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Boost Your Service Business and Leads 10X


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So you want to boost your sales, more specifically your leads 10X. For starters it requires more work and efficiency today. This guide will give you some fresh insights and some old insights to boosting your service business, professional service, startup, etc. Enjoy

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Boost Your Service Business and Leads 10X

  1. 1. Boost Your Service Business and Leads 10X POWERED BY : MANNY TWITTER: @THEBESTMANNYO WEB: HTTP://MBLOG.BJMANNYST.COM SPONSORED BY: BJ MANNYST TEAM + FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP (#1 UNCOVENTIONAL FOUNDERS COMMUNITY) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Some interesting insights and tips to boost your service business operation today & for tomorrow.
  2. 2. “All what most people & businesses want. . . is to do more with less. And fill an emptiness.” SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 2 -- Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle, BJ MANNYST + FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ Group
  3. 3. Boost Your Service Business and Leads 10X Selling is still crucial to a business. For a service business startup, small business, professional service provider, the reality is that it involves a lot more work however word of mouth is still a very powerful tool. As a founder and co-publisher of this great resource, I have made it mandatory to keep growing in a complex world. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 3 For further help with your service business, founder journey, or seek content & publication sponsorship opportunities, contact us via or . . .So you want to boost your sales, more specifically your leads 10X. For starters it requires more work and efficiency today. It’s no longer a do it once and walk away world. It's more like 24/7 efficient grind. However with the following tips you have a starting point and some great insights. First general Tip: If people don't trust you or question your credibility then this will not help you. if you are not addressing a major pain this is not going to help. I don’t claim to be the expert. . .but you’ve got to start somewhere. Lots of insights from conventional and non- conventional sources. Enjoy Founders / Service Businesses/ etc. Anyway I hope you enjoy this guide that will help you make more money without stressing over sales and marketing.
  4. 4. BY FOCUSING ON THESE AREAS YOU CAN OFFER VALUE Everyone in a company must buy into the idea that every aspect of the business must run above average for your business to benefit from a 10X boost. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 4 10X┛TOGETHER WE GET VALUE┛
  6. 6. There’s always a few companies that are always adding value through innovation or new processes which then means consumers now will expect those new values from others. People are expecting more, higher quality, faster, transparency, social responsibility, values and the occasional wow factor. To meet expectations You’ve got to be at it 24/7 in some shape or form. Know their business, know your solution, ask good questions, deliver, and repeat. SIMPLE RIGHT? SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 6 10X [“Top sales teams seek to drive personalization at scale, knowing that 72% of business buyers are likely to switch brands if they’re treated like a number instead on an individual basis.”] ┛DO YOU KNOW THE NEW EXPECTATION?┛
  7. 7. While everyone is going crazy for A.I, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AR, VR, etc There's no doubt that most people enter the space for the wrong reasons. The reality is that to end up in the top ten you've got to have an inner fire to sustain yourself and your team throughout the calms or storms ahead. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 7 10X [“The problem has to bother you so much that you are glad you are getting to solve it and the pay is just a bonus. ”] ┛DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE IN THIS BUSINESS?┛
  8. 8. There’s some level of measuring, monitoring activities that you may need to do to truly know your customers. Everyday customers and prospects reveal their problems and intentions via the internet. So the clever businesses need to figure out how to access and analyze this information without becoming creepy. For example, every search engine stores keyword searches then with time builds a profile of it's users. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 8 10X [“78% of sales teams recognize the importance of anticipating customer needs, and 76% the importance of proactive customer engagements. ”] ┛DO YOU KNOW THE DIGITAL BODY LANGUAGES?┛ 78%
