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How founders can use immigration hardship as fuel to succeed


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for founders or anyone looking for a lift or wanting to help peers / family / friends

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How founders can use immigration hardship as fuel to succeed

  1. 1. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED HowFoundersCanUse ImmigrationHardshipAsFuel ToSucceed [inspired by Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital Venture Capital & Elon Musk of SpaceX] By The Founder of Founders Under 40™ Group
  2. 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED HowFoundersCanUseImmigration HardshipAsFuelToSucceed "Manny" Omikunle of Founders Under 40™ Group, an unconventional founders community, is helping diverse immigrant founders and non-immigrant founders deal with hardship via Founders Under 40™ Group [] private community. The thing that seems unjust about the modern civilization sometimes is the living with a mixture of emotions: fear, anxiety, uncertainty and anger. However the faith one has and the perception of the challenges can really make the difference in life and one’s entrepreneur journey. Never thought I would have to discuss immigration on my professional blog but when it’s the reality of many lives on this planet and on the news you just know something has to be said and done. Something has to be done to understand the divide and the hate, discrimination or biases,. . .why the disregard for human life? Something has to be done to remind people we all are in this together because if the tables should turn, ….God Help Us All. Imagine if North American’s were desperately trying to get into the south. I’m often reminded of Martin Luther King Jr and other human rights activist that came before and those who currently dedicate their lives to human rights causes like LGBTA Rights, Equal Pay, Women Rights, Jew
  3. 3. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Rights, Black Rights, White Rights, Hispanic Rights, Child Rights, Asian Rights, Anti-Traffic, All Lives Matter Rights, etc. Things have to be understood. Stories of human right violations and founders immigration stories are constantly being heard all across the world. As a founder helping to manage a growing founders community, I face my immigration and other challenges like the brave and determined founders who just found a way to succeed. Founders like Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital Venture Capital. Chamath life story is filled with challenges since immigrated from Sri Lanka to Canada then to the US. Chamath is now one of the riches people in America, venture capitalist, co-owner of an NBA team and an influential social activist. Elon Musk went from South Africa, to Canada, to US and with all his adversities and challenges he never waiver from his desire to succeed. He fucking built a real private space rocket company . I think the big reason these former immigrants overcame the odds is that they had a BIG WHY.
  4. 4. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Oh, there was Peter Munk of Gold Corp, who recently passed away, he is an example for many immigrants who want to figure out how to engage your new country. Mr. Munk gave back generously to his community, to universities, hospitals, etc. He was a f&%^* refugee who worked odd jobs till he manage to build an impressive business. And there are many more stories like that. SomyfellowFounders,Entrepreneurs,andindividualsherearesometipsandif youneedacommunity,FoundersUnder40™Groupwelcomesyou(nopolitics please): it’s critical to have a strong and stable-quality relationship with a supportive ally, institution, friends, family,pets, God You are the captain of your life not the passenger. Develop social skills and resourcefulness Be empathetic towards others
  5. 5. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Find ways to to give to others hope, tips, opportunities, an hear, anything helpful but with their best interest. Try to take care of things that matter like your mental health, body, overall health, etc Whatever issue you are facing remember that you can use it to grow or you can use it to destroy yourself. Don’t dwell too much on the problem. Find your inner strength and find a solution. Take action or let it be, you decide based on the circumstances. Talk to other trusted individuals. Take the time to get in touch with your spirituality, faith, or meditate or take occasional moments to just relax. Learn how to bend without breaking. If pursuing your dreams was going to be easy, everyone would be a millionaire. Have the mindset that you are going to move through times of crisis knowing that eventually you are going to come out better in the end. Always be giving thanks because in there always going to be someone with worst problems than you. Not sure who said there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear can be a good thing or a bad thing, but don’t let it rob you of a great life. A lot of life attributes is just a big BS. You decide the nature of your fight however weigh your actions carefully. This issue is not a God issue this is an humanity issue. This is an issue if it were effecting you or a family member, what would you do? As for my journey, we all need all the support we can get in dealing with issues. If Martin Luther King Jr were around, he would likely be saddened by the lack of permanent solution on this human problem. Sometimes I think change has happened so fast socially and economically that everyone is pretty miserable/frustrated/ concerned / ....not sure. I’m always on the side of humanity because adversity doesn’t discriminate. I have manage to build and achieve in the face of all odds.
  6. 6. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED *FoundersUnder40™Groupsupportsfellowimmigrantsandnon-immigrant foundersaroundtheworld.Wewelcomewomen,men,LBGTA,Musilims, Christians,allreligions,Asians,Rich,Poor,Sexy,Not-so-Sexy,...YOUR CHARACTERISALLTHATMATTERSTOUS!!!! ***WEALSOWELCOMEYOURSUPPORT.THANKYOUFOUNDERS!!!