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Daily mail

  1. 1. Coverage on the London riots
  2. 2. First of all Targeting the youth and creating a moral panic The daily mail starts by creating a moral panic for the public by making the youth seem scary and fearful with images such as this and the dramatic image Articles also express and headline. <- Try to put the blame this, this therefor on someone and find creates a moralthe youths are given the reasoning for the riots panic, putting theidentity of violent and public at a state ofseen as criminals with shock and fear. This isanimalistic and feral done by exaggeratingperceptions the truth and covering As the dailymail are a the riots scapegoating middle class newspaper they tend to focus on the youths leaving blaming working class adults and other culture, single parents citizens in fear. and lack of moral They then go on to cr ground, therefor mediated to a middle class opinion.
  3. 3. Cover 2 – FIGHTBACK• How is the newspaper coverage being mediated?• Image of fire – emphasise• Language – ‘fightback’ trying to restore cultural hegemony• What identity is being constructed for the British youths shown in this converge?• Negative and extreme identity: shows the youths are violent and that the police have to be geared up for protection.
  4. 4. Cover 3 – POLICE AND THE RIOT• BLUNDERS How does the newspaper coverage change as the riots progress?• Police are going to now ‘fightback’• Society are doing something• How is the newspaper coverage being mediated?• Emphasise the fires• Language – ‘carnage’ aggressive word suggests youths are out of control• What identity is being constructed for the British youths shown in this converge?• The fire implies that the youths started the riots adding to the danger.• How can you apply Moral Panic’s theory to this coverage?• The fire makes society fearful• As seen in the image, the police is seen to be standing and not doing anything. The public will start to question police force in how they are going to protect the public and this will create this moral panic.
  5. 5. At the end of the riots the daily mail aim to make the youths show remorse and look for a reasoning for their behaviour. Blame single parent families for gang culture Again it is mediated to suit the middle class/middleThe daily mail try to aged readers of the dailyextend the moral panic by mailputting reasoning behind “Parents who neglect basic duties such asit preparing meals and enforcing bedtimes are breeding a feckless ‘underclass’ who cause mayhem on the nation’s streets” A fear of the working class This creates a moral “underclass” and the stereotypical panic making the public view is created focused on negative of all social class assumptions probably though of by the middle class
  6. 6. The Daily mails coverage structure • Scapegoat the youths create a moral panic • Elaborate the moral panic by exploring how the police have no power • Show how law enforcement is in charge creating a false sense of safety • Putting reasoning behind the riots and scapegoating a group.