  10. 10. Email marketing is only as effective as what goes in it and who is sending it. Whatever list you have, are you doing everything to keep it fresh because sending a promo to a non-active email account is likely to bounce. So make it a habit to check with users whether they still want to receive your email or not. People subscribe cause they want you to engage them. People use fake or BS email addresses because you put in a landing gate that only encourages poor quality leads into your funnel. So make it possible for quality prospects to voluntarily self identify without getting everyone else. Think fishing. You don’t want a whale in your net when you just want tuna. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 10 10X [Depending on your business, there are sometimes-lengthy period of nurturing and education that can last years before reaching close. Automate what you can easily, effectively automate; design processes for what you can’t.] ┛DO YOU REALLY KNOW EMAIL MARKETING?┛
  11. 11. Are you thinking like your target and providing them great resources to solve their problems or to get educated? Are you learning about your prospects and their buying journey and their concerns? Are all your content like everyone? You might want it to be a little special somehow. Chances are you would not buy Lady Gaga music if she sounded exactly like Missy Elliot? We all like variety of ways one can sing about sex that's why many artist can make a living. If you need to improve the quality of your content, seek someone with writing, video or audio skills, and can convey your companies persona or has a persona. Some experience if possible SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 11 10X [“When it comes to content for B2B decision makers, the non-sales articles and content that are rich in quality information perform better.”] ┛DO YOU REALLY KNOW CONTENT, EVENT, MARKETING?┛
  12. 12. Working to get the attention of the people facing the problems and learning as much prior to engaging decision makers. Running some kind of in-person event can be a great way to generate leads. However really put in some thoughts about the potential experience and each others take away. If you are going to do anything like an event do it very well. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 12 10X [If every place you distribute your message is a noisy channel it becomes tough to translate your message to leads. People are swamped you’ve got to be remarkable to break through. That means putting the effort to break through.] ┛DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR IDEAL PROSPECTS?┛
  13. 13. If you have ever seen a owl pursue its objectives, you will realize that they have only two choices, hunt or starve to death. So should be the case in prospecting. Keep your promise. Get back to prospects no later than three days. Take care of their privacy and concerns. Address their problems by serving. Send thank you messages, best wishes, followup and show them you care regardless if they do business with you or not. Try not to be snooping around in their business however be well in-tuned to what is going on in people’s lives and their business. Be a source of friendship, guidance, diversity, companion, etc in their lives. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 13 10X [Prospecting success requires: prospecting, persistence, perseverance, performance. And it begins with opening multiple-reliable- credible means of communication with potential prospects.] ┛DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PROSPECT LIKE A GENIOUS?┛
  15. 15. As a leader you are a key driver for multiple critical business areas, including operations, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, product development, IT, corporate responsibility, etc Having all that responsibility is no excuse to not prep and deliver with a thought-out strategy. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 15 10X [“SMBs struggle with ensuring their leads are properly qualified. Beyond that, there just aren’t enough hours in the day; many report that a lack of time to complete critical tasks and too much time on manual work contribute to their struggles closing deals.”] ┛WHAT STRATEGY & TACTICS?┛ FIND A BETTER WAY
  16. 16. It sometimes gets intimidating trying to evolve in a changing personal and business environment however the sooner you eliminate most frictions & barriers for yourself and for your customers the better. Set out to reduce unnecessary: costs, business software, processes, partnerships, administration, inability to be agile, etc SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 16 10X [With diversity, inclusion, and values you can focus on addressing the future opportunities and threats. Plus reduce the barriers to achieving strategic greatness ] ┛ARE YOU GETTING STARTED OR WAITING?┛ IF YOU DON'T EVOLVE, YOU DIE
  17. 17. Make doing business with you simple and not complicated. >Friction-less >Experience >Anticipatory >Give no reason for them to switch >Maximize customer value via partnership, complimentary services/products, co-create >Continuously redefine customer values SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 17 10X [“The key element to being a successful prospector is persistence. Prospecting must be done everyday and everywhere you go. Remember PERSISTENCE is the key.”] ┛THE KEY PRINCIPLE?┛
