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Founders Under 40™ Group creates a $10 000 000US support fund


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Wants to support founders with a founders support fund. We welcome feedback from the founders / entrepreneur community. We are still figuring it out.Thanks

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Founders Under 40™ Group creates a $10 000 000US support fund

  1. 1. FoundersUnder40™Group CreatesA $10,000,000US FoundersSupport Fund (
  2. 2. FoundersUnder40™GroupCreatesA$10,000, 000USFoundersSupportFund Being a founder or entrepreneur in any part of the world is tough. Some places will obviously be much harder. It could be harder because of your background, lack of social capital, funds, appearance, gender or for other reasons. Whatever the reason you aren’t kicking ass,yet, we want to let you know we are listening to your personal & business challenges. With all the hardships you experience many of you sometimes wish there were resources in place to aid you during personal crisis or business hiccups. The world’s largest and fast growing unconventional founders community, Founders Under 40™ Group, is starting a support fund for founders. If you are a company, service provider, sponsor or just want to help. Simply follow the link or contact us to get involve.
  3. 3. SomeofTheStories... We’ve heard from founders, who are trying to breakthrough in a market dominated by big opponents. Through a community they manage to build a strong relationship which lead to a successful niche business. We’ve heard from founders who are faced with the growing challenge of managing workload and personal responsibilities. It’s extremely difficult to take on and execute their objectives themselves with all this to-dos.With some partnership some figure how to outsource to creditable partners or obtain the funding to get the help they need. We’ve heard from founders who are challenge by HR issues and how to handle all that. Not sure how to handle legal HR issues or HR fuck ups that may cost money and time. We’ve heard from founders who run their business part time, work full-time and have responsibility for a growing family. These founders are usually unsure how they will provide for themselves and their family if something threatens their ability to make a living. We’ve heard from founders who need the right support to deal with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur / founder. We all need the right support.
  4. 4. We’ve heard from founders who are suffering from burnout. They have failed to learn to enjoy the journey while pursing the destination. We all need a life outside of work and some form of escape from our problems. We’ve heard from founders who are facing immigration issues around the world and wish there were resources that could be there unconditionally to support them through the sometimes frustrating process. We’ve heard from founders who are struggling to keep up with modern sales and marketing methodology. We’ve heard from founders who have maxed out all their credit cards and other forms of financing and are barely surviving. We all know we always need access to emergency funds. We’ve heard from founders who were struggling with mental health issues. And unfortunately there have being some founders who have committed suicide due to many reasons. There are people around who put on charming and happy exterior but in reality they are terrified of their future. We all need hope in moments of darkness. Come founders and financially support Founders Under 40™ Group. We’ve heard from founders who are struggling with health issues like weight. There are constantly fighting to feel and look their best. Jean Nidetch struggled with her weight but used it as a way to help other
  5. 5. women, She started WeightWatchers. We all need people to help us in achieving our goals. FinalTakeAway... As founder’s we know the importance of belonging and we know the importance of support from our communities and family members. The reality is that there are just very few founders that sign up and get selected to get into TechStars or YCombinator, or any entrepreneurial community around the world. Which means the mechanism to create wealth is being concentrated in the hands of few. And with the growing technological change there’s bound to be some people whose opportunities are not going to be as attractive. That’s why founders need to be more supportive of each other to address the world issues and end the need for other humans oppressing/exploiting others just for capitalist purpose.
  6. 6. CLEARLY WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS THAT. . . WE ALL NEED HELP BECAUSE WHY GO AT IT ALL ALONE. WITH FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP - FOUNDERS SUPPORT FUND, WE RESERVE FUNDS TO ASSIST THE MEMBERS OF FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP via GREATESTFOUNDERS.COM. THINK OF IT LIKE A SORT OF INSURANCE FOR FOUNDERS! WE'VE HEARD THE STORIES THAT'S WHY WE, FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP, ARE STARTING A “FOUNDERS SUPPORT FUNDS” SO BASICALLY WE WANT TO AID YOU WHEN YOU NEED BASIC TOOLS FOR PERSONAL / BUSINESS LIKE. . . High Speed Internet Laptop(s) / Computer(s) Free Software / Reasonable Priced Software Reliable Communication Reliable Transportation A Business friendly ecosystem A Tolerant & Non-Discriminatory Support System Access the Right Markets or Environments Emergency Support Legal & Regulation Navigation Funding Advocacy Professional services Personal support during times of crisis' New business clothing Offers or Discount
  7. 7. HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUND. . . 1. Help fund this initiative via our funding page or sign up for a Founders Under 40™ Group membership package, starting at $35/Month*. FOR MORE DETAIL ABOUT FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP, “FOUNDERS SUPPORT FUNDS” Email: Jenn <jenn[at]> or visit and fill out the contact form. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!