Lesson 1


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Lesson 1

  1. 1. Models and Presenting numeric data Lesson 1
  2. 2. Terminology Recap A worksheet Columns (letters) Text labels Numeric data Each cell has a Text labels unique cell Rows Column D reference e.g. D13(numbers) Row 13
  3. 3. What is a model?O (In ICT terms!)O Tool that enables you to put different data into a system and look at the outcomes it producesO Tool you can use to ask ‘what if…’ questions by changing variable or formulae
  4. 4. Why use a spreadsheet?O SpeedO AccuracyO Automatic calculationsO Data can be changed easily
  5. 5. What do you remember from year 6/7?
  6. 6. So what else will we be learning?O To use a spread sheet to generate modelsO To ask questions of the models in order to analyse and present dataO To use techniques to generate more effective modelsO To understand the relationship between input and output values in a modelO To discuss other types of modelling that can be used to simulate different events.
  7. 7. Openactivity8.4P1C
  8. 8. Activity 1
  9. 9. Activity 2
  10. 10. Plenary
  11. 11. HomeworkO Next lesson you will need to create your own model based on mobile telephonesO The model will help answer the question ‘what is the best value phone for me?’O What you have to do is to collect information on the cost of running two types of mobile phones and identify the similarities and differences between the packages.