  19. 19. Develop the right mindset. You are going to face obstacles, rejections, challenges however you have to make the decision whether the objective is the right objective for you and whether you are using the right tools. DO YOU HAVE A SENSE OF URGENCY? You can’t achieve anything in life without this. And when your prospects don’t feel a sense of urgency, they are likely to delay purchase or shop around. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 19 10X [“ Design and planning is primordial, but what we’ve often found is that companies tend to get excited in the design and planning stages, and when implementation and execution comes, their energy drains quickly with the first rocks on the road, such as resistance to cultural and behavioral change.”] ┛DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MINDSET & ATTITUDE?┛
  20. 20. We all have to deal with these on a daily basis in some shape or form. You just have to take control of your perception and anticipation and redirect that energy to the right action. [“if you are pinned down by enemy fire and you do nothing, you will get killed. Any action, no matter how poorly planned or poorly executed, is safer than doing nothing. It’s true that while not everyone always succeeds to his or her expectations, everyone always gets some result.”] SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 20 10X [“People really prefer not to have five or six relationships where they're constantly wondering, 'Does my accountant know what my lawyer is doing, or does my insurance person need to be updated by my financial planner?”] ┛DEALING WITH FEAR, UNCERTAINTIES, PROBLEMS?┛
  21. 21. Drive and energy level: A successful leader and organization must have the ability to work long hours for sustained periods with less than the normal amount of sleep. Self-confidence: A belief in you, the people, your purpose and your ability to achieve your goals and a sense that you really can shape the future. Setting challenging but realistic goals: The ability to set clear goals and objectives that are challenging, yet realistic and attainable. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 21 10X [“Our chief leader is building a great team of strong individuals, rather than acting as a “genius with 1000 helpers” on whom everything depends.”] ┛DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD A CLOCK TOWER?┛
  22. 22. Using money as a performance measure: Money, in the form of salary, profits, or capital gains, should be viewed more as a measure of how the company is doing rather than as an end in itself. Persistent problem solving: You must have an intense and determined desire to solve problems toward the completion of tasks. Taking moderate to high risks: Success is never guaranteed however minimizing the down side is essential for entrepreneurial success. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 22 10X Long-term involvement: A commitment to projects that will reach completion in five to seven years or more. To work towards distant goals is a great attribute to have in a hyper competitive world. This means total dedication. Taking initiative and seeking personal responsibility: As a leader, founder, there is a great pleasure to seizing opportunities and putting yourself in situations where you are personally responsible for outcomes of everything in your business. ┛DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD A CLOCK TOWER? P2┛
  23. 23. Learning from failure: Understanding your role in a failure can be instrumental in avoiding similar problems in the future. A failure may be disappointing, but should not be discouraging. Using criticism: You need to be able to seek and use criticism of the style and substance of your performance. It is important to have people who see, think, and act different from you so never wake up forgetting to wear matching shoes. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 23 10X Making good use of resources: There's almost an unlimited amount of free quality advice and education or wisdom readily available to anyone who seeks it. Winning takes effort. Winning continuously takes forethought. Competing against self-imposed standards: You set your own life code, values, priorities, etc Depending on what you want out of life and your business you set and live by your standards. Honestly, greatness is reachable by anyone it just takes extra extra effort. ┛DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD A CLOCK TOWER? P3┛ BUILT TO LAST
  25. 25. Be a person that frequents events, community or organization where people can get to know you and try your service. If you want to be a successful service provider long-term, people need you to show consistency in your representation and character. Go out to as many diverse events and serve others. Show don’t just tell people of your achievement. There are only few people who can or are willing to be risk taker buyers. Few people can afford to take a chance and some of us can’t. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 25 10X [“ SMBs report many challenges in finding, winning, and keeping customers, especially as their businesses grow.”] ┛DO YOU HAVE A GOOD IMAGE?┛ LOOK & ACT YOUR BEST
