makeup artists are first to the altar

  1. 1. Australian Freelance Hair & Makeup Artists are First to the Altar Fashion Hair and Makeup Services
  2. 2. It used to be common knowledge, a given, that when it came to the fashion and makeup industry, Australia was at least a year behind the rest of the world. And I’m talking about the major cities here, heaven forbid the regional areas! But Australia is a frontrunner now; it’s very much a part of the wider international scene in everything from the latest shirts and skirts to the most recent wedding trends adopted by professionals in bridal hair and makeup services. Sydney especially is now home to some of the most fashionable boutiques and finest salons available on the world circuit, and the onward and upward trend in fashion, hair and makeup services is showing no signs of slowing. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 2
  3. 3. Freelance hair and makeup artists have a particular advantage in this respect. Don’t get me wrong, the best salons don’t get anywhere near the top of the competition if they aren’t headed by gurus in vogue and style, but they just haven’t got the same freedom and flexibility to follow the ever shifting fashions and influences that shape the newest trends in the industry. It is little wonder then, that the best hair and makeup artists in the game are freelance professionals, and their clients include film and entertainment performers, as well as brides wanting that perfect look on their very special wedding day. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 3
  4. 4. On film sets and in fashion parades, the required looks are often far from conventional and the demands on professional hair and makeup artists are extraordinarily high. The styles for actors and actresses usually need to be so natural that you can’t tell anything has been done to them and the look has to be consistent across many weeks, if not months, of shooting. Then there are other scenes where the same actors need to don different looks, and not necessarily pretty either. Cat walk galas are another environment where only the best stylists have what it takes to create those luscious looks that fit perfectly with the deliciously glamorous dresses and gorgeous accessories devised by the designers. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 4
  5. 5. Brides and their entourage are understandably just as demanding. A wedding is that one special moment in a woman’s life that she has been anticipating and imagining almost all her life. And when the glorious day comes, everything has to be just so, especially her hair and makeup, oh… and the dress… and the ceremony… and the cake! On this day, bridal hair and makeup artists have to come into their own, meeting and exceeding the brides expectations with the latest looks and colours coming straight off the pages of this season’s wedding magazines and catalogues. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 5
  6. 6. These days, the best bridal makeup artists in Sydney and the rest of Australia are in high demand and the standards set by the competing freelance professionals are even higher. There is one thing that you can definitely be sure of, if you’re looking for a professional stylist for that special day, the fashion capitals of Australia are brimming with highly trained experts with as much flair, talent and eye for detail as any of their counterparts, anywhere in the world. Fashion Hair and Makeup Services 6