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URCADServices - AEC engineering services


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UR CAD Services is a leading CAD Outsourcing Company offering Civil Engineering Design and CAD Drafting Services established in India. We offer a wide range of low-cost high quality CAD services for Civil Engineering projects including Land Development Design projects, Structural Engineering projects, Traffic & Transportation Engineering projects and Architectural Visualization like 3D Renderings and 3D walkthrough animations

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URCADServices - AEC engineering services

  1. 1. UpperRoom Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. UpperRoom Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Civil Engineering CAD Design and Civil CAD Drafting Services from India.
  2. 2. Engineering Services We offer CAD Services for Civil and Structural Engineering Projects.
  3. 3. Engineering Design and CAD Drafting Services CAD Conversion 2D Drafting and Detailing Civil Engineering Drafting MEP & BIM Services 3D Modeling and Visualization
  4. 4. CAD Conversion Paper to CAD Conversion Digitization 2D Floor plans
  5. 5. 2D Drafting and Detailing Preliminary Drawings Construction Drawings Steel Detailing Cladding Detail Drawings
  6. 6. Land Development Design and Site Engineering Site Plan Preparation Grading, Drainage, & Paving Design Road & Sight Distance Plans Utility Design & Profiles Erosion & Sediment Control Stormwater Management Design
  7. 7. Structural Engineering Structural Design and Analysis Structural Drafting Services Structural Steel Detailing Services
  8. 8. Traffic and Transportation Engineering Traffic Impact Studies Signal Designs Development of Regional Impact Studies Intersection Improvement Projects
  9. 9. MEP & BIM Services HVAC Electrical Plumbing
  10. 10. 3D Modeling and Visualization 3D Modeling 3D Rendering 3D Walk-through Animation
  11. 11. 3D Modeling and Visualization 3D Modeling 3D Rendering 3D Walk-through Animation
  12. 12. Pricing, Payment Terms & Methods • Pricing: • Hourly Rate – US$ 12/hour • CAD Conversion – US$ 7/hour • Full Time Equivalent – 15% discount on the hourly rate per 160 hours a month per FTE • Project Basis – Hours estimated and provided for approval upfront • Payment Terms: • Advance – 35% of project cost (Retainer Fee) • Next part – 35% of project cost (After showing 50% progress) • Balance – 30% of project cost (After successful completion of project. • For FTE – 50% as advance • Payment Methods: • Wire Transfer (from Bank Account) • PayPal (for Credit Card)
  13. 13. Contact • Please let us know if there is any project that we can assist you with. • By Email – • By Phone USDID - +1 276-477-5122 • Visit our website –