  26. 26. The rest of us are risk adverse for somethings. When it comes to business service no one wants to get it wrong. PARTNER Pick and associate with some good partners. In the service business the best are always working with the best and referring each other opportunity like a secret club. You have to dedicate time to run your business and dedicate time to generate new business or new opportunities. You always want your waterfall to stay a waterfall. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 26 10X [“Change the offer as often as needed to keep interest up and keep it fresh and new.”] ┛DO YOU HAVE GOOD PARTNER?┛
  27. 27. When it comes to finding and boosting new leads, the majority of SMBs report a challenge reaching their target audiences. Some say they lack the necessary infrastructure to track and manage leads. Identify which marketing channels are most effective becomes challenging because the customer journey is never the same. Some struggle with gleaning insights from sales and service interactions. ADVICE: Keep seeking tools, suppliers, partners, etc. that can help you achieve higher performance. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 27 10X [“Charitable events - These events will build staff and member spirit when working for a good cause, provide you with a positive community image, and offer you free publicity.”] ┛IS PERCEPTION REALITY?┛
  29. 29. The importance of having a simple and user friendly CRM (Customer Relationship Management). No one wants to spend all day having to enter information into their CRM or having to make sure it’s in the right format and up to date, etc. There are many CRM so take the time to try them out before you commit. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 29 10X [Think long-term about your online and offline keywords because it can make the difference between standing out or getting lost in the jungle. Associate your keyword effort on what your users would find important and which is a turnoff.] ┛ARE YOU USING SUITABLE SOCIAL & CRM TOOLS?┛
  30. 30. Be using social media to engage prospects or clients. However don’t do it if you can’t make a good first impression. Like don’t email people if you are not willing to personalize it and ensure relevancy. Don’t engage people if you are not trustworthy. A lot of people don’t have time to be wondering on your website for an information. Take the time to create categories, dedicated pages for material. Make access to these sources as easy as possible. Use visuals or symbols. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 30 10X [“An inbound-only approach might have worked back in 2010, but now that everybody has piled on the inbound bandwagon, it no longer is a differentiation. Buyers are overwhelmed with low- quality, irrelevant content offers, and Google SEO is a nightmare.”] ┛ARE YOU USING SUITABLE SOCIAL & CRM TOOLS? P2┛
  31. 31. For any business and public sector service providers to stay operational & sustainable, there has to be ways to simplify things. Beyond price, the most important evaluation criteria for new tech offerings: ease of setup, ease of adoption, ease of training, ease of scalability and simple-inexpensive maintenance. Some businesses are striving for LT business needs and some for ST needs. So which one do you want to address? SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 31 10X [“Most companies would agree that understanding your customer is key to success — from tracking early touch-points with a new lead to initiating loyalty programs.”] ┛ARE YOU SIMPLIFYING EVERYTHING?┛
  33. 33. When it come to trials, there are some prospects that will care and then there are others that will eventually not give a f&%*#. Some offers don’t require lengthy time. Short trial days like 14 days, depending on the complexity, create a little urgency and 30days might in some circumstances create a level of indifference. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 33 10X [“When a customer enters a trial, automatically send a welcome email. And send it within the hour after they sign up. 90% of leads go cold after one hour. New users will often tinker around with your service and forget about it. Sending a welcome email establishes your relationship.” ] ┛DO YOU KNOW HOW TO RUN SERVICE TRIALS?┛
  34. 34. People want to be convince that what you offer will deliver results. So clearly explain and demonstrate it. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 34 10X [You can’t serve everyone. And you can’t please everyone. You can increase your sales and performance if you stick to certain targets. ] ┛DO YOU CLEARLY STATE THE RESULTS?┛
