Harry brown + eden lake


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Harry brown + eden lake

  1. 1. Contemporary British Cinema and the Representation of Youth Lesson 1
  2. 2. What is the dominant representation of British Youth in Harry Brown? Who are the key characters that illustrate this? What are the key scenes in the film that show this?
  3. 3. Make notes on the camera work, sound and mise en scene used inopening sequence of ‘Harry Brown’.Using these elements how does this scene represent young people?
  4. 4. (2008) Director: James WatkinsMake notes on the trailer of ‘Eden Lake’.• How are Jenny and Steve (the main couple) represented?• How is this contrasted with the representation of the other characters?• How important is the issue of social class?• How are young people represented?
  5. 5. Horror and the Representation of Youth Film theorist Robin Wood argues that the basic formula of the horror film is: “normality is threatened by the monster.” “I use normality here…to mean simply conformity to the dominant social norms”. “The definition of normality in horror films is in general boringly consistent: the heterosexual monogamous couple, the family, and the social institutions (police, church, armed forces) that protect them” “The monster is of course much more protean, changing from period to period as society’s basic fears clothe themselves in fashionable or immediately accessible garments”
  6. 6. Horror and the Representation of Youth Thinking of the previous quotes from Robin Wood and the films and texts you have studied so far: What is the significance of the emergence of a cycle of British films in which the ‘monster’ is young people? How do they threaten normality? What term could we use instead of normality?