Essay question and planning


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Essay question and planning

  1. 1. EssayQuestionHow far does therepresentation of a particularsocial group change overtime ? Refer to at least twomedia in your answer. [50]
  2. 2. Essay Planning In pairs create a plan for the following question: How far does the representation of a particular social group change over time? Refer to at least two media in your answer. [50] You should refer to texts we have studied in class for the majority of your answer, however you may refer to your own case studies if you feel they are appropriate Ensure you are using PEE (Point, Evidence, Example) to get enough detail into your plan. You should also make sure you are applying some element of theory in each paragraph You have 15 minutes.
  3. 3. Homework Due next lesson. Give yourself 1 hour to write up the essay we have planned this lesson. Next lesson we will mark the essays against the exam mark scheme.
  4. 4. Mark Scheme You should now have an essay ready to be marked. Look at the Mark Schemes on the blog: Mark the essays you have according to this mark scheme. Use the highlighters to help you pick out examples and uses of theory.