  35. 35. GIVE DISCOUNTS? Discounts are a blessing and a pain depending where you sit. From the very day you disclose your price you hopefully have a well thought out discount strategy and initiative that doesn't end up training users to wait for discounts. You can try discounts on annual payments for set services. DO YOU PLAN? Every sales service business organization have some level of planning by leveraging multiple insights and developing a process that helps develop good agenda. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 35 10X ARE YOU QUALIFYING BEFORE YOU START? Before you even try to sale or solve their problems. It’s up to you to assess the customer and weigh if you are the person for them and your solution will meet their needs. Nothing worst than spending time and money on the wrong prospect. Use these four steps: Know the ideal customer profile Identify their needs Learn the decision making process Identify your prospect’s needs Know the market place and the substitutes ┛DO YOU PRICE WELL, DISCOUNT VERY LITTLE, SELL VALUE?┛
  37. 37. If you maintain the person-to-person relationship, the business relationship will take care of itself. Know your 4 Possible objective for following up: >Need Information >Request a Meeting >Just To Catch Up >Say Thank You Sample Effective Email Follow Up Openers: We met last week at the [Name of Event or Location]. I was inspired after you spoke at the [Name of Event]. Our friend, [Mutual Friend's Name] suggested that I reach out. Last time we spoke... Following up on the email I sent a few weeks ago about [Topic]. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 37 10X DO YOU FOLLOWUP LIKE THIS? There’s an art to follow up. However it will likely be different for every business type or service and person. One idea is just make it an habit to connect to past contacts, and current contacts…stick to personal and less business if business is not discussed. ┛DO YOU LIVE FOLLOW UP EXCELLENCE?┛ FOLLOW UP
  38. 38. DO YOU GET WORD OF MOUTH & REFERRALS? Before the internet, people got things done by asking their peers and community members for the expert or the skilled person. In a hyper competitive world and so much noise world being in a position where people are recommending you is the most effective. [When asked where B2B marketers are generating leads, . . .more than 80% of survey respondents said that Word of Mouth / Referrals were the primary source of leads, while 70% of respondents listed their company’s B2B website as a lead generation source.] But this only works if you deliver the results ARE YOU NICE TO THE GATEKEEPERS, JANITORS, CONTRACT WORKERS, STRANGERS? Never disrespect anybody in anyway or form. You just never know who can make your chances of a sale slimmer because you were rude. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 38 10X [“Leads are 22 times more likely to convert when you make contact within 5 minutes of lead generation. Nearly 78% of prospects convert with the company that contacted them first”] ┛DO YOU LIVE CONTACT EXCELLENCE?┛ 80%
  39. 39. DO YOU AUTOMATE? There are many tools that can save you time. You can auto respond to messages if they have a keyword. Automate on administration work like HR, billing, customer service, followup, email, nurturing, etc. It’s important to adopt tools that help and are easy to train on. DO YOU TIME MANAGE? There are many ways to making the most of your team member’s time more efficient by observant of how much time your staff is spending on busy work and actual work. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 39 10X [“Not all quality leads are ready to close right away — even if you are the best agent in the state. That doesn’t mean you abandon them, however. You need to make sure that you have a drip marketing program to keep you connected with your “longer term” leads, while you guide them to a successful closing.”] ┛DO YOU AUTOMATE & TIME MANAGE?┛
  40. 40. DO YOU REDUCE CONFUSION? Having a booth at a trade show and having posters display multiple messages is confusing a short attention consumer. Having one tag-line on your website, and a different tag-line on your mobile app is causing confusion. Every aspect of your customer facing attribute must be relatively consistent with some occasional spice. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 40 10X [“How many times should you try to connect with a new lead? Again, the average is five; but you should continue trying at least a dozen times. Until you confirm that the lead data is invalid or the prospect is not interested, you still have a potential client. So don’t be so quick to give up on them.”] ┛DO YOU REDUCE CONFUSION?┛
  41. 41. These are the Top 7 Things Winners Do: 1.Educate clients and prospects with new ideas or perspectives 2.Collaborated with clients and prospects 3.Persuaded clients and prospects that they would achieve results 4.Listened to clients and prospects 5.Understood clients and prospects needs 6.Helped clients and prospects avoid potential pitfalls 7.Crafted a compelling and personalized solution for clients and prospects SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 41 10X [“When everyone else is doing the same old thing, straying from the pack can help you find undeserved markets and generate more sales.”] ┛DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WINNERS DO?┛
