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Evaluation question


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Published in: Design
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Evaluation question

  2. 2. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE USED Hardware • Camera - Canon Legria HFR506 • Apple IMac • SD card and converter • Lights • Phone music • Scanner Software • Final cut pro xv 10.0.9 • Mac OSX v 10.6.8 (operating system) • Safari v 5.1.9 • Photoshop cssv12.0 • Quick time player 10.0 • PowerPoint v14.1 • Word press/ YouTube/ Prezi/ Slide share
  3. 3. HARDWARE - CANON LEGRIA HFR506 To film my video I used a Canon Legria HFR506, which allowed me to film my music video in high quality. This camera allowed me to add a good depth to the video, and also to record some of my planning (i.e. taking stills of the makeup, equipment set up and to record the development of settings). The camera allowed me to record in the way I wanted as you could add effects, choose the quality and you could edit the clips, all within the camera, before exporting any of the video. The camera also allowed me to keep my clips in order and watch them back in high def., so that I could decide on any clips which would need deleting or reshooting for improvement, saving the hassle of importing them into final cut and realizing that they were a low quality, so having to re-film them and do begin again, this was helpful on the days of the filming, so that I could decide there and then whether or not to re-film, rather than having to arrange other shoots.
  4. 4. HARDWARE – APPLE IMAC I used the Mac’s to store, edit and evaluate my entire project, including the video and the digi-pack. I used the software on the Mac to edit my video, and used the Mac to store all of my clips, editing, footage, etc. between use. The Mac has essentially served as a database through the production and the evaluation of my work, storing information between use. The mac has been an essential part of the editing and video- making process, partly because I needed somewhere to store all of the clips which I was creating using the camera (previously mentioned). Without the mac I would have not have been
  5. 5. HARDWARE – SD CARD AND USB I used the SD card and the USB stick to store my shots on the card and then transfer them onto the computer, so that I could edit my video. The SD card was from the camera, and I then imported the clips into final cut and edited them using the software. Without the SD card I would not have been able to store any of my camera shots, and the camera would not be able to ‘remember’ them. Meaning I would forever be starting again. Without the USB stick, the footage would have been stuck on the camera, so I wouldn’t have been able to edit it, and finish my video.
  6. 6. SOFTWARE – FINAL CUT PRO XV 10.0.9 I used final cut to edit my video. This included storing the footage, editing the speed, transitions and color whilst stitching the images together to make a video which made sense. Without using Final cut, I would not have been able to edit my video in the way which I would have wanted. I would not have been able to edit speed, transitions, lighting and color in the same way as final cut allowed. The program also meant that I could store all of my footage, so that I could continue from the same place I had left it, meaning that my video flowed coherently. Final cut also allowed me to place the visuals over the music, so that you weren’t just listening to music or watching a video.
  7. 7. SOFTWARE – MAC OSX V 10.6.8 Mac OSX V.10.6.8 has been a major part of the production of research and planning of my video. I used the software (alongside safari – next slide) to research previous videos, CD Covers etc. and to store them on the computer and re- visit them when appropriate. The software also stored my video and allowed me to revisit it and to change it when needed. It also allowed me access to the internet, to various pages and to be able to research, so that my music video best suited the target audience which I wanted to satisfy. Mac software also meant that I could save clips, CD covers etc. and then incorporate similar ways in the production of my video.
  8. 8. SOFTWARE SAFARI V 5.1.9 Safari allowed me to research CD Covers, existing and real music videos and also allowed me to document the development of my music video on wordpress. Safari also allowed me to continue the evaluation of my music video, looking at the development of my video and looking at how it compared to real and existing videos (for question 1). Safari also meant that I could keep all of my progress in one place, including plans, so that work was kept organized and retainable when needed. Safari also allowed me to browse previous work, so I knew what I needed to achieve.
  9. 9. SOFTWARE – PHOTOSHOP CCSV12.0 Photoshop allowed me to produce my digipak, which accompanies the music video. Photoshop has helped mainly in the development of my music video package, as it has helped me to edit my images and to put them all into a recognizable form (the CD cover). Photoshop has also meant that I could overlap shots, so the degree of synergy between my package has been higher, due to the amount of overlay shots which I used in my video, which was extremely helpful. Photoshop also allowed me to choose the appropriate fonts, colors and design, so that the package as a whole would best suit the target audience which I was trying to achieve. This meant that overall the package should be more successful in the production and the reaction should be more positive from the target audience.
  10. 10. SOFTWARE – QUICK TIME PLAYER 10.0 Quick time player has helped me in the evaluation of my music video, as it has allowed me to capture parts of my video, and parts of already existing music videos and edit them to the correct points, so that when placed together we can see how alike or unlike my video is compared to the products. This was particularly helpful for the first question, where I needed to look at how my video compared to others. Quick time player enabled me to take sections of a video (down to a few seconds) and locate the precise point which was to be discussed, which meant less hassle that embedding a whole video. Quick time player also enabled me to then have a more successful evaluation.
  11. 11. SOFTWARE POWER POINT V.14.1 PowerPoint has helped me in both the research and planning stage of my evaluation, as it has allowed me to collate all of my ideas into one place, and keep them in a well presented way. For example, in the research of my music video, when deciding on a genre I created a presentation about everything which I wanted my music video to include, in the development of my video, I then could revisit this and see if it was similar. In the evaluation of my music video PowerPoint has ensured that I can present my ideas in a clean and tidy manner with no confusion, using software that many people are familiar with so it is reasonably easy to use.
  12. 12. SOFTWARE - WORDPRESS Wordpress has been a necessity in the construction, research and planning of my video, as it has been somewhere where I have been able to put all of my ideas and work, so that I can store in one place. None of the work will go missing, meaning that you can continue from where you finished whilst continuing with another piece of work. Wordpress has also allowed communications with other blogs so that my work can be developed, meaning that the package on a whole is better. Wordpress has also allowed me to document the entire of my construction of my video, and allowed me to post evidence of all my planning and research, and then evidence of shoots towards the end. This then meant that my work is all in once place which also benefits someone trying to look at it.
  13. 13. SOFTWARE - PREZI Prezi has also helped me in the evaluation of my video, in that it has been the software that I have used for my first question. Prezi has meant that I could present my evaluation in a more visual and dynamic way, than the basic PowerPoint for all of my questions. This also allowed variety and means that the reader of all of the information will remain interested, rather than seeing another presentation and thinking that it is dull. Prezi has also meant that I could take certain clips and put them all in one place, so that I could then continue with my evaluation.
  14. 14. SOFTWARE - YOUTUBE YouTube has allowed me to research music videos of a similar genre, and then see the comments and realize what sorts of videos my target audience like and dislike. This has then influenced the construction and planning of my video. YouTube has also allowed me to plan the construction of my video in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, as YouTube videos which are already existing meant that it could influence and change my video for the better of the target audience. The software has also influenced the evaluation of my video, as It has meant that I can upload my video in order for people to view it and so that I can receive audience opinions and feedback.
  15. 15. SOFTWARE - SLIDESHARE Slide share has been the least used and least important software used in my music video, as it has allowed me to upload my power points onto my blog. This has been helpful in my evaluation, so that they can be viewed, however slide share has not been important as other software in the planning, construction or evaluation of my video.