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BJ Mannyst smb marketing service info 2020 - Get Direction

smb marketing service info 2020 by BJ Mannyst. When your small medium business marketing, service business, startup, series a business, etc needs an advantageous support. And partner to Founders Under 40™ Group . Check out ( (

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BJ Mannyst smb marketing service info 2020 - Get Direction

  1. 1. When Your Direction Is Uncertain Providing unconventional and conventional marketing management services and business solutions to early & growing service oriented organizations. Proud partner to Founders Under 40™ Group Unconventional Insights Serve, Engage, Undo-Ordinary™ Email: /
  2. 2. Unconventionality is what sets us apart and the fact we have exclusive partnership with the world's unconventional-fast growing founders community. Which Means You Get Both Business & Peer Support.
  3. 3. We Blaze Not ordinary is better sometimes.There's just a strong pull in our team, methods, and delivery that emphasizes our desire to not follow the crowd. Follow if you feel as an organization it works for you however we'd also encourage you to go blaze your own path. We are collaborators We are partners We are creators We are developers We are designers We are content producers We are community managers We are leaders and managers We are humble We are high performers We are BJ Mannyst (By John Mannyst) an unconventional marketing service provider for service businesses. We are your extra team members / investors. Ordinary is good sometimes . . .
  4. 4. Our Ideal Factor Financial Service & Institutions Information Service Providers Professional and Business Services SaaS Media & Entertainment Retail & Consumer Products & Services Hospitality Software Venture Capital Information Technology Ecommerce Online Media Mobile Here are a list of business area and industries we love to work in. . .
  5. 5. Who We Are Because we are not miracle workers. We will never promise you the Moon, Mars, and Pluto. We are not guarantors of results. We do everything in our power to get the right outcome. We are not living to please you or impress you. We are just very resourceful service provider that's more a General Physician / Consulting Firm / Builder of Empires. We are only in it not just for the mighty dollar but the lasting positive impact First of all, please lower your expectation because . . .
  6. 6. Our existence was due to the challenges our founding team was facing financially and socially. Struggling to find meaning, purpose and financial freedom. And also recognizing that service businesses in their early and growing stages face huge challenges. We have bootstrap our way to social & financial success. All the more reason to support diverse founders, entrepreneurs around the world in any way we can. And with our hard work, we are the marketing lead partner for an unconventional founders community called “Founders Under 40™ Group”. Our team has a combined 20+ years experience in sales and marketing field. Tech. B2B & B2C industries. The journey through hell is paved with God & Gold Our Story
  7. 7. We know your business is like an apple tree. It needs certain things for it to survive and 4 Key Marketing Actions that solves your problem. Attract Convert Deliver Followup Collaborating, creating targeted content that helps prospects' & customers' check you out. Then share that content far and wide. Figuring out the best way to get the right target to contact you or give you a chance to engage them. Now you need to deliver on what you sell by turning those leads into customers. Continue to take care of your customers by keeping them happy, basically. The Result - ways to generate awareness. The Result - ways to get likely strong buyers. The Result - ways to deliver and sustain. The Result - cheaper to keep a good customer.
  8. 8. We take a long-term partnership relationship. To explore how we collaborate or assist your specific business in a specific industry, check out what we do or contact us. We Want You To Succeed
  9. 9. What We Do We don't literally kick asses however we do make sure to get your service business firing on it's bootstrapping / funded cylinders. Logo Websites Social Media and Community Management Brand or Service Management Observation and Analytic Communication & Content Strategic Development Assistance with Sales Measuring and Monitoring Value Services without Compromising Quality and Effectiveness. Our Friendly Team makes sure your impact is memorable and stands out. Open to mix compensation including equity ***Some services may be performed online or may have some conditions. Please engage us. Email: / We are your conventional and unconventional ass kickers
  10. 10. Positioning Messaging Basic Market Research Competitive Analysis Brand Audit Brand / Service Naming Visual, Text, Vocal Communication Content Writing and Editing Marketing & Brand Strategy Our Capabilities Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic Assisting With Addressing Growing Challenges Social Media & Community Management Targeting Effectively Bootstrap Service & Solutions Assessment & Audit
  11. 11. How We Do It No one ever said winning was going to be easy. It's going to take a whole lot more talent, advisers, partners, allies, experts to thrive. Whatever we do with you or on your behalf involves time, money, effort, and commitment. We are dedicated to immersing ourselves in your world and in your consumers world as if we are the ones operating your business. We are made up of team members with diverse disciplines, experiences, and perspective. Today's business world demands more
  12. 12. STEPS TO CREATION AND PROCESS • You start by contacting us and go through an initial, exploratory session and a get to know you session, about 10 minutes to 60 minutes. • Through form submission or call or e-mail will be directed to one of our Customer & Marketing Representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you have, understand your objectives and arrange a possible time to meet or discussion. • Meet and gather critical information, which will enable us to understand your needs. To clearly understand internal & external operation. • Upon mutual agreement to proceed and retention fee received, we’ll sit down to develop terms, compensation,staffing, training, etc. Any necessary resources needed to begin execution. If necessary provide a comprehensive sales and marketing plan including guidelines and metrics designed to drive the organization to success. • We manage and monitor our progress and work with you to improve or suggest changes. Our Process
  13. 13. **We usually start out with a TEST DRIVE. **3 Months or longer contract welcomed. **Retention Fee Applicable in US Dollars **Detail of Simple Trial + Marketing Package or Bootstrap, contact us with our contact us form If we can assist you, we’ll let you know next steps or possibly refer you to someone who can.
  14. 14. BJ MANNYST™ + FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP is dedicated to helping service business and professional service. We are offering this guide to educate you about BJ MANNYST™ and give you a chance to see if we could be of assistance. Your business is assessed by Marketing Specialists who will quickly evaluate your marketing approaches and show you how to improve. Want To Learn More or Get Started, Today? Email: /
  15. 15. B J M a n ny s t ™ a . k . a B y J o h n M a n ny s t ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. BJ MANNYST™ (, FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ ( Are registered trademarks and others are the property of their owners. Email: / Engage us on. . .