  42. 42. Also Your Sales or Team Have To Excel In The Following: 1.Opportunity creation. Well defined ways of creating opportunity. 2.Opportunity management. How to analysis, manage, customize it. 3.Relationship management. People are buying from people so maintaining good relationships internally and externally helps. 4.Management controls and involvement. Empowering is great but someone has to be in charge. 5.Talent Management. Make it mandatory to improve your current talent and recruiting talent when there’s need or not. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 42 10X [“You can still keep it under 40 hours a week. But try adding weekday evening and weekend hours into that schedule.”] ┛DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WINNERS DO? P2┛
  44. 44. DO YOU HAVE TOP OPERATION? Every functions of a business must adopt flexibility. It has to grow when it needs to grow. As to maintain fundamentals when fundamentals are needed to be practiced. Which means creating better operating structures and partnership [“On top of that, this year, 63% of executives state that it has become harder to operate a services business, compared to 52% in 2017’s report. Furthermore, the percentage of executives that said the conditions to operate a services business are changing “more quickly than ever” doubled over the past 12 months, from 21% in 2017, to 52%.”] SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 44 10X [Apple continues to make a good chunk of money not because people think there are the very best. It’s because the fundamentals of Apple’s way of doing business are respected and appreciated. They treat their customers like royalty, they try to do the right things the first time. They put in love and consider money like an after thought.] ┛DO YOU HAVE DEDICATED-CULT-LIKE LOYALTY?┛
  45. 45. For Operation To Keep Singing, Keep This In Mind: >What industry is your ideal customer in? >How large is the company? >Where is the company located? >What’s the ideal use case? >Have they used any similar services, competitors in the past? If so, which ones? >What are the specific goals your ideal customer wants to achieve? >How will they be measuring these results internally? >What are the needs of the individual, the team, and the company? Gauge their decision-making process. [“Depending upon the solution you’re selling, your prospect could need high up executive buy-in on making the purchase. That can take minutes, days, months or more. “] SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 45 10X Early on in your qualification process, it’s in your best interest to get a clear picture of how long your sales process will be. Ask your prospect questions like: How does your company usually make purchasing decisions like this? How many people are involved in the decision-making process? Which teams are involved? How much time does it typically take to buy a product? Know your competition. In order to fully understand whether or not you’ll be able to thrive with this prospect, you have to know who you’re competing against. Ask yourself questions like: Are you competing with other vendors, or the prospect’s internal team that could build their own similar solution? What relevant criteria do they base their decision-making process on?] ┛DO YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE?┛
  46. 46. 10X SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 46 10X [“In the final page of this incredible journey of digesting this book, I would hope the biggest take away will be that companies and founders that embrace technology, healthy data, humanity, empathy, excellence, agility, disruptions, evolution, good values, etc will continue to be world class admired organizations. The 10X Boost!!” ] - Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle, Founders Under 40 Group + BJ Mannyst ┛HAVE YOU FIGURED OUT THE TAKE AWAY?┛
  47. 47. DIFFERENTIATION IS THE KEY IN AN OVERWELMING WORLD SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 47 In today's business environment everyone is fighting for attention. Everyone wants more sales. Shorter sales cycle, Everyone wants to matter. So what do you do? BJ MANNYST Can help you and your organization with differentiating itself. Just like eating a tonne of spinach will make you invisible. GET A TEST DRIVE TODAY Test Drive / MANNY TODAY More SPONSOR
  48. 48. SPONSOR: FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP + BJ MANNYST 48 For further help with your service business or founder journey, contact Manny via or JOIN US TODAY & CONTRIBUTE!! ***This material has been prepared for general informational only and is not intended to be relied upon as specific professional advice. Please refer to your advisers.The views of third parties set out in this publication are not necessarily the views of BJ Mannyst Copyright © 2018 Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle & BJ Mannyst. All rights reserved.. BJ Mannyst™, its logo, and “Serve, Engage, Undo- Ordinary™” & Founders Under 40™ Group are trademarks of BJ Mannyst.