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EFMA banco bradesco


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Présentation EFMA de Banco Bradesco

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EFMA banco bradesco

  1. 1. Source: BrandFinance 2015 Rank Brand Name Domicile Brand Value 1 Wells Fargo United States 34,9 2 ICBC China 27,5 3 HSBC United Kingdom 27,3 4 China Construction Bank China 26,4 5 Citi United States 26,2 6 Bank of America United States 25,7 7 Chase United States 24,8 8 Agricultural Bank Of China China 22,7 9 Bank of China China 20,4 10 Santander Spain 18,7 11 BNP Paribas France 14,9 12 MUFG Japan 14,5 13 Barclays United Kingdom 14,2 14 Royal Bank Of Canada Canada 12,5 15 Bradesco Brazil 12,4 16 J.P. Morgan United States 12,0 17 UBS Switzerland 11,6 18 TD Bank Canada 11,1 19 Deutsche Bank Germany 11,0 20 Goldman Sachs United States 9,4 21 Capital One United States 9,4 22 Credit Suisse Switzerland 9,2 23 Itaú Brazil 9,0 24 Morgan Stanley United States 8,9 25 China Merchants Bank China 8,9 (US$ Billion) Top 25 banking brands
  2. 2. Million Clients74.5 US$ Billion Market Value54.8 U$$ Billion Net profit 20145.8 Source: Economic and Financial Analysis Report – 4Q/2014 Loan operations US$ 171 Billion • US$ 118 Billion in large corporates • US$ 53 Billion in individuals Wealth management 15 offices Data center: Luxemburg Consumer financing + US$ 36.5 Billion (individuals) Total assets US$ 389 Billion Cards CAGR 2013 – 2017: 15% US$ 49.7 Billion billing 1,423 Transactions Insurance 29% of profit participation
  3. 3. 8,145 Branches 50,006 Correspondent banking outlets (Bradesco Express) 8% Physical 1 Billion transactions/month 92% Digital 5% 3% 5% 4% 6% 4% 21% 15% 23% 19% 26% 27% 14% 28% Feb/14 Feb/15 Mobile Internet Banking Corporate ATM Internet Banking Individuals Branches Bradesco Express Contact Center 1 Billion transactions/month
  4. 4. Until 1995 Single channel offer 2008 Multi channel offer 2010 Cross channel offer 2012 Multi channel more sophisticated 2014+ Omnichannel Digital bank Customer relationship development Business regulation and Customer behavior CRM Big data Real time offer at contact point
  5. 5. Customer journey in real time, delivering captivating experience Digital integration Offer, information, sales and efficient digital conversation in real time Data analysis and Customer overall view Digital and personalized relationship with continued experience R&D Customer experience for continuous innovation Customer relationship integration
  6. 6. Consumer behavior: from physical to digital process Increase recognition through PRESENCE SELL (whatever the Bank wants to sell) LOYALTY (through the bank manager) CRM  CROSS/UP SELLING Increase recognition through DIGITAL RELATIONSHIP LOYAL FOLLOWER (functionalities, services…) Positive experience  RECOGNIZE Customers’ PROFILES PERSONALIZED sale (whatever Customers want to buy) CRM  CROSS/UP SELLING (social media integration) “Traditional” approach SELL FIRST  ENGAGE LATER “Digital” CREATE EXPERIENCE  ASSOCIATE SALE Source: BCG Analysis
  7. 7. New digital reality Customer experience • Strengthens the relationship • Increases sales • New business model • New products for the digital universe • Personalized offer Digital channels evolution • Migrate from expensive to cheaper channels • Need for constant innovation • Speed of development/delivery • Transfer the back office to the Customer Internal innovation Open innovation
  8. 8. Social Networks Bradesco Next ATM Contact Center Internet Mobile
  9. 9. Beacon Welcoming Customers Introducing Customers to Managers Sales by inclination Wi-Fi in the Branches Digital activation of Customers Digital Advisory Point Managing lines CRM for physical sales Bradesco Next Experimentation Customer learning User experience Digital technology Individual Customer support
  10. 10. PUSH Business Bradesco Wallet with NFC Chat/video with specialists Mobile Connected car Check deposit APIs allowing business to be carried out Wearables
  11. 11. Tagging and CRM APIs allowing business to be carried out M-Token Digital validation of transactions Strategic partnerships Internet Geolocalization
  12. 12. Recycler Money deposit in real time Biometry Prescheduled withdrawal via Mobile Integration of Channels Intelligent check deposit Clearance by image ATM
  13. 13. Voice command Multi channel support Single line (e-mail, SMS, Chat) Contact Center Watson Artificial cognitive computing Customer support, wealth management and health insurance Voice biometry
  14. 14. Business activation (CRM/APP Install) Influencers ecosystem Brand advocates Facebook F. Banking Simplified transfer Crowdfunding Gamification Social Networks
  15. 15. Staff profile • Data scientist • Story-teller (experience designer) • Behavioral psychologist • Risk algorithm specialist • Community advocacy builder Data acquisition & analytics CRM Customer Experience Social Networks Digital New game  New skills
  16. 16. Thank you